Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hi Ho... Hi Ho...

Malas betul nak update entry hari ni. Trying to be productive.. so something's gotta give.

Awal pagik da bangun pas cukup tido sebab turned in early. Finished off a couple of articles for the paper, and had lunch before it was to KLCC for a meeting in Menara Maxis.

Hasilnya? Puas!

Getting to do something I really want to do! Another project for J². Yeay! Can't say what it is yet, but korang layan je video nih and get a clue. It's called a flash mob, a different variety from what you saw with KL Freeze ages ago in Pavilion. Actually picked up this video when it was just uploaded...

Dropped by the office and finished off some work. No hanging out or doing charity work for ungrateful dogs no more. Yeay for that too.

Ni besok nak abihkan sikit agik presentation. Very the keparat. Eh corporate. Tak larat nak gi rakaman Mega Raya Astro. Esok je la aku update more ok, guys..



jangan lupa inform ek kalau jadik, flashmobs are the bomb!
nak join :)

nk join....
if jd bgtau tarikh k..
it must be cool event..yeeeeeeee