Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Just finished four articles! Yes!!! Terasa rajin sangat hari ni. I feel a sense of accomplishment. Even managed to answer all my emails, and prepare for another big meeting tomorrow.

Wow! I feel good!

It's like having an orgasm... only it lasts much longer.

Heh... hari ni serious aku sibukkan diri so I have less on my plate to deal with.

Am going to sleep in a while. Did my usual of checking out news items before going to bed.

No, I won't mention anything about my experience with the tremors everyone felt after the earthquake and the tsunami off Sumatera.

Seriously, I was in front of my laptop and didn't feel anything. What tremors?

Read news reports where everyone said they felt this and that. Damn! How come I always get left out of the loop.

Anyway, condolences to our brothers and sisters who faced losses. Hope help gets to them in time to minimise their anguish.

On a lighter note, read something that made my day.

Miss World Singapore Ris Low has actually agreed to let go of her title! In case you don't know who Ris is, she's a pop icon! Heh! Saw the video everyone was talking about ages ago... but if you haven't see it, here it is. Watch this first. It'll make your day for sure. So do as Miss Beyonce says, and LISTEN!

Hah! Damn any of you who said Singaporeans don't have a sense of humour. The Miss World Singapore judges definitely did, picking her.

Ah.. but the drama doesn't end there.

Here's the latest. Headlines have proclaimed that two months before the Miss World Singapore pageant, Ris 'BOOMZ' Low was sentenced to 24 months’ probation for using illegally obtained credit cards to purchase jewelery, lingerie and a cellphone as well as for dining at posh restaurants, all running up a bill close to S$8,000 (RM19,840).

It was also reported that Low admitted that she started stealing Pokeman cards when she was young and credit cards when she grew up.

In the interview, Low also said that the act of stealing gave her a sense of satisfaction. Klepto alert! (well, not really cause kleptomaniacs by definition feel GUILT after they've done the act)

Anyway, after all the fuss about her command of English, people were out for blood, and she said she wouldn't let go of her crown or something cause she wanted to chase her dream. Oh wow. There were some rants about how people should be more forgiving etc and basically she made herself sound like she had discovered a cure for cancer.

It's a beauty pageant. Reality check!

Anyway, she finally backed down and let go of her crown.

Anyway, that's what happens when you're in the public eye. Deal with it.

Oh by the way... Eva Ellinghausen, the journo who did the initial interview and the one below - I'll say this. I bet you had fun covering this. Hah!

Anyway, wonder who will take over the crown. Judging by the video below, it's going to be hard. Do you pick one with a double chin, or one who has a name like an anti zit ointment.

By the way - are you surprised she picked money over power? Wonder if she intends to buy power on CREDIT!

I know Singaporeans have some of the most gorgeous women about - so why is it none of them are in Miss Singapore World?

Oh well...

Time to sleep...

PS - It was reported that Ris has bipolar disorder and some people tied it with the whole credit card thing. Er... I don't think so. Impulse disorders like bipolar - has nothing to do with that, or her speech impediment.

PPS - My heart goes out to Ris. Honestly. Yes, I'm having a good laugh. But I don't feel guilty or bad. I wasn't the one who took and used the credit cards. But I do hope she stays strong and learns from this whole episode. In fact, if someone media savvy signed her on to manage her career, they may just make a bundle. After all - one thing for sure - everyone in Singapore knows her now. Use that - take advantage of the situation.

Umie gets a ring on it

I wanted to update earlier, but balik pon da lewat sangat so tak sempat. Still rushing about tomorrow as usual, so aku bagi korang pics je la.

Oh by the way, something very exciting is happening. I'm going to Shibuya, Japan next year!!! Adalah... kalao korang nak pon leh ikut. But of course you got to do something lah.

Had two events to cover, first was the launch of the Golden Awards by ntv7. They're doing local Chinese version of the Emmy Awards next year. Felt so lost at the event.

I mean everyone was speaking Cantonese and I had no freaking clue. And there was so much tlk it gave me a headache because I had no idea what was going on for most of the time. Heh. I feel like such a banana!

