Saturday, July 18, 2009


Damn! I slept at only 6am this morning, and bangun kol 5 petang! Amik ko! Sebelas jam hibernasi!

Semalam gi Shout!. Erm... it was ok. Too loud - and no, I'm not too old. I've been to all the MTV Awards (except the last one) and survived concerts like Avril and Slipknot, and even Westlife, so I doubt I'm past screaming crowds or audio systems pumping inhuman levels of sound.

But ada je yag tak kena. It was good, and also bad. How do you describe it... Just definitely not worth having to go through the jam with the Manchester United training going on next door.

It's like a great performance for Jac, baru nak emo in rememberance of Michael, and then you had Reefa bounce out disrupting the whole feel of things. Like... WTF???!!!

It was like everyone buying into the hype of Bunkface (respect to them - idop budak Klang... orang kampung aku tuh!) but turning zombified masa Estranged put on one of the best performances of the night.

Basically - a potentially good event, but riddled with many WTF moments.

Pesawat were the real hit of the night, but kenapa la ada orang lonjat lonjat jerit jerit sebelom tuh. Tak perlu sangat!

Tak bother sangat. In fact, caught the show, while spending a lot of time with Gaya, Afdlin and Mamat Khalid and their wives apart from other friends who were left blurred out by a lot of what went on that night.

In fact had more fun when Upin and Ipin menang award... boleh? One of the highlights for sure?

Sean Kingston? Overrated, oversweaty, overmiming and just plain overweight. Period. Nyanyi pon tak setakat YEAHHH YEAHHH and uhmmm... and one or two more lines on top of the CD. Bosan nak mampos! So much for the closing act.

Sapa agik yang ok ek. The performers worthy of a mention were Bunkface, Nikki (though Shila was a WTF moment), One Buck Short, Joe Flizzow.. and a few more. Caprice and a few others would do good to learn how not to just randomly shout into a mic. Oh well...

The crowd? Let's not even go there.

Layan je la pics. By the way, if you guys dulu ada baca pasal these Chanel gun heels I so loved (and convinced Faz to get them, here she is wearing them to the first public event in Malaysia they've been seen in. Don't know if she's the first person in the country to have these shoes, but berani cakap she is the first to have them in all three colours, epecially these black and whites.

Heel-ing power

Ngan adik dia Jojo.

Aku bangga kata dia the first int he country to wear these black and white Lagerfeld creations. READ HERE n my posting in January masa aku naik gila pasal kasut nih. And here's Madonna wearing her end of last year.

By the way, the ones Faz are wearing are the limited edition ones, unlike the more common black and silver versions.

Ok, now on to the rest of the pics.

The Chong family - no Vince but with younger bro

Datuk Sheila Majid

Yellow fever! Nikki after performance

Hot chicks Faz and Marsha

The Pesawat boys were so in demand last night - motif AirAsia punya topi? Part time job ke sebenarnya? Matilah!

Cheryl looking sweet

Shidi bak beg tuh sesuatuh sangat!

Sebenarnya pegang beg bini tuh

Joe's got Flava

The Estranged family

And the last picture I have is this. When you take a look at it, just tell me, what the hell is wrong with this picture??!!!

Yes, that's Jehan. In a hat that defies all logic or reason for being worn. Doubt his bad hair day could have been that bad sampai pakai camtuh.

Oh well... ok la... nak sambung hibernasi. Flu getting better now...

PS - Thanks Muckcheek @ Yasmin for the serunding. Sweetest birthday present I've had in a longtime. Tak penah orang Poslaju aku serunding within a day before. And the card from you and the rest of the family was such a beautiful thought too. Hugs to all of you for it!

PPS - Dapat berita dari Syuib on the World Championship of Performing Arts in Los Angeles. Malaysians masih teruskan saingan dalam final. Dilla, Wilson and Iza made it to the finals of all the modelling categories, while Artistana Group made it to the finals of the dance category.

In vocals, Bob, Sarah Raisuddin, Hasmidar made it into one solo, and two duet categories for the finals. More info as news comes in. Malaysia boleh! KEPITA boleh! Heh!



ada ke bunkface menang??? ak ingat hujan yg menang... nmpak sangat zaman hujan dah berlalu... next year will be pesawat, lydias diery, pop shuvit, or yuna... yeaaahhh!!! yuna!!!

paling suka persembahan joe flizzow,estrange n jaclyn victor..ini membuktikan penyanyi dan kumpulan band dr malaysia mantap giler..tak payah susah2 nak panggil artis luar negara yang nyanyi setakat oh yeahh..ado..nenek aku pun terror klu nyanyi camtu..

*seronok dapat jumpa joe kat premiere setem & shout award..keep up ur good work bro..will always supporting u..lawa giler fazura mlm tu..*

Joe, we just got back from pahang. Sempat jumpa ayat di kl. Hope you like the serunding...itu makanan orang malas masak...hehehe Today rasa tak der mood nak keje..kepenatan. Kat sini Sunday is a weekday.

kasut itiew meletop tahap dewa....faz, pinjam bleh? huhuhu

upin dan ipin paling best! hehe. WCPA khabarnya hanya tarian dpt award, yg lain takde. tul ke?

ayu : ngadala!
muck : happy you guys got home safe
swit : hahahaha.. tanya la dia
edz : tengok entry baru