Monday, August 31, 2009

Dear Malaysia

Dear Malaysia,

I first knew about you just over 33 years ago when I was born.

When I was seven or so, I learned to woo you with my pledge of allegiance, and singing beautiful songs - in a not so beautiful voice. Through the years, thanks to the friends I had, I learned about the beauty of how unique our country is not because it was a melting pot of race, religion and culture as it's constantly advertised in those tourism ads - but because I knew deep down inside that nowhere in the world would there be a country that had the best of everything - from food to friends, despite the differences from everything I knew about my life, culture and religion was fascinating and intriguing nonetheless.

When I first stepped out of the country at 15, and got a taste of what it was like outside our country - and through the years when I had the opportunity to travel more, to Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei, Mauritius or even England - each time I returned home with a prayer of thanks for that bond we have.

You are the only one for me.

Of course there were doubts every time those fatcat politicians screwed up, or when some crappy incidents took place - the recession in the late 80s, Kampung Medan, the continuous elections that revealed results that never promised a check and balance with the governing party still ruling without any competition. And so much more trying episodes that I have tried to erase from my memories.

But I stood faithful to you, knowing that you have been the best for me - and for anyone for that matter. Indeed, to know Malaysia is to love Malaysia.

My love for you grows stronger by the day.

But sadly, I have to admit of late, I have been concerned over our relationship.

Stomping and spitting on cow's heads, the whole Teoh Beng Hock and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission incident, my Muslim friends not getting to see the Black Eyed Peas soon, the dragging out of the whole Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim case a decade later, Kampung Buah Pala, Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu STILL being around despite everyone from his time already cashing in their retirement benefits....

Dare I remind you of how Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno and RON have come between us?

I don't know where we're headed together.

All I know is, I still love you beyond more than what my mere words can describe.

Nevermind some tempe-eating politician is still yapping away senselessly.

Dare I mention Rais even attempting to flirt with his offer of Internet censorship?

Still, these are trying times for our relationship and I hope we can weather the storm together.

Happy birthday sayang. Sorry we can't really celebrate it this year, because they won't allow it apparently due to the whole H1N1 situation and Ramadhan. What's important is the significance of it - not some speech telling us to celebrate our differences while the cow head stompers and spitters still roam free.

I still love you more than words can say. Happy birthday. I promise to keep trying to keep us together if you do too. Hugs.


Sunday, August 30, 2009


Dah sahur? I just did. Ngantuk. Nak tidur dulu. Before that, just wanted to share this.

Tadik, member - si Aniq hantar clip ni kt Facebook. Ni teaser tuk AF Raya punya program yang akan ditayangkan pada pagi Raya kedua.

Korang layan la. Looks pretty good.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Oh well...

Malas nak post panjang. After my last entry, seriously takde mood. It's hard not to feel angry when the authorities seem to not be taking this more seriously than it should.

Kelakarnya... I guess the papers were asked to downplay the event. My morning papers just came. The Star had the Prime Minister's comment on Page 24!!!


Oh well.. malas lah nak komen lebih. Some things will never change.

I just want to see justice before believing that 1Malaysia exists.

Moving on... semalam gi rakaman Melodi Raya. Meriah abih. I didn't snap too many pics. And malas nak upload sebenarnya.

What I have instead is this. Aku janji korang video dari majlis berbuka hari tu kan. Ni ada tiga. There's Faizal Tahir's AMAZING acoustic performance of Bencinta, lagu baru yang memang besh gila from Datuk Siti Nurhaliza - Ku Percaya Ada Cinta dari album kerohanian Tahajjud Cinta and also a duet by both of them on Cahaya Aidil Fitri.

Korang layan dulu la. Aku nak gi tidur jap. Dari sahur tadi sampai sekarang, masih sengkang mata depan laptop. Enjoy... until later...

Friday, August 28, 2009

1 What?

Adik-adik! Mari kita semak sikit bab pelajaran hari ni! Semua pernah dengar 1Malaysia?

Dan maksud 1Malaysia adalah?

A. Kita nak reclaim Laut Cina Selatan, sampai Semenanjung dan Sabah dan Sarawak physically bergabung!
B. Malaysia hanya ada satu... kadang kadang ada yang ingat ada dua ke tiga Malaysia... so pastikan kita cakap orang asing ada satu Malaysia saja.
C. Malaysia untuk satu bangsa dan agama saja.
D. Semua bersatu sebagai bangsa Malaysia.
E. Kempen public relations yang tidak berjaya.

Tak your pick. I personally love jawapan D. But after watching this... I'm rethinking my answer.

Aku tatau la orang-orang macam ini letak otak celah mana. Nak kata kat lutut pon rasa tak seteruk ni. Dalam bulan puasa, dalam negara kita nak menyambut ulangtahun kemerdekaan ke 52 dalam hanya masa beberapa hari... ada gak BINATANG seperti ini yang tak reti hormat bangsa dan agama lain.

