Monday, August 24, 2009

Blinking lights

Internet is like crap today.

Stupid Streamyx. arang rumah family kat Klang nya connection camni, but when it does get like this.. kalahkan dial-up!

I know in the Mont Kiara home lagik teruk, signal tak consistent langsung - to the point I have now begun hating blinking yellow lights on the modem.

Anyway, started an early day today at the office nak settle stuff. Pastu, lewat petang rush for a meeting with a company client. Kalao murah rezeki, projek kedua akan berjalan tak lama lagi.

Excited. Things moving fast for the company now. Actually, I have been requested for TWO proposals for upcoming events, so it should be interesting to see if I can perah my otak to come up with something creatively fresh and appealing to my clients.

Malas update hari ni... ilang semangat sebab nak masuk semua pon lembab. Esok je la...