Later in the night, there was Umie's engagement. Suka sangat majlis pertunangan dia. Kengkawan ramai, and it was between the families of both side, as well as friends. Tapi in the duplex (penthouse kot) just near my place in Mont Kiara, it was a little cramped.

Aku malas nak type pepanjang. So many emails to send out. Korang layan pics kang aku story panjang sikit.

Thanks anyway Umie for personally inviting me. Hugs luv. And congratulations!!!


So many people

Umie looked stunning

Zahida and Erra were her 'sidekicks'

Dengan bakal mother-in-law

Tengok Erra tuh.. emo! Amik ko! Matilah aku kena carut Erra pasni!

The rest of the majlis


The hantaran

Erra... she loves happy moments like this

Nasha sibuk amik pic semua orang

Umie and her lovely boys

With my big sis Nasha

Fugly picture - but Nora looks so cute as always

Lisa... wind in hair moment

Cupcakes! I like!

With the soon to be bride!

Yes, in case you're wondering... my hair IS platinum now. Nak putihkan sampai ala uban. Saja je nak menggila. Da lama tak wat.

By the way, Umie's engagement ring is a Chopard. I like! Nice and simple and not over the top. Ok lah... nanti je post entry baru.

Monday, September 28, 2009

If you like it then you should have put a ring on it!

Before I complain about what a hectic day this has been, this is the update for the upcoming flash mob I promised you guys. Korang la the first nak tau sebenarnya.

I won't reveal much, cause for me, the best updates you can get is by joining J² (J Squared)'s Twitter by CLICKING HERE.

All I can say is, it has something to do with this NAUGHTY GIRL.

I won't say much more.If you wanna join our flash mob in KL sometime in October, and you love this IRREPLACEABLE icon, then RING THE ALARM and CHECK ON IT, cause we're all going to be JUMPIN' JUMPIN'.

Aiyo... after all those clues, I can just bloody say the whole thing out kan?

But not yet. Wait for it. Things are still in discussion as plans are being completed. But again guys, join our Twitter and get info and updates there.

Nanti lambat sangat, you'll regret it. And I mean it... rugi! This is THE MOTHER of all Malaysian flash mobs, and this is the way to go if you guys wanna feel what a flash mob is really all about.

Ok ok... now that's done with... time to complain about my day. Well, actually nothing to complain about. Happy! Tired.... busy... but so freaking happy.

Ran some errands and stuff. Got full day tomorrow with one more meeting, and two assignments, not to mention have to send in my column and several articles.

Even the freaking jam in KL didn't faze me one bit.

What a beautiful sunset... yes I am having a good day!

Oh speaking of which. You know in traffic jams you see the strangest shit. I mean, not just people having a full meal at the wheel, or digging their noses, or falling asleep at the wheel.

Check out this guy. Someone call SPCA already! Animal cruelty!!!

What IS that?!

Torture for that doggie!

Ok so it's not a real animal but a stuffed one. Still looks painful though. Don't know what's so cool about putting a stuffed animal there, to drag it all over town. Maybe I'm just too old for fads.

One more thing. Forgot to post up these pics. Ever wonder how going to the nearest pizzeria can be wholesome family fun?

Here's how.
First the kids...

Then Mom, Dad and grandpa join in the fun

Well, if it's Domino', you look into the display window to see people preparing your meal. Ok, so it's not that interesting. Sue me!

Ok... need some dinner and sleep! Tomorrow another exciting meeting. Possibly for a trip to Shibuya, Japan in February!

Will let you guys know more about that tomorrow. Until then...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Major flash mob coming your way!

Just a quickie, guys. You guys remember the KLCC flash mob? In case you don't (impossible!), take a look again at what we did, almost two months ago.

So anyway, I know a ot of you guys have been asking, how do you join us. Well, now all you need to do is follow us on Twitter. We're setting up our Facebook groups, and that should be done by tomorrow, but at the moment, follow us at or simply CLICK HERE.

