Friday, August 14, 2009

The day

Ok. Today is the day. Are you guys going to be in KLCC today? If not, but you have time to spare, come on over and join in the fun - and support over 100 people tearing it up for the dance community.

Our first major dance flash mob will take place INSIDE KLCC this evening. I will reveal EXACTLY whereat approximately 5.30pm, an hour before it takes place on my Twitter status, which you can catch if you follow my Twitter. It's on the right hand side. Just add me and you'll get the update.

Come join us if you can. Will have hourly updates. Am on the way to KLCC now. Sapa yang tak sempat, guess you'll just have to wait for us to upload it to Youtube. Spread the word and let's make it BIG!

If you don't know what dance flash mobs are, here are some examples.

PS - Selamat tinggal pada seorang lagi anak seni, pelakon dan pelawak Param, yang meninggal pagi tadi... may God bless your soul.



OMG... another anak seni meninggal.. May God bless them.. Let us pray for them...

and, good luck for your dance mob! hope it's going to be a successful one! wish i was there! :)