Monday, July 06, 2009

Long live the King of Pop!

As promised, Madonna kept her word for a tribute to Michael in her show for the Sticky & Sweet Tour at the London O2 Arena where Michael was to have performed.

It was simple. It was enough.

A fitting tribute from the Queen of Pop, to the late King of Pop. Icons in music like them will never come about again. Forget your Britney, Mileys, Rihanna, Akon, Usher or whatever teenybopper names you choose.

Madonna and Michael came from a generation of performers, did everything. They were true artistes, using their art as a form of self-expression. Not just money-spinners.

Not since the passing of the late Princess Diana, the Queen of Hearts, will the world see such bluebloods that reign in the hearts of so many around the world, and touch us with their stories, and provide us with the inspiration in 0ur daily lives.

Sedih betul tengok bahagian persembahan Madonna ni. Was waiting for it to be uploaded, and when it came out, was left speechless. One can only wonder what Madonna must have felt... and I can understand if she didn't want to make it more personal.

Beyonce, one of the 'new school' of stars who paid tribute to Michael, gave a more moving tribute. More perhaps for me, because Halo was my most overplayed song last couple of weeks for it's beautiful lyrics... and because Beyonce grew up in a generation where she was inspired by Michael as a lot of us were.

This was her from her performance during a concert in Atlanta as part of the I Am... tour on July 1. There are two versions of fan videos, check them out.

So whether or not Michael is going to be buried in a solid bronze, gold-plated coffin worth US$25,000 with a blue velvet interior and a hand-polished mirror finish is not important. How the memorial on Tuesday will pay tribute to the legend, the King of Pop will...

PS - If anyone is in LA, AEG has said they'll be selling the O2 Arena This Is It tour t shirts. Anyone can get me one for memories...?