Sunday, August 16, 2009

My hectic three days

Since I'm back early tonight.... ni nak clear sikit a little entry cause things have been so hectic I've been doing really short postings.

So here's kind of like a trackback recollection of the last three days - to what exactly took place. On Thursday pas final rehearsal, went for the BMW Shorties. The third year, the short film fest memang best gila - and this year Ma Chai, by Shanjhey Kumar Perumal, and Conversation with a Mad Man, by Brandon Loh Ming Kwang won the top prizes in a draw.

Korang kalao nak tengok some upcoming talents, CLICK HERE for the BMW Shorties site and check out the finalists, and of course the winners' work. Baguih gila. And I'm not just saying that. I remember the first year - I was blown away by most of the work of these newcomers. Masa tu kak Min jadik judge along with the likes of James Lee.

And quality has been increasing with every year of competition.

Anyway, malam tu abih je, balik terus KO.

Friday, got to KLCC early, standby da. A lot of last minute preparations for the flash mob.

Biasala... when something can go wrong, usually it does.

Dari CD lagu entah ke mana, sampai last minute problems with Suria for not allowing our videographers officially to go on with their recording, macam-macam.

But everything got worked out with teamwork, and I thank the team for that. The whole team from Maxis and also Mindshare. And of course, especially to my team J² - , Floor Fever my head crew - as well as the other dance crews involved and also ALL the dancers who did their best, my videographers, team View Image and my team of photographers.

We all panicked at some point or another... I'll give you that, but things went VERY smoothly - except when the middle part of the center court was taken up by curious onlookers who were too busy recording the event sampai meka block the positioning of the dancers. Biasalah event camni kena on the spot ubah... so tak pe.

Yes, the event was at the center court, right smack in the middle of KLCC - done as part of the performances for the Maxis iPhone 3GS roadshow. Didn't I give you guys enough clues to guess that? By the way, I know I promised to give Twitter updates, but something was wrong that evening and I couldn't log on to Twitter from my phone. Benci tol!

Thank you to Maxis for believing in J² and the crazy idea, and berita baiknya, thanks to this first successful attempt, there will be MORE!

So if you want to join, bersedia ok! Will let you guys know more about the recruitment when dekat da.

All in all, it was good for the company Juan and I share, which is J², because being just over a month old, it's amazing to have someone as big as Maxis as a client - and to have such positive feedback from a first project of this scale. And of course, to also, from this point - to be part of their 'family'.

Also it was good for the dance community - so all in all, here's hoping more people will get the idea of what dance flash mobs are so next time nak menggila lagik, kurang halangan.

Check my previous entry a video by one of the 'eyewitnesses' and I will update the official video late tomorrow after we finish editing it. Meanwhile looking out for more cause I saw A LOT of people recording the event. Cuma kat Youtube so far ada satu.

Here's one more I found on the Net. Some dude recorded it with fish eye lens on the ground floor. It's not on Youtube, but Vimeo, so loads pretty darn slow. But worth a watch!

Flash Mob at KLCC from Jeremy Choy on Vimeo.

Can't tell you the location of the next flash mob - but it will be in a very high traffic area in the Golden Triangle! More people are going to be part of it, so it's going to be BIGGER. My ultimate goal when it comes to dance flash mobs is to have 1000 over dancers smack center of KL dancing to stop traffic. So working towards it.

Anyway, abih je flash mob, gi Cineleisure for the preview of Jin Notti.

Erm... malas komen lebih. All I can say is - if you have RM10 to watch a movie - watch anything BUT Jin Notti. But if you still want to watch it to see what I mean, be my guest - so I can say, I told you so!

Ni some pics at the event.

Part of the cast


Mawi - not too bad la acting dia. Boleh tahan

Cantik jacket si botak

Extreme close up! Heh... saja menggila ngan botak sebab lama tak jumpa

Fara's extreme close up!

Pas abih, continued on to Pelita for supper with Juan, Fendy and Syahir. Lepak borak tak sedar, tengok jam da 5 lebih pagik. Aduh....

Yang pentingnya, korang kan tau, aku penah ada siri gambar-gambar yang dipanggil Siri Perosak Selera. You know the pics where masa makan, tetiba ada orang tayang lobang tabung dia ke arah aku. This is the latest in the series. Ladies, especially more erm... 'voluptuous' ones, please wear jeans that are more appropriate to prevent this from happening.