Bangga sangat ke tuh? Sampai satu dunia dapat baca kebodohan mereka? MEMALUKAN! (CLICK HERE to see the damage done)

I don't know if this was a politically motivated action as some seem to think it is. All I can wonder about is whether the so-called 50 yang memperjuangkan hak penduduk Seksyen 23, Shah Alam ni.. betul betul duduk sana?

Kenapa polis tak bertindak? This is not an illegal gathering ke? Bukan ke siap bawak anak dalam video tuh? Does this constitute cruelty to animals - siap piak ludah pala lembu! Didn't your mother ever tell you not to play with your food? Pas tu? Balik wat sup? Pikir sikit la mak bapak lembu tu punya maruah.. maruah korang HADO sesapa nak kisah... sampah sangat!

Kerajaan nak sangat perjuangkan ISA... silakan aplikasikan pada orang-orang di dalam bukti video di atas. Jangan cakap je - tapi yang kita nampak banyak pakai tuk ahli politik who are rivals sahaja.

Sebagai anak jati Merah Kuning, anak Selangor yang bangga asal usul aku - I hope the Sultan of Selangor, Duli Yang Maha Mulia Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah Al-Haj ibni Almarhum Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Al-Haj will take action against these people too. Meka tak layak duduk kat negeri ni - or even this country for that matter.

Inciting racial tension, is a serious matter. And no apology will heal the wounds they've ripped opened. Cabaran mereka tuk teruskan perancangan penempatan kuil di Seksyen 23 kalau nak tengok darah ni melampau!

Pix by Malaysiakini

Kalao protest sana sini by the opposition, laju je polis amik tindakan. Yang ni?

Thank you to our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak for calling the police to take action against these people. But I think we now want A PROMISE that something will be done. And keep it too...

This is embarrassing for Malaysia... at best. What next?

As Khairy Jamaluddin said best, how would Muslims feel if others burned or stepped on the Quran if the situation was reversed? Apakah hukuman yang sesuai untuk orang yang berani buat sebegitu? Let s punish these cow-head steppers the same way.

Ah... Malaysia.

The only country that claims to be a unique melting pot of race and religion - and yet has people protesting the building of an Indian temple and doesn't take action against those who disrespect the Catholic church by participating in mass and spitting out Holy Communion (CLICK HERE).

But then again - do you expect anything less than this... coming from a society that has idiots who claim masturbation and homosexual activities increases the possibility of contracting H1Ni and is obsessed with other things of a sexual nature, walaopon dalam tegur tu they seem to get turned on (CLICK HERE) - and lesbian parties, restaurants that serve sex... and more.

To Know Malaysia.. Is To Love Malaysia.

I think I want to know less now.

I am still proud of being Malaysian.

I just don't think I feel like celebrating our independence this year.

PS - Maybe we should just send all these protestors gi interview kat MACC since da kat Shah Alam.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pay day!

Today was a good day!

Pay day! It's been a year plus since dapat regular pay cheque susah nak percaya. Back to makan gaji! Sort of... since I still have my own outfit to run. So, this is like the basics, and the rest I earn is more of loose change (and for the folks, as well as savings and a little extra shopping)

But apart from that, hari ni berbuka kat event Astro.

Majlis untuk unveil the programming by Astro channels for the Raya period. Banyak wo! Some kelakar tak kena.. but some really good.

Ni some pics of the event. Sapa nak lepas rindu kat Mawi dan Datuk Siti Nurhaliza sebab da lama aku tak update about them, here they are, along with some other pics I snapped.

The best part was bumping into kak Nita and hubby abang Mahathir sebab da lama tak jumpa meka. They make me feel so good because they always talk about my column. Bangga la ada diva cam dia ni, puji hasil kerja. Anyway, had a good chin wag with them, and the rest was more to santai.

Memula nak disaster sikit sebab the outdoor event tu kena pindah indoors sebab hujan. Ada orang lupa ke nak upah khidmat bomoh hujan? But all in all - despite the cramped conditions and all - it was fun still.

Farid looks better clean shaven

Hah... tuh dia... kak Nita dan abang Mahathir pon dok bersila ok!

Datuk Siti - sweet as always

Ketika bergambar kenangan bersama anak-anak yatim yang turut hadir kat majlis tu

Ekin dan Aien

Sedondon... haru biru! Eh... serba biru!

Marsha pon ada

Ada la spoil mood sikit bila serempak binatang sekoq ni yang keja kuli kat Astro ni. Dia ni dari penah keja sekali ngan dia da memang rasa nak bagi makan tapak kaki da.

