Friday, July 03, 2009

I need YOUR help!

Guys... remember my makeover for IKEA?

The final round has begun! I now need YOUR votes!

When you guys vote for me, you stand to win RM50 Ikea vouchers too. So tak rugi, hanya dengan taking a minute or two.

First CLICK HERE. That will take you here.

Click VOTE NOW to begin the voting. And you'll see this page.

You'll see this page with the top five messiest room and finalists for the grsnd prize of RM5,000! My name is the first.Just click on the picture with my name, and you'll have a window pop out with my entry like this.

What you can do now, is view my previous video, the IKEA stuff I got, and also the makeover results.Then click VOTE and it will request your name, IC number and also your email (for notification purposes kalao korang menang the RM50). Vote for me maximum!

Winning this would be a great birthday present. So kalao leh get your friends to vote for me too! Thanks guys and updating later!



jangan good luck je tau. i need korang to vote for me too.

i dah vote for u !!
siap vote guna my husband, mom, dad, sis and bro nya name and ic
haha !!

all the best and gud luck to u !

thanks so much guys. keep it up ok. ni for the big rm5,000. nak nak nak!!! happy birthday sangat kalao dapat!

Joe aku dah vote,ngam2 ke voters ke 60 siap promote lagi...hope ko menang big okay...esok aku vote lagi!

Ok joe...chekdee dah jadi orang ke 64 vote for u...... hehehehe.... harap u menang ok.....

tima kasih semua. terharu.hope you guys keep voting ok.ajak kengkawan dan keluarga semua undi skali!

im keep on voting luck and hoping ur wish will come true..will voting again n again..

siap promote kat facebook lagi..habis mak,ayah,hubby,vanidah,sepupu,sepapat,ku hayakkan voting..

no worries Joe. Voted for you.

I think Li Ping & May Lin cleaned up pretty good, so its gonna be a tough one. But you made the best video tho, nice music and advertising...hehe.

good luck;-)

the idea is to be creative, and i think i made my room look elegant without overcluttering it with too many products. got stand out items, and unique. but each to their own. keep voting ok! get friends and family to chip in too!