Monday, July 20, 2009

Pucker up!

Lambat update hari ni. Bukan apa... nak abihkan keja. Gawd! I forgot how much of a sense of accomplishment and kepuasan I get when I write articles. Heh.. aduh. Ni lama tak bebetul tulis nih da rusty sikit. Siap writer's block.

But finally got it done and puas sangat.

Ni yang rindu nak go back to writing full time nih (apart from a million and one things I want to do).

Anyway, was writing something on the Shout! Awards held last Friday night, when a friend of mine pointed out something to me.

And so I scoped out the catch-up TV on 8TV's website, and yes, I found it! Nothing sensasi la sangat. Just kelakar.

Orang said we'll never see so many things on Malaysian TV, but now I can proudly point out that I've spotted one people thought will never happen. Two guys doing a mouth to mouth kiss. Boleh?

Ni masa bebudak Bunkface diumumkan pemenang Ultimate Shout Awards. Time tuh semua happy bagai and so excited, I guess they, and their friends hilang bearing jap, pelok ciom pipi bagai. So salah aim, ada yang ciommolot lak. Amik ko! Ni screen shot.

Words fail me... scary muka!

Kalao nak tengok for yourselves, CLICK HERE and watch Part 10 about midway, before the end performance of Sean Kingston yang bosan dan nan hado, tak nyanyi pon.


PS - My sis came back tadik and gave me my birthday present. Medical insurance, not exactly a Hummer, but still the best birthday present aku dapat. I know she cares for me, and that's the best thing I could get.

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MUHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA ~~~ bioooo betul!!!!! wel .... FACIAL TIME ... kah kah kah .... cemolottttt x tahannnn ..

comolot? hahaha..
yg blakang tu pon nk join jgk ek? huhu..

nape ngn sean kingston ek.. mcm malas je nak nyanyi. bayar ciput je ke?