Tuesday, August 25, 2009


The Internet line is still sucky today. I think it has stabilised a little in the last half hour je, so leh la update sikit.

You guys know the beauty of working from home?

I mean, I don't have to chained down to to my desk in the office, so I pretty much have the luxury of three locations to get things done.

One, the paper office in Petaling Jaya. Or my family home in Klang. Or even my Mont Kiara home which is also where the company office of J Squared is.

Hari ni nak send in column and story sikit, so dok rumah abihkan je. So much more comfortable.

Plus I get to be close to my parents (which is a good thing sebab kalao keja tak dapat habiskan masa sangat dengan mereka), and I get to see everything that goes on at home.

Anyway, if you're not an animal lover, takyah usha this entry cause it'll bore you.

Belakang rumah aku ni, ada undeveloped land. And it's overgrown like a jungle. Every few months, they level the ground, konon nak build this and that - but then usually they stop work and it grows out again.

Sampai tahap the back drain is like a river da sekarang.

And the amount of creatures you can find - it's like freaking National Geographic.

Petang tadik, pas abihkan keja, took time out dok luar jap.

Spotted couple kinds of birds, saw fishes in the mini river, one of the many iguanas that roam the heavy growth and the 'river'... tapi tak sempat snappy pic.

Keeping me company - was my pet Mickey, Since my story tribute to kak Yasmin's passing, and how I mentioned Jack which was a gift from her (being rescued from the SPCA and given to me), my other pet ni tak penah rasanya aku letak pic.

So let me show you... this is Mickey.

That's Jack in the background... today's star is Mickey

Like most of my dogs, Mickey is well trained. Ni dia dok kat pintu ni, sebab she knows, dia takleh pijak kuar rumah, kecuali diberikan kebenaran.

Now there's another reason why she sits there when, me, my mom or dad go out the back.

Belakang rumah kita, are now eleven cats (dulu berapa ekor je, tapi asik beranak je). These strays come regularly (though most of them da jadi rumah sendiri kat the back portion of my house), especially since orang tua aku selalu bagi makan. So skang cam bela sebelas ekor kucing skali.

Part of the CATS cast - these are only six of the eleven yang tinggal behind my house

The problem is, bila pintu rumah bukak je, pepandai neka masuk carik makan.

Kalao rumah ngan anjing ni, da lama nahas kena gigit serang bagai.

So that's Mickey's job. When the back door is open, she is the gatekeeper. When any of the cats try to come in - dia tak gigit. She uses her body, and langgar the cats.. not that she's that much bigger than them. Paling kuat, dia guna kaki depan dia pijak kucing yang berani nak cuba masuk, pastu langgar meka keluar balik. Think of it as a sheep dog - herding sheep.

Tu dia.. waktu 'buka puasa' je, semua standy da. Asalkan gate bukak

When the gatekeeper is around (look at that one yang berani mati gi dekat... dia suka bodek Mickey... siap jilat my dog tiap kali wat manja konon)

Doing her job

Sempat pose vogue skali...

Isn't that sweet.... for those who are wondering why I posted something like this, because it's so unlike the usual content of my blog.. well... it's because these few times I get to spend at home, I cherish them.

Home is one place that everything is right. Safe. Comfortable. And sebab aku jenis kuat jalan, kuat lepak... sometimes dok rumah camni, makes me appreciate home so much more when aku tak keluar.

So saja je, decided to blog pasal pics aku snappy tadik

Cats... ewww... they may be clean - but they don't care about licking their bits in public

Aduh...anyway, my schedule as you can see kat right hand side, bawah sekali is growing. From the end of this week on, am going to spend a lot of time outside.

Assignments buka puasa da bermula. Aduh.. pening la camni. Confirm nama je bulan puasa - tapi pas abih ni badan membelon lagi. Nak beli basikal start exercise balik la (jangan carot ok - dulu aku slalu ride at least 10km sehari dengan nekad masuk team Selangor for highway Under 15... walaoponnnn...)

Ok.. cheers all!



i love this post. do u still have ur monkey (i can't recall what it suppose to be called)?

sangat suka kucing.tapi nak wat camne mak tak tahan.

joe,my assignments buka puasa (cheeky je.haha!) lagi tough ni.lately i spent most of my working days in kelantan -- food galore!semua nak cuba,sedap dan murah pulak tu.there goes my puasa diet.huhuuu

Mickey comel!!

Isn't the bond between the cats and Mickey amazing? I wish life as a human being is as easy as that......

tu la. aku slalu carot stengah orang cam binatang. hakikatnya, binatang pon way better than some humans.