Monday, August 17, 2009

KL's first major dance flash mob! The official video.

I know some people tried with a handful. We had over a hundred. And there's going to be more soon.

I know a lot of you have been waiting for the official video. Well here it is. If you have a Youtube account, rate it please and support us for more in the future.

Pas berejam editing semalam, this is something we're definitely proud of!

The whole thing starts with a stage show of six dancers at the KLCC Center Court, before it's 'invaded' by over 100 dancers.

The video took over 8 hours to upload because I made sure it was the best quality. The file was over 1 GB. Damn... hope you guys like it. Now on to Monday....

PS - If you guys have a blog, share this video ok! Spread the word on Facebook, Myspace or Friendster or whatever applications you have and let's show everyone KL's first real dance flash mob rocked KLCC.



*claps hand*
SO SO COOL! Wish I was there. Joe, organise one in KK. I know lots of ppl who would want to join in!

COOLNESS!! too bad i wasnt there to be a part of that..ter bz lak last weekend...seriously joe...effin FUN!!

memang best.
seeing the makciks pun join wat i senyum je.bestlah!

wuhuuu i just love flash mob. thanks for this video.

Hats off for an awesome effort by one of our own homeboys :)
The video did justice to capture the moment but 1 must be there to truly experience the atmosphere and the priceless expression from the crowd (not to mention the millions of mobiles popping up to record the event... haha!)
My only argument is that the video could do without that few "interesting" tags at the end.
Thanks and you may remove this comment once rectified.

OMG...This vid ages to stream. But it's worth it. Perhaps you could have a lower res one for thse who are under the mercy of slow connection!

Youre NOT the first in KL to do it. I have seen other did it before

but youre certainly the largest. Good effort!

RunWithMe : that 988 wasn't a flash mob as it was more of a stage show.

but not to be presumptuous we did say it was the first MAJOR dance flash mob.

as for the loading time, well, like you said it was worth it right to watch it in proper quality.

thanks for the kind words... and all you guys too. one bigger one coming up soon.

Anonymous, I think I shared in a previous entry how hard it is to organise a proper flash mob. so this is an introduction to the public and hopefully the authorities.

we thank maxis for backing us - because they're kickstarting dance flash mobs, the dance community is appreciative of it.

Klubbkidd Tahniah tahniah tahniah.... lepas ni adakan lagi

so damn cool :D
i wish i can join other flash mob...
nk nk nk

klubbkidd...seriously...gmpak :D

wohoo.. cool gle.. trase cam nak join plak next time.. heheheh.. neway congrates guys..

can i join??pls3....i really want to..