Berangan je lebih keja tak penah vast. Anyway, to cut a long story short... hari tu, lepas shooting AF Raya di Melaka, ada gosip keluar kat Harian Metro.

Walaopon aku takde kena mengena, biasalah... aku la jadik prime suspect. Sabar je lah...

Aku tak kisah la sebab aku selama ni kunci mulut kalao aku dok kat dalam ketika Akademi Fantasia, so sebab takde rasa feeling of guilt, ada aku kisah? Kan! So aku pon tak kisah kalao orang nak tuduh ke fitnah.

Tapi yang aku sakit hati, binatang tuh ni dok perli aku. Aku wat bodoh je lah. Benda camni kang melayan lagik menjadi. Batal niat posa seharian. Eh... erm... anyway, I think some people kan, seriously threatened by me, sampai they just find it easier to bitch than try and improve themselves.

Oh whatever... dalam hidup ni, berkali kali aku jumpa da orang camni. Wat bodoh je... kita keja keras dengan ikhlas, God willing, adalah hasilnya. Besides, as I always say, karma will take its course.

Wat baik ngan orang pun camni.. huh.

Anyways, lepak sampai tengah malam tuh! Da habis event layan kuih muih borak ngan Aishah, Chi dan Metra. Ngumpat.. eh.. berborak je keja. Tak lupa kak Izan pon join. Merasalah dia kena carot je. Heh! Ampun kak Izan!

Eh ok la... nak tidor!

Esok ke lusa aku upload performance Siti dan Faizal Tahir. Besh woo!!!!! Malas nak transfer, convert, edit dan upload skang. Soon... tunggu!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Hari ni lari sana sikit sampai tak sempat nak finish everything I wanted to do.

Hari ni berbuka di Mines kat restoran David Teo, Lemon, kerana ada doa selamat dan pelancaran tuk siri baru terbitan MIG.

The only good thing about keja time ni ialah meriah bila berbuka dengan kengkawan. Pengakuan sikit. Setakat ni hari ketiga kantoi, lain ok lagik...

Ok la.. nak sambung habiskan kerja. Be back soon.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


The Internet line is still sucky today. I think it has stabilised a little in the last half hour je, so leh la update sikit.

You guys know the beauty of working from home?

I mean, I don't have to chained down to to my desk in the office, so I pretty much have the luxury of three locations to get things done.

One, the paper office in Petaling Jaya. Or my family home in Klang. Or even my Mont Kiara home which is also where the company office of J Squared is.

Hari ni nak send in column and story sikit, so dok rumah abihkan je. So much more comfortable.

Plus I get to be close to my parents (which is a good thing sebab kalao keja tak dapat habiskan masa sangat dengan mereka), and I get to see everything that goes on at home.

Anyway, if you're not an animal lover, takyah usha this entry cause it'll bore you.

Belakang rumah aku ni, ada undeveloped land. And it's overgrown like a jungle. Every few months, they level the ground, konon nak build this and that - but then usually they stop work and it grows out again.

Sampai tahap the back drain is like a river da sekarang.

And the amount of creatures you can find - it's like freaking National Geographic.

Petang tadik, pas abihkan keja, took time out dok luar jap.

Spotted couple kinds of birds, saw fishes in the mini river, one of the many iguanas that roam the heavy growth and the 'river'... tapi tak sempat snappy pic.

Keeping me company - was my pet Mickey, Since my story tribute to kak Yasmin's passing, and how I mentioned Jack which was a gift from her (being rescued from the SPCA and given to me), my other pet ni tak penah rasanya aku letak pic.

So let me show you... this is Mickey.

That's Jack in the background... today's star is Mickey

Like most of my dogs, Mickey is well trained. Ni dia dok kat pintu ni, sebab she knows, dia takleh pijak kuar rumah, kecuali diberikan kebenaran.

Now there's another reason why she sits there when, me, my mom or dad go out the back.

Belakang rumah kita, are now eleven cats (dulu berapa ekor je, tapi asik beranak je). These strays come regularly (though most of them da jadi rumah sendiri kat the back portion of my house), especially since orang tua aku selalu bagi makan. So skang cam bela sebelas ekor kucing skali.

Part of the CATS cast - these are only six of the eleven yang tinggal behind my house

The problem is, bila pintu rumah bukak je, pepandai neka masuk carik makan.

Kalao rumah ngan anjing ni, da lama nahas kena gigit serang bagai.

So that's Mickey's job. When the back door is open, she is the gatekeeper. When any of the cats try to come in - dia tak gigit. She uses her body, and langgar the cats.. not that she's that much bigger than them. Paling kuat, dia guna kaki depan dia pijak kucing yang berani nak cuba masuk, pastu langgar meka keluar balik. Think of it as a sheep dog - herding sheep.