And yes, there is one more MAJOR flash mob coming up soon in the heart of Kuala Lumpur! So follow now and join us!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I gotta feeling

I rated the Black Eyed Peas' last concert here at Genting Highlands, as one of the best I've ever been to, next to Beyonce's The Beyonce Experience.

Tapi kali ni azab! I don't know why, but it doesn't measure up to even the most mundane of concerts.

After the horrible experience at the press conference (where the slight consolation was how lovely the band was), I hoped so much for a good show.

The hour plus to get to Sunway didn't break me. Neither did the snarling traffic in the vicinity of the venue itself when I got there. Though the 45 minute search for parking was a trying moment.

After out at 4pm. and since it was about 9pm, I decided to grab a pizza and a Coke and took time to observe everything around me.

Cup! Before I go on, here's the pics from the press conference.

Those were the pics during the Q&A session. Yang ini lak during the photocall.

Going back to the story. Aku terhibur gak tengok orang-orang yang datang. Main observations... how come some girls dress like skanks, or ovrdress like they're going to the prom, when hakikatnya, they're going for a hot, sweaty, open air concert!

They don't look hot! Well, not in the attraction sense. The only hot in the reference to their looks was how sweaty they are.

Aku sempat gelak Ah Lian semua yang feeling pakai kasut tumit tinggi, when they bloody well know the place is sandy. Akibatnya, ramai sangkut sambil jalan. I had a good laugh, so that made me a little cheery. Stupid women wearing heels getting stuck in sand... yeap... worth a laugh.

When I got there, Reshmonu was performing. Boring!

Fast forward. Joe Flizzow was well, interesting. MC Hotdog or whatever his name, and his sidekick was, from Taiwan was a bigger bore.

And since I had moved to the front in the pit area, I could hear the crowd making rude remarks about the performers. Oh well. Not too hard, since everyone was there to watch the Black Eyed Peas, and no one else. And since it was almost 11, everyone was getting restless for obvious reasons.

Finally they came on. They opened with Let's Get It Started and ended with I Gotta Feeling.

Done in about an hour, no encore, lackluster performance, it was surprisingly... bad. For the Peas standards it was horrible. After being so blown away at the Genting show they had last,the night ended with me being so disappointed.

I had a bad time to start with at the press conference, and the night was disappointing. Oh well.

But then again I can't blame the Peas. They were paid to do a show that wasn't theirs. I suppose persembahan very the cukup syarat.

But had fun anyway, thanks to friends who were there in Halim, Dawn and gang.

One major disappointment was that Moots (hitz and Pop Shuvit) had told me they had shot something with Cyril Takayama a day or two ago. And apparently, Cyril was there at the concert. Moots and Co. brought him over to the VIP section.

Since Moots was busy emceeing the concert, didn't want to bother him. Bumped into DJ Uno and chatted when midway I went to chill at the VIP area, who told me Cyril was was inside when we were smoking outside.

Tapi sebab ramai orang in the VIP area, didn't get to meet Cyril. Boo!

By the way, if you don't know who Cyril Takayama is - he's only the greatest magician in the world (fuck Blaine and Angel). And hope he's not leaving KL soon, because I have to meet my idol!

Owh now I'm ranting. Enjoy the pics at the concert.

Joe Flizzow in action

Backed by Floor Fever

Awesome lighting

And then they appeared...

The Peas


The lighting and stage was impressive

Fergie the Duchess!

More of the Peas

Their 'transformer' dancers who became 'speakers'

The view later from the VIP section. Not so VIP huh?

To be fair, I still love the Peas. And the lighting, and stage and overall setup were impressive (big budget usually guarantees that) Though that didn't do much for their sound system though. Acoustics were just horrible and their sound engineer must have been comatose for most parts of the night.

Maybe Arthur's Day was just a big mistake and the Black Eyed Peas should have only come down for their own concert and not a circus like this. It just didn't work. And I know they're so much more better than this.

But I bet a lot of people who downed one too many yucky stouts won't remember that.

Hopefully Beyonce - who rocked in Bangkok when I saw her for The Beyonce Experience won't disappoint when she's down here for the I Am... tour. But I doubt that since she's going to 'tone down' her show.

Oh well...