Sunday, July 05, 2009

What are you waiting for?

What do people like Sarimah, Fazura, Rina Omar have in common with so many of my other lovely friends?

That's easy enough. All of them voted for me in the Ikea Go Clean Your Room contest! Helps to have a networking of industry friends who jump to help you... too bad no one jumped and asked me out this weekend.

Aku dok bosan kat rumah bertapa je tak kuar langsung ujung minggu nih. Something's gotta change. Need a routine - and one that is not f*cking dependent on others' availability.

Anyway... aku nak plug for this again cause I need more votes! Thank you to friends who have continued voting - and for those who haven't, please do. Kalao ikutkan, each one of you yang masuk blog aku ni kalao take just a minute, to vote... aku da cecah ribuan undian. So something's not right here. C'mon guys. Aku selalu give in to your demands here, so vote for me please!

Like I said, results will be out on 15 July, two days before my birthday, and so want this. Nak makeover bilik orang tua aku lak.

So, just in case ada yang kata tak reti, here's how you do it, step by step! So no excuses! Besides when you guys vote, you're up for RM50 Ikea voucher pun apa... so win win la. Here it is...


After you click the link on top in a new window or tab, then follow these four simple steps, and voila! You would have voted for me!

Ok... if you guys have done that, thank you so much! If you haven't boo to you then! Can't even spend a minute to do that but demanding I update my blog selalu!

Ok... going back to watching some DVDs. Bored as all hell today. Remember! Vote!



thanks swit... sayangnya ramai tak vote pon. :-(

aku nak vote lagi tapi ada confirmation aaa takkan lima juta kali nama sama. tak leh aaa :(

thanks julie.

swit.. gila la ko! ahahaha....

voted...siap guna nama anak dan hubby aku sekali. dah 3 vote k. gud luck joe.

me, diddy and shonny have voted!

yeay muck! yeay abang bad, diddy dan shonny too!

biar diddy sambung... undi aku! ahahaha

I paling suka your room Joe.Stylo and elegant.I hope you win.Ikea would be making a mistake if not.