Tu dia.. waktu 'buka puasa' je, semua standy da. Asalkan gate bukak

When the gatekeeper is around (look at that one yang berani mati gi dekat... dia suka bodek Mickey... siap jilat my dog tiap kali wat manja konon)

Doing her job

Sempat pose vogue skali...

Isn't that sweet.... for those who are wondering why I posted something like this, because it's so unlike the usual content of my blog.. well... it's because these few times I get to spend at home, I cherish them.

Home is one place that everything is right. Safe. Comfortable. And sebab aku jenis kuat jalan, kuat lepak... sometimes dok rumah camni, makes me appreciate home so much more when aku tak keluar.

So saja je, decided to blog pasal pics aku snappy tadik

Cats... ewww... they may be clean - but they don't care about licking their bits in public

Aduh...anyway, my schedule as you can see kat right hand side, bawah sekali is growing. From the end of this week on, am going to spend a lot of time outside.

Assignments buka puasa da bermula. Aduh.. pening la camni. Confirm nama je bulan puasa - tapi pas abih ni badan membelon lagi. Nak beli basikal start exercise balik la (jangan carot ok - dulu aku slalu ride at least 10km sehari dengan nekad masuk team Selangor for highway Under 15... walaoponnnn...)

Ok.. cheers all!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Blinking lights

Internet is like crap today.

Stupid Streamyx. arang rumah family kat Klang nya connection camni, but when it does get like this.. kalahkan dial-up!

I know in the Mont Kiara home lagik teruk, signal tak consistent langsung - to the point I have now begun hating blinking yellow lights on the modem.

Anyway, started an early day today at the office nak settle stuff. Pastu, lewat petang rush for a meeting with a company client. Kalao murah rezeki, projek kedua akan berjalan tak lama lagi.

Excited. Things moving fast for the company now. Actually, I have been requested for TWO proposals for upcoming events, so it should be interesting to see if I can perah my otak to come up with something creatively fresh and appealing to my clients.

Malas update hari ni... ilang semangat sebab nak masuk semua pon lembab. Esok je la...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A big deal...maybe

The first ever Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2009 is coming. And nominations are now open! Don't know how grand it will be, though it sounds pretty big. Macamanapon, it's the first, so word up! Go Nuffnang!

And like Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu in the MIC elections (I just don't have the bad hair) - I have my favourites I want to nominate and back for contention.

Aku pon da nominate these people, but I guess korang leh agik nominate them sebab the more the merrier right. Besides, these are some of the best Malaysian blogs that I follow.

These are the categories up for grabs that have been opened for nomination.

Blogs of Subject Interest:

Overall Blog Categories

My first nomination goes to a Malaysian pioneer blogger (dalam bahasa kita kertu ye) which is sultanmuzaffar. Beginning in 2002, he has paved the way for many a blogger.
Sempat tengok dia bermula dari blogger yang ketika tu regarded as non hado - sampai he finally ended up with Astro Awani. He learnt the ropes fast, understood the politics of the business better, and learnt - this business is full of turds - and why we can't always tell the truth.
Most bloggers - especially entertainment bloggers, have him to thank for when it comes to bloggers getting some amount of respect when attending events. My blog itself was a personal one in 2003, before 'rebranding it to officially launch in 2004 based on the template of writing more of my work in entertainment circles which I had access to.
I nominate sultanmuzaffar for Best Celebrity Blog, Best Entertainment Blog and Most Influential Blog.

Lea Laurielle
A 'show girl', Lea Laurielle was 'born' a woman - in a wig and stilletoes. Heh... Yang penting walaopon blog 'adik-adik' (skang da kategori nenek-nenek kot - larikkk!!!), she was a good source then for make-up and fashion tips. Kata kau... (cepat nyanyi I Learn From The Best nyeh!)
Even though she's slowed down, her blog is undoubtedly my choice for Best Fashion Blog (though she talks more of her own looks) and Best Hidden Blog.
Merasalah kalao ada kategori Blog Alam Barzakh pon aku nominate. But since dia queen of makeovers, aku nominate dia for Best Original Blog Design as well.

The Malay Male
Amir Hafizi was a colleague of mine, and more recently returned to that status. The geek who loves typical geek stuff, has powerful words though. Blog dia is one of the most humourous attempts at self-glorification, which is a fun read - if you get past his strong, never changing views - of how he hates so many things.
Nevermind the fact that in the past couple of years he has constantly erased his blog for no reason, it keeps coming back nastier than ever. Love it!
I nominated Amir for Best Geek Blog and Best Hidden Blog.

Aku tatau la what he does after six now since he doesn't work in an office position now. From major radio publicist - Badrul is now an artist manager, so masa memang anytime kan? Anyway sapa baca blog dia, tau celah selit bab hiburan, ada je sesi kongsi resipi dia.
For that, aku nominate dia Best Food Blog, selain Best Entertainment Blog dan Best Celebrity Blog.

