Saturday, August 15, 2009

Tunggu sekejap

So sorry my phone tak dapat access Twitter yesterday evening. But if you were in KLCC, and t the center court, you would have noticed what we did!

It was awesome! And you would know that Maxis was working with us on it. Am so happy! It was awesome!

Videos coming soon. Tunggu!

Baru sampai rumah ni sebab pas KLCC went for premiere of Jin Notti. Aku update nanti je ok sebab I need sleep.

Tomorrow at noon, I have the MTV World Stage press conference, followed by an interview with the All American Rejects, then the actual concert. Pening. Full day.

Then need to go in for editing for the flash mob video.

Bear with me guys. Plenty of videos, photos and more. Just be patient.



all american rejects?????????????

wow, can't wait for the video...syabas