Sunday, August 23, 2009

A big deal...maybe

The first ever Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2009 is coming. And nominations are now open! Don't know how grand it will be, though it sounds pretty big. Macamanapon, it's the first, so word up! Go Nuffnang!

And like Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu in the MIC elections (I just don't have the bad hair) - I have my favourites I want to nominate and back for contention.

Aku pon da nominate these people, but I guess korang leh agik nominate them sebab the more the merrier right. Besides, these are some of the best Malaysian blogs that I follow.

These are the categories up for grabs that have been opened for nomination.

Blogs of Subject Interest:

Overall Blog Categories

My first nomination goes to a Malaysian pioneer blogger (dalam bahasa kita kertu ye) which is sultanmuzaffar. Beginning in 2002, he has paved the way for many a blogger.
Sempat tengok dia bermula dari blogger yang ketika tu regarded as non hado - sampai he finally ended up with Astro Awani. He learnt the ropes fast, understood the politics of the business better, and learnt - this business is full of turds - and why we can't always tell the truth.
Most bloggers - especially entertainment bloggers, have him to thank for when it comes to bloggers getting some amount of respect when attending events. My blog itself was a personal one in 2003, before 'rebranding it to officially launch in 2004 based on the template of writing more of my work in entertainment circles which I had access to.
I nominate sultanmuzaffar for Best Celebrity Blog, Best Entertainment Blog and Most Influential Blog.

Lea Laurielle
A 'show girl', Lea Laurielle was 'born' a woman - in a wig and stilletoes. Heh... Yang penting walaopon blog 'adik-adik' (skang da kategori nenek-nenek kot - larikkk!!!), she was a good source then for make-up and fashion tips. Kata kau... (cepat nyanyi I Learn From The Best nyeh!)
Even though she's slowed down, her blog is undoubtedly my choice for Best Fashion Blog (though she talks more of her own looks) and Best Hidden Blog.
Merasalah kalao ada kategori Blog Alam Barzakh pon aku nominate. But since dia queen of makeovers, aku nominate dia for Best Original Blog Design as well.

The Malay Male
Amir Hafizi was a colleague of mine, and more recently returned to that status. The geek who loves typical geek stuff, has powerful words though. Blog dia is one of the most humourous attempts at self-glorification, which is a fun read - if you get past his strong, never changing views - of how he hates so many things.
Nevermind the fact that in the past couple of years he has constantly erased his blog for no reason, it keeps coming back nastier than ever. Love it!
I nominated Amir for Best Geek Blog and Best Hidden Blog.

Aku tatau la what he does after six now since he doesn't work in an office position now. From major radio publicist - Badrul is now an artist manager, so masa memang anytime kan? Anyway sapa baca blog dia, tau celah selit bab hiburan, ada je sesi kongsi resipi dia.
For that, aku nominate dia Best Food Blog, selain Best Entertainment Blog dan Best Celebrity Blog.

Ada lagik aku nak nominate, tapi this is the list for now. If you have someone to nominate, CLICK HERE. Nak nominate aku pon leh - tapi aku tak harap pe pe pon - heh.. sebab aku warna kulit je sama, tapi aku tak sebut 'wah-lau eh!'. Aku cuma slalu carut... 'walauuuupunnnn' jer.

But I really want to see more Malaysian bloggers nominated, especially those in the Bahasa Malaysia medium, and perhaps those of a bilingual nature like mine. Not just the Manglish ones.

Biasalah... 1Malaysia. Sampai aku ke gathering Nuffnang baru ada yang tau aku berbangsa Chinese. Cause selama ni kalao terenguk blog aku merasalah just cause I blog dalam Bahasa Malaysia, meka ingat aku ni Melayu. So much for 1Malaysia..

Have fun nominating guys and gal.. nak berbuka!

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hmm, klubbkidd can be under Best Entertainment Blog