Ada lagik aku nak nominate, tapi this is the list for now. If you have someone to nominate, CLICK HERE. Nak nominate aku pon leh - tapi aku tak harap pe pe pon - heh.. sebab aku warna kulit je sama, tapi aku tak sebut 'wah-lau eh!'. Aku cuma slalu carut... 'walauuuupunnnn' jer.

But I really want to see more Malaysian bloggers nominated, especially those in the Bahasa Malaysia medium, and perhaps those of a bilingual nature like mine. Not just the Manglish ones.

Biasalah... 1Malaysia. Sampai aku ke gathering Nuffnang baru ada yang tau aku berbangsa Chinese. Cause selama ni kalao terenguk blog aku merasalah just cause I blog dalam Bahasa Malaysia, meka ingat aku ni Melayu. So much for 1Malaysia..

Have fun nominating guys and gal.. nak berbuka!

PS - If you want to keep updated with me, including to know more on upcoming flash mobs - please join me on Twitter at @klubbkiddkl. Follow me now... also jangan lupa follow my blog. It's on the right side.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Do not... I repeat DO NOT!

My old school motto is Sapientia Potentia Est. Which simply means 'wisdom is power'. The past few years however, I have taken on an extension to that motto with 'silence is wisdom'.

Ni ada cita aku geram. Da berapa kali jadi.

Aku jenis layan my readers here. Cause for me, you guys are reading, coming into my life everyday, for those yang memang regulars kat sini. And while we may or may not meet ke apa...we're still friends in the sense when we chat ke haper, I appreciate I have friends who take time out nak borak dan kongsi info ke pengalaman ke apa saja.

Now, it's happened a couple of times, when someone yang berkenalan tuh tak ikhlas. In what way?

Well, different ways. Some people in life, just see others as a boost up for themselves.

And the latest ni aku da kenal spesis camni da. Masak da pon.

Dari awal aku leh dapat 'bacaan'. Memang tak pernah salah pon. I always 'read' people well enough.

Yang sorang ni jenis nak tanya aku all sorts of things because of my work, because of where I am right now. Which is pretty f**ked up if you ask me. Tak kisah sangat sebenarnya. But really, as a person - a normal human being, tak perlu la camtuh. Nak kawan biar ikhlas.

And along with that should come honesty.

Anyway, dalam kes aku refer ni, this person yang panjang lebar nak berkata kalao bab bertanya soal dunia hiburan, memang hebat.

Bila aku tanya pasal personal orang tu, to find out who is this person, banyak la cita dongeng nak layan.

To cut a long story short, as usual, I was made to appear paranoid sebab suspicion and all.

Hari ni, I just wanted to get it off my chest that I Googled and found truth to what I suspected about the person.

Tak kuasa betul, closet cases in denial of who they are that they have to put on a masquerade. Sorry, people, but aku kawan orang tak suka one sided friendships where I have to be honest and all, and orang choose to tell me what they wish to. Biasa perangai denial ni diikuti with requests for respect of privacy.

Again, how the guilty flee when none pursue.

Alah.. tak heran da jenis camni. And dalam bulan puasa ni, malaih aku nak marah marah ke apa. Cuma after risik sana sini sikit of late, aku finally decided nak luah sini gak. Needed an outlet to get it off my chest.

Aku diam selama ni, orang tu lak ingat aku tatau. Saja nak bagi taum yes, I KNOW! Just cause aku diam, doesn't mean I don't. Silence is wisdom. Besides, when I ask, most of the time it's only because I already know the truth already and just nak tengok ko ni bangsa penipu ke tak.

To that person, takyah la nak tipu orang. Dahlah tipu diri sendiri. Satu hari nanti, when shit hits the fan baru nak nyesal. Be who or what you are. I couldn't care less. Just understand this - respect and honesty counts.

And people, friendship is a two way street. Don't expect to have it your way, if you are not willing to compromise, as ther other party too has the right to dictate their terms to what they consider a friendship.

This is the point where I usually tell the person in question to Fly Uncle Charlie's Kite.

Adoi.. women out there... just be wary je, because I know most women have a sixth sense about liars since they more adept at sensing penipuan nih. Don't ignore those instincts, cause satu hari kang, silap silap sendiri menyesal.

Ni bukan carutan.

Aku saja je nak membebel. Dah unload... can move on dah nih.

Moving on.. anyway, korang da layan Project Runway ke belum? Musim keenam da start. Watch below here kalao nak (selagi Youtube tak remove)

Yang bestnya, I already have a few favourites for the show. Cuma tak puas hati with results because I thought BOTH bottom placed designers (tanak sebut nama kang spoiler lak), should have gone cause both were crap.

