Tuesday, July 07, 2009

De mortuis nil nisi bonum

The Latin phrase de mortuis nil nisi bonum dicendum est, usually shortened to de mortuis nil nisi bonum or just nil nisi bonum which means "No one can speak ill of the dead," "Of the dead, speak no evil," or, more literally, "Let nothing be said of the dead but what is good."

Hasn't stopped this f*cking redneck lowlife New York congressman called Peter King, who lambasted the media for all the coverage on Michael Jackson. The Long Island Republican called Michael, "a lowlife", "a pervert", "a paedophile" and a "child molester" and said the King of Pop was undeserving of such attention as he was "a lowlife".

Yes, everyday heroes should be honoured. Teachers, firemen, soldiers...

But Michael has done more than what the loser Peter King will ever do! And forget just America - the King of Pop has touched and inspired the hearts of people all over the world. Allow us to mourn please... unlike what will take place when you finally expire - you second rate politician trash.

Only in America, could someone like Peter King be considering a Senate.

You would think firstly, he would respect the dead, secondly the family and loved ones of those in mourning and thirdly - the wounded hearts of people all across the globe. If nothing else, at least respect the memory of a man who has passed, who if nothing else, is a son, a brother, an uncle and many more things to those who have suffered a great loss.

Mr Peter King, the biggest dickwad on the face of planet Earth, will also serve to remember, even in America - innocent until proven guilty too stand - and as far as we remember, Michael of acquitted of charges, and investigations revealed most of the claims were extortion attempts, and the 'pay off' for the first case - was upon insistent of the insurance company, against the protests of Michael who wanted to go to court to fight out his innocence. Obviously Peter King has not paid attention to all the facts.

So Mr Peter King, here's a big hearty FUCK YOU from this side of the world, you pathetic, opportunistic, publicity seeking idiot.

PS - Debbie Rowe could do with a man like you.

Watch the asshole called Peter King's (a congressman no less) video