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Pesta Malam Indonesia 3

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Lambat sikit update pasal Pesta Malam Indonesia, but here it is. Walaopon nak up kan sampai rambut aku da kembali hitam katanya.

What do you do when you go to a concert?

There are several types of people yang gi konsert.

Let me break it down for you so you can appreciate why there will be different responses to any live show.

Empat golongan yang akan ke konsert adalah :

1. Peminat setia - Group ni are the best. They know everything or almost everything the artiste or band will perform, and appreciate anything that goes on onstage. Their fave acts tak perlu nak sound like they're off a CD, because it's the live experience that matters. It's all a delicate balance and combination of good music, awesome showmanship, fantastic live twists and the general atmosphere yang makes up for the enjoyment of people in this category.

2. Yang konon konon peminat setia - Simply because they've heard one song, they just want to be at the concert. Saja nak layan.walaopon takde lah minat sangat artis ke band yang akan membuat persembahan.

3. Yang memang berangan peminat - Nak go to a concert or live show just cause of the hype. Kira walaopon tak penah dengar band A, or band B, dan penah dengar band C popular, or band D ni dikatakan hebat, terus nak muncul sebab nak be part of it so they can 'analyse' the music and tell people they were there. Very little homework done, and they know bits here and there, and want just to impress people that they were there for the show.

4. Yang takde substance at all but nak orang bajet meka ni peminat - Sanggup menghabiskan wang Ringgit, or mencari tiket pree (dalam kes ni biasa dapat pass complimetary VIP sebab bersaudara dengan jiran kepada sepupu organiser yang merupakan besan pada abang ngah pakcik nya) tuk gi ke show yang meka sendiri sebenarnya takde minat, so that memang they can just say they were there. Meanwhile, golongan ni juga sanggup wat pe saja to prove meka belong in the bona fide fans category dengan sibuk nak pics band, memorabilia dan sebagainya - atau jumpa ngan band... so that they feel cool. Yeap... for some it is cool just being at a show that's big, and these people lain sikit kategori 3 sebab meka ni just want to make it known they were there and not really bothered in convincing people they are fans.

Why do I need to go into that classification?

The rundown

Sebab the response to how good a show it was - depends largely on why you're there. As a real fan, Pesta Malam Indonesia 3 was off the wall! Memang happening gila, and with 10,000 plus or so punya audience, memang the vibe was just amazing! Aku basah kuyup siot, cam mandi lak by the end of it.

But ada ada yang suka, ada pon yang tak suka. "Band **** sucked la... nyanyi hancus!" or "Tak feel lah". Etcetera.... etcetera.... Aiyo...

I know lots of friends who loved the show. But some thought it was a not so good schtick this time. For me simple je. A concert is not about being caught up in getting CD quality stuff. Especially for a rock concert, it's about the energy and the raw edge that is brought on the sheer intensity of the performers.

Oh well. All I can say is, when Padi kicked off the set after local bands Aku and Jinbara, aku da smiling happily da. They served it up with their songlist. Yang penting, one of my more recent favourites Terluka pon ada. Risau je aku yang meka won't perform that. Cuma was hoping they'd do an acoustic set on that. But it was ok to mosh to the original arrangement of it too. What can I say... Padi is one of the most intellectual rock acts about, no doubt. But on stage, they can kick it as good, if not better than any other bands out there.

PADI!!! The intellectual rockers!

Next up, Andra & The Backbone. Honestly not so into them, so spent time running backstage (thank you keluarga TM for the opportunity) to snap some pics of Padi with lucky winners of TM's iTalk who got to meet the band exclusively backstage.

iTalk HQ

The crowd earlier in the day. Not much, compared to 10,000 plus by the time the sun went down

Republik Cinta booth

The iTalk lucky consumers who got to meet Padi


Amik ko warnings!

Andra and the Backbone

The Padi family

Me and Fadly from Padi! One of my idols!

Got to chill with the Padi boys... especially vocalist Fadly. Dapat gak sembang ngan dia jap. Suka!!! Samsons takde tahun ni, luka terubat sikit ngan Padi lah. Heh! Pastu gi menjelajah cari makan, minum dan lepak booth iTalk. Argh! Only much later aku nyesal teringat selain meet the fans, a special edition electric guitar yang autographed by all performers at Pesta Malam Indonesia 3 was up for grabs! Lupa lak nak isi borang kat dalam tiket tuh dan kembalikan keratan. Menci!

By the way, about iTalk. Ni some general info..iTalk kad is the calling card from TM, yang korang leh pakai nak wat buat panggilan ke luar negara cukup murah. For example, for me to call my ex in Jakarta would be about ス sen utk 30saat.

Now, TM ada keluarkan iTalk mobile dialer, an easier way nak membuat panggilan, tak perlu nak punch in like a zillion ID numbers. The sim untuk iTalk mobile dialer akan diberikan dengan starter pack. It's like filem nipis berwarna hitam, yang perlu diletakkan atas sim card anda.

And if you're not mechanically inclined, get some help dari petugas layanan TM who can get that done when you purchase it.

So iTalk is definitely an easier and quicker way, plus it offer great rates. For more info, orang KLICK SINI (link –

Cehwah... macam duta iTalk lak aku nih.

Hah back to the konsert.

After Andra & The Backbone cleared the stage, Sheila On 7 were next after break for prayer time.

By this time, the crowd had grown gila gila da. I swear tetiba ramai sangat dalam lautan manusia yang membanjiri perkarangan Stadium Bukit Jalil for the concert,

Aku masuk area 'kandang' which was meant for the media, specificaly photographers to take some pics. Tapi halfway, aku da rimas and shifted to the edge of the crowd. But not before I got to sing along to Duta's fantastic rendition of a mesh up between Leaving On A Jet Plane and Itu Aku! Aiyo... Itu Aku membuaikan aku tuk tidur on so many nights. For me, that was the highlight of their awesome performance. Duta and the boys tak penah disappoint.

Sheila On 7 in action!

The crazy party people - and the security watching guardedly

More of Sheila On 7

With the iTalk meet the fans session

The TM family photo op

Duta, Adam and Eros lepaking backstage

Pas abih show, again went backstage to watch them chill with iTalk winners. Sempat borak ngan Adam, sebab tahun lepas masa band nak main, found out dia demam. Tahun ni lak, dia ilang suara! Aiyo! Datang datang KL je demam lah itu lah ini lah. Kesian sangat!

By the time Gigi were up, aku da letih, so caught the performance via screens set up in the VIP area as well as off the huge screens erected and visible from backstage.

The obviously most awaited band was Dewa sebab memang you could sense the crowd wanted them on.

Band anak Ahmad Dhani on dulu as the opening act. Lucky Laki as they're called, aku cuma tau lagu meka yang Bukan Superman. And they did ok I guess, though I suspect they were lip synching to it.

Me and the maestro - Ahmad Dhani

Masa meet the fans iTalk session with Dewa, crazy!!!

Whatever... janji for kids at such a young age, they did quite well. Memang ke mana la tumpah kuah kalao bukan ke nasi.

The only complaints for me yang valid for the night, kalao ada yang bising katakan Dewa nya performance cam kejap sangat. Aku pun rasa camtuh.

But it was a fantastic show, and no matter what any reviews said, I enjoyed it. Malas nak tulis pepanjang. Korang layan je pics. Sorry if it's not as great cause I was using a normal camera je (sapa nak carut belikan aku DSLR ek) and after the Sheila On 7 show, tak larat nak berasak ngan orang tuk amik pics Gigi dan Dewa punya performance.



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