Memang perosak selera. Adoi!

Anyway headed home, tidur pun da about 6.30am, and woke up by 12 and shot straight to Sunway Lagoon Resort hotel for the press conference of the MTV World Stage.

All the performers for the MTV World Stage. Can you spot who? Left to right, more or less - is Hoobastank, Boys Like Girls, Pixie Lott, Kasabian and Raygun dan depan sekali is our own Estranged

Kelam kabut la.. benci organisation meka. Pastu interviews, aku ada All American Rejects -w ith two of them - Mike and Tyson. Sambil nak tunggu dua jam, malas ke mana, so nak lepak isap rokok je ngan geng media lain.

Nak isap rokok lak - hotel ni 'smoke free zone'. Matilah! Smoking corner dia kat carpark.

Aiyo.. hinanya!

Abih je plan lepak dalam. Bumped into Pixie Lott. Supposed to interview her tomorrow, but since I'm doing the Rejects today, esok aku takyah nak rush interview dia lak. Sempat la camwhore ngan Pixie.

By the way, she's got pretty feet - despite her telling me she's got ugly feet - because she goes about barefoot with a very nice pedicure. Er... so benda ni bukan 'trend' artis tempatan ok. So many artistes da memang wat camni lama da.

Camwhoring with Pixie

Pixie's pretty feet

Mike and Tyson from the All American Rejects

Lepaked some more, lost my temper at the stupidity of crap management by people handling the whole thing, and finally got my interview with Mike and Tyson. Love these dudes! They be real rockers!

The best quotes I got from them?

"Fuck the Jonas brothers!"

The second best quote I got from them?

"Fuck Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus!"

I love them! Heh... tak sabar nak finish up my article to be published! They are the type of interviews that are so much fun to do. To the point I almost forgot how pissed off I was to even be there because of the whole crap organisation of the event.

Pastu gerak gi Sunway Pyramid ngan Michelle and Zuan of Melodi. Lepak Gloria Jeans makan minum jap, then moved in.

The view from Sunway Pyramid at 6.30pm

We were out of the concert by half an hour. Memang macam sial cara meka organise the whole thing. MTV is the worst organiser of events. Every year at the MTV Awards - this happens (and I've attended every MTV Asia, except the recent Genting Highlands one) they screw up - and this seems to be business as usual for them. I guess at least I can say they're consistent.

There were so many things wrong I don't even know where to begin. Let's put it this way. Masuk masuk je, overheard some kids telling organisers how they were crushed against the metal barriers and how the security did nothing to help.

Dari tengahari da meradang, I decided it wasn't worth staying for, so decided to leave. Even gave my post party invites at Euphoria away. Not interested. Besides, I've been out since noon - am sticky and sweaty after a concert. I wonder what possessed the organisers to think that a post party would be the best thing to follow up with?

Apapon, event tu memang syok sendiri and I have no clue why Tourism Malaysia worked closely to co-sponsor the show.

Konsert Search pon ramai kata better... walaopon...

So that's my three hectic days. And since I've related all that... now I think I'm entitled to some sleep. Goodnight all.. be posting the official flash mob video tomorrow. Until then...ta.



omg! i loveeeee AAR!! :D they rock!! ey nasib baik aku tak pegi event ni.. mula2 mmg plan nak pegi sbb nak tgk AAR ;D tapi cancel last minute.. klau tak,menyumpah aje spjg masa huhuhu

i guess you next time jangan harapkan twitter update laa babe. ai tunggu punya tunggu then hujan lak.pastu wat keja sampai leka,terus the time i realized about it,dah lewat 7pm.

glad to hear it'll be on again.

motip bebetol la... gamba LONGKANG...yg tak menyelerakan ittuew.... huhuhuuu.........

hohoho ai lupe nak ngomel pasal gambar "itu".


cocok jarum je, sure terloncat opocot! aiyoo

huhu still waiting for the video..hopefully ur dream will be a success aaarr flashmob tu..nak joinnnnn...

tolong aaarr pompuan yg pkai suar n nampak bontot tu..dia tak sedar n tak malu ker..klu bontot cantik skali pun takyah aar duk tayang..buruk sungguh perangai..