Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Selamat mendaki

Been so bogged down with work that it's not funny!

Pening abihkan keja from the past few days... da la bertimbun because I had like so many assignments. On top of which was busy with the flash mob preparations. Selain tuh pening sebab it's been some time since I did feature length writing, I kind of forgot how.

Took some time to get my mojo back.

First article took my nearly three hours. Writer's block, so alih perhatian wat benda lain which was just a waste of time.

But knocked it down to an hour from the subsequent articles.

Feel so lega. Sent in one column and four articles dah. Got two or three more to go. No hal.

One more thing I noticed, since it's been some time since I actually wrote a proper article, it was hard to colour up my pieces. Pikir cara orang korporat sangat, dari segi ekspresi melalui pilihan bahasa. Shit!

Aduh.. ni la akibatnya keja asik tulis proposal dan formal letters.

Gotta lighten up... like this sign I spotted and snapped masa wat editing. Pada tuan punya bisnes ni, kira free promo la ni ek.

Selamat mendaki katanya... funny! A tinge of sarcasm there too. Whoopie.. life's little blessings.

Argh... things will hopefully return to normal soon.

Then again.. maybe not. One more flash mob on the way. Anyone wanna join?

By the way, the official flash mob video, do help us publicise it. Repost on your Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, blog, website - or just about anywhere else in cyberspace. Tima kasih la bebanyak kalao korang tolong.

If you missed it (don't see how, since it was only in the last posting, here's the video. Click on it to go to the Youtube page for the link and the embed code.

Until tomorrow....selamat mendaki!