Sunday, July 12, 2009


Damn, I'm seriously brained out (is there such a term?)

I just spent something like almost six hours tweaking this new layout. As you guys have notice, I have reverted to the old three column approach, tapi kali ni lebih teratur dan tersusun.

The top bar of picture, will be links to events, while the scrolling stories on the top right hand will be random entries of some level of interest.

Korang tengok below, the links are there to make it easier to view past entries as well as my archive of entries (I still have hundreds more to transfer from my old blog though).

Not to mention, paling penting, I've managed to cut down the weight of the blog so loading time has been reduced as well.

From now, korang nak baca any entry, korang just click Read More on the list of highlights, and it will pop open. A lot easier for sure.

Going to take a nap. Post later... my head is throbbing! Perah otak nak betol kan coding nya pasal. Bersabar ek kalao ada glitches. Still working some things out.

Meanwhile layan video Jackson 5 nih.. sedih dowh tengok... this was from the reunion special in 2001. Layan...



suka suka. sbb internet d pc ni cam hampeh. skrg senang nak view

nice new i said at the chatbox..nice new layout..simpler, classy and above all that, faster to load...great job and i really like it..i really think it make it easier to browse through ur blog post and read ur entry ..pleasant viewing..hheheheeh...*kritik ala2 pengkritik tetap gitu*

but i think maybe u would like to consider the read more pop out to appear at the same page in your blog rather than to be navigated away to just that particular post. by making it this way, teh readers will still hanging around ur blog and read ur previous post. *just my 20cent thought*

I loikeeeeee layout..
easier to view..=)

thanks guys for the compliments. yatie, pas ko read more, ko click balik top menu yang t go 'hme' or to the main page - yang ssdebaris ngan opton my myspace, youtube, imeem dan sebagainya. tu je cara aku leh pikir wat. tapi understood dan akan pikir jalan camna nak wat kalao leh

bagos ah layout baru..
waiting time yg kejap..
klo psal read more tu, aku just buat right click>open in new tab je terus..huhu..
once again, congratz =P

yeap uDean. tu cara senang.

elle, motif jeles? hauahauhauha

Nice new template!!! I like!!