Monday, August 10, 2009


I so bloody hate it when it rains in KL.

Terus semua jalan jam for absolutely no reason. Time to get away cuti kat Bangkok ke Jakarta. After going through jams there, I tend to appreciate the KL traffic a little bit more as it's not as bad. Close... but not as bad.

Selalu balik je KL after going to either of these two cities, aku rasa cam jalan kita kosong je. Ok, so I'm stretching my imagination a bit. But makes me work harder to afford time away from it all.

Petang tadik pas ke opis, headed to Mines for the launch of a new movie. Metrowealth umumkan filem baru - Semerah Cinta Stilleto (dig the title...) starring Lisa Surihani dan Farid Kamil.

Rush ke sana sebab nak abihkan some emails to be sent out. This week is a killer... ada je benda nak abihkan. Aduh....

Jam was horrific... but to make things worse, some place minor flooding, so sabar je la.. sampai nak masuk parking Mines pon camni.

Got to the venue early, finished some work, and had a nice makan at David Teo's Lemon, followed by borak borak Q&A with David, Ahmad Idham who's directing it and also Lisa and Farid. Sorry pic bosan sikit... tak semangat lor nak snappy.

Finished je buggered ke flash mob training location kat Bukit Kiara. Just a final check up for rehearsal beginning tomorrow.

Esok siang kena rush ke Sunway sebab ada listening session, and then interview with Boys Like Girls. Anyone know the band??? I am so unfamiliar with them. Ni nak wat homework sikit listen to their stuff and read up on them before I go to bed.

Abih tu, rush rehearsal. In between, as expected nak finalise details for the flash mob on Friday. Bear with me guys.. going to be busy these few days. But pastuh, entry updates fast and furious as always.




boys like girls datang malaysia ker???? wahhhhhh.............. besttttt

boys like girls?

the great escape j yg ak tawu...

lme ta dgr cite joe...

wow! boys like girls!! i love their song entitled Thunder! a great song,, darn famous in UK last year!!