Sunday, August 02, 2009

What a bore

Sorry la guys lambat update. Hari ni sibuk nak gather stuff together sebab esok da start keja balik and plus got an important meeting for a company project.

Pening sikit sebab nak juggle preparations.

Eh ni some pics I promised from Anak Wayang punya final semalam. Boring as all hell, if you ask me. Can't say it was bad or good... just dead boring.

Stupidly forgot to change the batteries in my camera after balik dari Melaka, so only snapped pics with my Nokia. Horrible lowlight response if you ask me.

Lama tak jumpa orang kampung aku ni (hidup Klang!) si Ella dan Jojie

Farhan, geng gabby

Stacy pun...

And Faz looked nice as always - cuma my cam didn't capture it well enough

I don't know what went wrong, but things dragged out. Oh well. Anyhoo, can't update panjang-panjang. Tak larat. Esok je.



cantek sgt faz mlm tu...mcm princess!!!....luv faz!!

pndai drg letak stacy kt hujung sekali show mlm tu. aku yg x minat anak wayang pn tpksa tgk smpai abis... anyway mmg berbaloi... stacy ur the best!!!

im not sure what went wrong...but AW too draggy...maybe the watak given is not variety enough...anyhow, i cuma tunggu stacy je...made my days...

Bte, love sam hui' song( the meaning of the song) in your blog is so true about life..isnt it? :)

my fav is..'lang zi shing sheng'...when i am down..that song will keep me going on with my grateful in everything in your life...