Saturday, August 15, 2009

The first of many

The first of some random people who caught the flash mob has uploaded a video of it. Aiyo... I haven't even done it. Korang layan part of it dulu... this is what we had yesterday evening.

On the way to a whole bunch of assignments. Will be back to update later tonight. Enjoy the video... and thanks to the person who uploaded it. Not the best angle and he missed out a lot of stuff... but still kinda cool.



i think it's cool to have someone recorded it. hope more people will record it next time. love to see ur video joe.

Am quite sad that I wasn't in it... :( But anyhow... it was a job well done babes! Congrats!

the flash mob in klcc TAK MENJADI!! adoiii.. nmpk tak organize and predictable yang budak ni budak tu akan masuk join nari sama2 sorry to say laa :) a bit like wannabe flashmob jaa :P

At least ada laa orang nak buat.. Jangan komen je..buat tengok jadi tak?

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