Yang pentingnya, there are four designers I'm loving so far, and yang pentingnya, one of them dalam my Facebook dan memang bermesej ngan aku. Dapat la borak ngan salah sorang designer aku suka sangat. Tanak sebut sapa.

By the way, selain Project Runway, musim ni they started Model Of The Runway, focusing on the models yang involved. For me, this is good. From all previous five seasons, only the first bothered to focus on the models, but this time, there's specific programming to showcase the girls.

Kinda like ANTM, tapi sebab bebudak ni working girls, lain sikit senario. More like behind the scenes of a working model.

Lari sikit dari meroyan dan bab TV shows nih, ari ni banyak spend time online. Nekad tanak kuar. This whole weekend nak dok rumah je.

Came across this. You guys should take a look.

I've heard of camouflage art before, but this Chinese artist is amazing! His name Liu Bolin. Check out some of his works.

This is Liu

Some of his camouflage art

If you guys wanna check out some of his other work, CLICK HERE.

Ok la.. panjang gila entry ni. Aku sambung kang je la..

PS - CLICK HERE for some interesting reading. Someone at the kementerian should be sacked for this. Wat malu je!

Friday, August 21, 2009


I know these videos were posted some time ago, I think about two years ago, but I just caught it. Kelakar nak mampos! It's the Celcom versus DiGi ones.

Personally - I still have my DiGi line tapi tak kuasa sebab servis cam lahar... just sayang sebab ramai tau that number, and malas dan tak berkesempatan nak tukar the number to another provide... and Celcom aku memang aku da terminate sebab azab (time tu.. though I hear meka da ok sikit skang)

But found the Happy Tree Friends-esque cartoons hilarious! Amik ko! Besides, I have always found the yellow DiGi man just way too freaky! So this way a nice watch...

Apart from that, didn't spend the day doing much. Sent in one article. And played games the whole day. Relaxed je.

Anyone play games on Facebook and Myspace? Here's what I'm playing at the moment. On Facebook, my current obsession is with Restaurant City. Started playing this just one week now, tapi dalam list aku of about 30 people playing da naik nombor satu. Heh!!!

Dedikasi sungguh ok main game nih! No cheats, no hacks.. hate playing games kalao pakai macro ke bot ke script ke... tak kick. Ni dok ngadap je laptop main game, ni la hasilnya.

Another game yang masih addicted, tapi kurang sikit da sebab focus Restaurant City, is My Zoo. Ni asik bertukar tempat, but usually top two or top three in my list. Ni my zoo for now.

One of the first games I used to play, tapi da malas sikit, jarang layan now, is My City. Right now, ada 340 penduduk.

Tapi game paling lama aku tahan, is over at Myspace. Mobsters for Myspace. Ni kedudukan aku. Proud to say, I'm one of the highest ranked mobsters among Malaysians (tak pakai macro ok!). If you play this, join my family - it's the CSK mob. Aku nya stats power sikit sebab sapa usik je memang mintak nahas.

Just trying to up my bounty more. Skang at 6.8 billion.

Why am I updating on this?

Sebab sambil tunggu waktu sahur, tengah main game ni semua, while waiting for my Project Runway nak download abih. Episode one of season six. Da tengok complete Little Britain (UK, tiga musim, US satu musim, Comic Relief special, Little Britain Abroad - and awaiting finishing of Little, Little Britain).

Nothing more to watch while wasting time. Weekend ni dok rumah je kot. Sebab baru start posa, member semua balik kampung, so sahur, berbuka dok umah je la.

Anyway, selamat berpuasa to all my Muslim friends out there. Wat elok elok ek!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

How do you...

In a non-religious context, how do you tell that Ramadhan is around the corner?

Senang je.

i) Tiap tahun, dalam tempoh seminggu sebelom mula, iklan Yuusof Taayub bermula kat TV dan radio.

ii) Sekatan jalanraya and extremely random roadblocks semakin kerap dan bersepah, especially if you're around the Klang Valley (memang dalam seminggu ni tengok ada yang mula rajin sangat)

Banyak lagik indicators. But these two are the most ketara.

Korang da ready ke nak berpuasa? Utang semua da clear?

PS - Tahun lepas 17 hari. Tahun ni nak lengkap kalao leh (ok la tuh kalao da tak wajib)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Time out

Ahhh... it's amazing what a little day off, and some time spent with your parents can do for you.

I feel good...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Selamat mendaki

Been so bogged down with work that it's not funny!

Pening abihkan keja from the past few days... da la bertimbun because I had like so many assignments. On top of which was busy with the flash mob preparations. Selain tuh pening sebab it's been some time since I did feature length writing, I kind of forgot how.

