Friday, August 07, 2009

Flash mob!


Finally can tell you guys a little bit about the first project to take off under J².

The company has many projects in the pipeline, tapi ni first to take off walaopon not the first planned. In fact, I think this was planned just a little bit more than a month ago, tapi da dapat pihak yang nak backing.

Ok, you guys know what KL Freeze was right? It was the first Malaysian flash mob. Flash mob meaning a bunch of strangers, yang gather together to do something totally random in a very public place. For no real reason but self enjoyment - and to watch others scratch their head wondering what's going on.

Now freezing is just one of the things a flash mob can do - but definitely also the easiest.

One form of a flash mob that I'd say is the hardest is dance flash mobs. Simply because of the need for choreography and all.

Now, had talks with lots of dancers about a month ago to launch a Michael Jackson flash mob tribute, immediately after the death of the King of Pop.

Suddenly had a chance meeting with a corporate body, arranged by my sister's PR agency to sell the idea, and it just got bigger and bigger.

And as of this morning's meeting, it has been confirmed that we will have Malaysia's dance flash mob, somewhere in the heart of Kuala Lumpur the end of the coming week!

Over 100 people will dance, which for this kind of flash mobs, is no easy feat.

Granted some purists will say a flash mob cannot be associated with a corporate body, but I'd dare anyone to hold one true to the ideals of a flash mob without getting arrested. Malaysians are new to this still, and this is the first step in establishing the trend of dance flash mobs.

I dare say once people understand the idea, it will become more acceptable. I mean, b-boys now can dance along sidewalks without harassment in KL, so that just shows, once things become more recognised, they also become more accepted.

We have many more plans for dance flash mobs, but this is a lesson in organisational skills to pull one of this scale off, before a HUGE flash mob when we learn what we need to know about organising one after this first experience - which is still big.

Will announce the location in my blog on the afternoon of the day of the mob - so if you guys are in KL, drop by here for info on where it will be (actual location details will be kept secret until half an hour before it kicks off)

If you guys are interested to join - we're having rehearsals on Tuesday and Wednesday so come on over kalao nak be part of it. Hit me up with an email and pass me your number and I'll inform you guys more about it. This is open to limited numbers only because we don't dare take it to the extreme.

If you don't know what dance flash mobs are, here's six videos which are the best examples of what a dance flash mob is all about.

The first is the TV commercial for T Mobile in the UK which commercialised the flash mob idea. The second is a Swedish tribute to Michael Jackson - one of many but definitely the best so far, the third in London if I'm not mistaken where a hundred women did Beyonce's All The Single Ladies, the fourth was a flash mob promoting the Sound of Music TV series, the fifth a promotion of Hammer's reality show and last but not least, a clip from a recent episode of my favourite TV show, Weeds, which had a flash mob segment.

Just hit play and watch all six.

Was supposed to go for Lady Gaga's show in Singapore on Tuesday, but since rehearsals beginning can't make it, plus no interviews have been confirmed, so malas nak rushing tuk tengo show je, plus aku takde duit nak shopping (dah sampai Singapore kena la shopping baru best).

But next week still packed with events for me... aduh... pening. But it's going to be fun.



joe boleh aku tanyer?

ni event...... dah sattle sume nyew ker????? just nk cakap.... kalu ko nk carik tok catering...... u can call me.... aku wat catering..... kek , kuih, kerepek, n macam2 lagik makanan...... tu pon kalu ko nk gune hidmat catering la..... k....

hope Jsquare success ........

takde pakai catering a. orang menari je. ehehehhee

waaa...interesting ni.
kalau i cuma nak datang tengok dan ambik gambar boleh tak joe?obviously i won't be able to join the mob since i'm not in KL to rehearse and whatsoever,but perhaps i can watch the mob in action!


whoa... wanna join the flash mob but work demand cant go anywhere, going to watch lady gaga instead, hehe..

yuz if you in kl mari tengok pon ok. will let know details where on the day itself.

saxana, mai ramaikan je tengok pon ok. ekekekeke

wow menarik ni. tak sangka d malaysia pun ada. :)

nakkk joinnn...heheh...
nah my email add -

want to join a flash mob group doing something fun with the gang, pleaseeeeeeeeeee... I beg you ... please invite me along.. i dun wanna miss out the fun!!! email me, sms me anything.. just wanna be part of the fun..

hey ho..
just wondering u guys berminat tak meriahkan event? its more like a dancing competition actually. korang meriahkan majlis la. ape macam?

sya btl2 b'mnat na mnari flash mob ni..
Bgaimana sya blh join??
Call me plzz..

Siapa berminat just follow my Twitter di @klubbkiddkl dan rajin2 tengok update kalao aku panggil. Selalu panggil takde yang nak...bila habits ramai pulak nak.

Im really interested! Nak's my e-mail..hope u can inform me with all the updates..thanx.
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