Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thank you

Baru BANGUN tidur. Boleh?

Honestly time orang nak tidur tuh la aku bangun, dan time orang da busy sakan, aku lak nak tido. Psycho.

Sebenarnya I was rushing today. And damn, I can't take the heat, the traffic... memang migraine terus la akibatnya. But had to get stuff done so ok lah.

Tapi balik je petang tadi, headed straight home sebab tanak lepak memana tak tahan, collapse terus dalam katil. Sedar sedar... amik ko!

Ok, have to state some things. Firstly... here's a message from Faz. Korang layan dulu and then aku explain.

Ok, what she means by tickets is, she's got 20 tickets for her fans to the Shout! Awards. All you have to do, is join this little club her fans have put together dalam forum CARI. Go there by CLICKING HERE. Twenty is not a lot, so sapa cepat dia dapat la. Note korang kena register sebagai forummer CARI dulu.

Kalau diizinkan masa, we have a little get together before ke apa too with Faz for you guys. See how.

By the way, voting is all the way down to the wire, so that's how they put it, so in other words, keep voting for her. Korang leh go online and register as a member, and vote online, or SMS vote Faz. CLICK HERE for the official website, and more info.

Speaking of voting, thank you EVERYONE who voted for me in the Ikea Go Clean Your Room Contest. The support has been overwhelming, and aku memang terharu all of you campaign for me. Tak kisah la melalui email, chat, blog, myspace, Facebook...etc

To my family - my mom. dad, and sister who got everyone in her office to vote, her friends (thank you Jida and gang), including my nasty cousins (I love you guys too) who campaigned for me like crazy nearing the dateline, my Facebook gang, soon-to-be and former colleagues, friends, extended family in Sarimah and Faz, friends of all these people, random strangers who were forced by these people to vote for me ... and of course everyone who reads this blog. So many of you to thank... but you guys know who you are. Love all of you guys! Watch the video below. This one's for all of you!

Everyone who voted for me, I love you guys!

This morning about 9am, the website voting was still active (don't know what time the Ikea guys turned voting off. But as of then, this was the standings.

I sure as hell wanna win, and I think I deserve to but now it's up to the judges, cause they will pick from the top three. Hoping I'm in that position when they announce it tomorrow. Just in time for my birthday! Heh!

Kalao tak, takpelah. Takde rezeki.

Ok...I got to sleep now. Esok another run around day of events. Thank



aku harap ko menang........... penat tau promote tok ko ni........... sampai aku kenew blok kat fesbok tuh........ adeh........ apew2 pon congrat...... ko nyew undi dah tggi.... cumew doa jew la k......

Joe aku harap ko menang la..I know u want it so badly... & I think u deserve it..

To all Joe's friends and fans out there: let's hope and pray that Joe wins the Ikea contest. He definitely deserves it. Joe, i can't wait for midnight!

voted too last week! all d best joe! :)

thanks so much guys. couldn't have made it the first round pun if not for you guys.