Took some time to get my mojo back.

First article took my nearly three hours. Writer's block, so alih perhatian wat benda lain which was just a waste of time.

But knocked it down to an hour from the subsequent articles.

Feel so lega. Sent in one column and four articles dah. Got two or three more to go. No hal.

One more thing I noticed, since it's been some time since I actually wrote a proper article, it was hard to colour up my pieces. Pikir cara orang korporat sangat, dari segi ekspresi melalui pilihan bahasa. Shit!

Aduh.. ni la akibatnya keja asik tulis proposal dan formal letters.

Gotta lighten up... like this sign I spotted and snapped masa wat editing. Pada tuan punya bisnes ni, kira free promo la ni ek.

Selamat mendaki katanya... funny! A tinge of sarcasm there too. Whoopie.. life's little blessings.

Argh... things will hopefully return to normal soon.

Then again.. maybe not. One more flash mob on the way. Anyone wanna join?

By the way, the official flash mob video, do help us publicise it. Repost on your Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, blog, website - or just about anywhere else in cyberspace. Tima kasih la bebanyak kalao korang tolong.

If you missed it (don't see how, since it was only in the last posting, here's the video. Click on it to go to the Youtube page for the link and the embed code.

Until tomorrow....selamat mendaki!

Monday, August 17, 2009

KL's first major dance flash mob! The official video.

I know some people tried with a handful. We had over a hundred. And there's going to be more soon.

I know a lot of you have been waiting for the official video. Well here it is. If you have a Youtube account, rate it please and support us for more in the future.

Pas berejam editing semalam, this is something we're definitely proud of!

The whole thing starts with a stage show of six dancers at the KLCC Center Court, before it's 'invaded' by over 100 dancers.

The video took over 8 hours to upload because I made sure it was the best quality. The file was over 1 GB. Damn... hope you guys like it. Now on to Monday....

PS - If you guys have a blog, share this video ok! Spread the word on Facebook, Myspace or Friendster or whatever applications you have and let's show everyone KL's first real dance flash mob rocked KLCC.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My hectic three days

Since I'm back early tonight.... ni nak clear sikit a little entry cause things have been so hectic I've been doing really short postings.

So here's kind of like a trackback recollection of the last three days - to what exactly took place. On Thursday pas final rehearsal, went for the BMW Shorties. The third year, the short film fest memang best gila - and this year Ma Chai, by Shanjhey Kumar Perumal, and Conversation with a Mad Man, by Brandon Loh Ming Kwang won the top prizes in a draw.

Korang kalao nak tengok some upcoming talents, CLICK HERE for the BMW Shorties site and check out the finalists, and of course the winners' work. Baguih gila. And I'm not just saying that. I remember the first year - I was blown away by most of the work of these newcomers. Masa tu kak Min jadik judge along with the likes of James Lee.

And quality has been increasing with every year of competition.

Anyway, malam tu abih je, balik terus KO.

Friday, got to KLCC early, standby da. A lot of last minute preparations for the flash mob.

Biasala... when something can go wrong, usually it does.

Dari CD lagu entah ke mana, sampai last minute problems with Suria for not allowing our videographers officially to go on with their recording, macam-macam.

But everything got worked out with teamwork, and I thank the team for that. The whole team from Maxis and also Mindshare. And of course, especially to my team J² - , Floor Fever my head crew - as well as the other dance crews involved and also ALL the dancers who did their best, my videographers, team View Image and my team of photographers.

We all panicked at some point or another... I'll give you that, but things went VERY smoothly - except when the middle part of the center court was taken up by curious onlookers who were too busy recording the event sampai meka block the positioning of the dancers. Biasalah event camni kena on the spot ubah... so tak pe.

Yes, the event was at the center court, right smack in the middle of KLCC - done as part of the performances for the Maxis iPhone 3GS roadshow. Didn't I give you guys enough clues to guess that? By the way, I know I promised to give Twitter updates, but something was wrong that evening and I couldn't log on to Twitter from my phone. Benci tol!

Thank you to Maxis for believing in J² and the crazy idea, and berita baiknya, thanks to this first successful attempt, there will be MORE!

So if you want to join, bersedia ok! Will let you guys know more about the recruitment when dekat da.

All in all, it was good for the company Juan and I share, which is J², because being just over a month old, it's amazing to have someone as big as Maxis as a client - and to have such positive feedback from a first project of this scale. And of course, to also, from this point - to be part of their 'family'.

Also it was good for the dance community - so all in all, here's hoping more people will get the idea of what dance flash mobs are so next time nak menggila lagik, kurang halangan.

Check my previous entry a video by one of the 'eyewitnesses' and I will update the official video late tomorrow after we finish editing it. Meanwhile looking out for more cause I saw A LOT of people recording the event. Cuma kat Youtube so far ada satu.

