Thursday, September 10, 2009

And it's a wrap!

Had to go for the final day of shooting for Jalan Lama before it wrapped.

Kalao sebelum ni kat Belum, and also FRIM kat Kepong, tonight (yesterday night, early this morning) it was the jungle deep into Gombak on the way to Bentong melalui erm.. jalan lama.


By the way, sapa ingat keja pelakon tu glamorous, you've got to be joking. It's hours of waiting, just to shoot minutes if not mere seconds before the camera. Dua kali pengalaman aku da cukup nak muntah darah, and never want to do anymore acting da.

Afdlin's little princesses wait patiently..

Waiting however can drive you nuts

And things can get ugly...

REAL ugly!

Ah... here we go

And there's always help to make things get dirty!

Or maybe you can just finish memorising your lines

Aku drop by location about midnight... and stayed until 9.30am! Merasalah! Ni da siang sambung shoot. Masa aku ciao pon, meka lum wrap masih finishing the last scene.

Oh what a beautiful morning!


Maybe it's just the loss of blood...

That leaves you feeling spaced out

So... let's cam whore! Heh!


Among the last scenes

I left with more knowledge of the workings behind the camera. Again, have to thank Gaya and the Tayangan Unggul family for their hospitality mengalu-alukan kehadiran aku menyemak lepa skali. Heh!

Thanks to Flin and the rest of the Jalan Lama crew. Make it big, guys!

PS - Later posting entry baru. I decided to just go for the launch of Tahajjud Cinta. Banyak sangat event ari ni, but settled on one. Tunggu pics...



interesting experience indeed.minat nak tengok all the processes in making a film.thanx for posting this,at least ur readers can understand all the fuss that's going behind the camera.

btw joe,how's ur puasa so far? =)

setakat ni lepas tujuh hari!!! aiyak... ekekeke...

yuz, lain proses sebalik kamera. letih ok. kak vee hari tu berejam make up semua, dok berejam lagi dari tengah malam sampai subuh, tak jadik lak shoot. pastu dia kena rushing photography lak.

bukan glamer je keja ni...