Here's one more I found on the Net. Some dude recorded it with fish eye lens on the ground floor. It's not on Youtube, but Vimeo, so loads pretty darn slow. But worth a watch!

Flash Mob at KLCC from Jeremy Choy on Vimeo.

Can't tell you the location of the next flash mob - but it will be in a very high traffic area in the Golden Triangle! More people are going to be part of it, so it's going to be BIGGER. My ultimate goal when it comes to dance flash mobs is to have 1000 over dancers smack center of KL dancing to stop traffic. So working towards it.

Anyway, abih je flash mob, gi Cineleisure for the preview of Jin Notti.

Erm... malas komen lebih. All I can say is - if you have RM10 to watch a movie - watch anything BUT Jin Notti. But if you still want to watch it to see what I mean, be my guest - so I can say, I told you so!

Ni some pics at the event.

Part of the cast


Mawi - not too bad la acting dia. Boleh tahan

Cantik jacket si botak

Extreme close up! Heh... saja menggila ngan botak sebab lama tak jumpa

Fara's extreme close up!

Pas abih, continued on to Pelita for supper with Juan, Fendy and Syahir. Lepak borak tak sedar, tengok jam da 5 lebih pagik. Aduh....

Yang pentingnya, korang kan tau, aku penah ada siri gambar-gambar yang dipanggil Siri Perosak Selera. You know the pics where masa makan, tetiba ada orang tayang lobang tabung dia ke arah aku. This is the latest in the series. Ladies, especially more erm... 'voluptuous' ones, please wear jeans that are more appropriate to prevent this from happening.


Memang perosak selera. Adoi!

Anyway headed home, tidur pun da about 6.30am, and woke up by 12 and shot straight to Sunway Lagoon Resort hotel for the press conference of the MTV World Stage.

All the performers for the MTV World Stage. Can you spot who? Left to right, more or less - is Hoobastank, Boys Like Girls, Pixie Lott, Kasabian and Raygun dan depan sekali is our own Estranged

Kelam kabut la.. benci organisation meka. Pastu interviews, aku ada All American Rejects -w ith two of them - Mike and Tyson. Sambil nak tunggu dua jam, malas ke mana, so nak lepak isap rokok je ngan geng media lain.

Nak isap rokok lak - hotel ni 'smoke free zone'. Matilah! Smoking corner dia kat carpark.

Aiyo.. hinanya!

Abih je plan lepak dalam. Bumped into Pixie Lott. Supposed to interview her tomorrow, but since I'm doing the Rejects today, esok aku takyah nak rush interview dia lak. Sempat la camwhore ngan Pixie.

By the way, she's got pretty feet - despite her telling me she's got ugly feet - because she goes about barefoot with a very nice pedicure. Er... so benda ni bukan 'trend' artis tempatan ok. So many artistes da memang wat camni lama da.

Camwhoring with Pixie

Pixie's pretty feet

Mike and Tyson from the All American Rejects

Lepaked some more, lost my temper at the stupidity of crap management by people handling the whole thing, and finally got my interview with Mike and Tyson. Love these dudes! They be real rockers!

The best quotes I got from them?

"Fuck the Jonas brothers!"

The second best quote I got from them?

"Fuck Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus!"

I love them! Heh... tak sabar nak finish up my article to be published! They are the type of interviews that are so much fun to do. To the point I almost forgot how pissed off I was to even be there because of the whole crap organisation of the event.

Pastu gerak gi Sunway Pyramid ngan Michelle and Zuan of Melodi. Lepak Gloria Jeans makan minum jap, then moved in.

The view from Sunway Pyramid at 6.30pm

We were out of the concert by half an hour. Memang macam sial cara meka organise the whole thing. MTV is the worst organiser of events. Every year at the MTV Awards - this happens (and I've attended every MTV Asia, except the recent Genting Highlands one) they screw up - and this seems to be business as usual for them. I guess at least I can say they're consistent.

There were so many things wrong I don't even know where to begin. Let's put it this way. Masuk masuk je, overheard some kids telling organisers how they were crushed against the metal barriers and how the security did nothing to help.

Dari tengahari da meradang, I decided it wasn't worth staying for, so decided to leave. Even gave my post party invites at Euphoria away. Not interested. Besides, I've been out since noon - am sticky and sweaty after a concert. I wonder what possessed the organisers to think that a post party would be the best thing to follow up with?

Apapon, event tu memang syok sendiri and I have no clue why Tourism Malaysia worked closely to co-sponsor the show.

Konsert Search pon ramai kata better... walaopon...

So that's my three hectic days. And since I've related all that... now I think I'm entitled to some sleep. Goodnight all.. be posting the official flash mob video tomorrow. Until then...ta.