Thursday, July 09, 2009

Bright, sunny morning

I'm actually up early this morning.. so you know this only either means aku cukup tidur atau aku memang tak tidur langsung.

Well, actually a little bit of both.

Aku sempat tidur, but definitely tak cukup and I will have to take a snooze later.

Anyway, wanted to update you guys a little. Sebab da lama tak cita anything pasal Akademi Fantasia ataupon bebudak kan? Hari tu I mentioned kan the actual date for the Akademi Fantasia Reunion Concert will actually be on Sunday, 26 July?

Well, apparently, the actual confirmed date is now pushed back to 25 July. The simple reason being, I think people in Kuching are aware that another major event in Jom Heboh is taking place on that night. So nak bagik peluang kat orang sana nak enjoy, and avoid potentially splitting the crowd for both events, so the reunion show will now be moved a day earlier back to its earlier rumoured date.

The kids begin recording next week for a couple of days from 13 to 15 July, and a then spend a few more at rehearsals for the show from 18 to 22 July. They will be in Kuching from 23 to 26 July.

Now in between all that on 14 July will the launch of Hafiz's mini album in KL. Tapi from what I've heard, the day before the reunion, there will also be a Kuching launch.

Alamak... sibuk gila nampaknya time tuh (kalao aku jadik ikut). Tapi sesapa peminat Akademi Fantasia serempak kang, jangan lupa my birthday on 17 July (matilah aku kena carut promosi besday sendiri).

Oh well... life's too short. Celebrate every moment.

A little bit more update on Akademi Fantasia from 27 July to 2 August... word is it'll be shot in Melaka. And I've gotten word aku dijemput turut serta. Aiyo.. besnya... terharu aku. It will be the real reunion cause as far as I've heard, tenaga pengajar musim ketujuh pun akan turut serta (mintak mintak Ida da ok by then so she can join).

Ok... puas korang aku da update? Heh... nanti aku update agik la word on Akademi Fantasia punya reunion plans.

For now, aku still reeling from the whole trauma of realising the King of Pop is actually gone. But oh well... time to move on kan. Sadly enough... still keeping tabs on updates though.

Anyway, speaking of updates, korang still remember that I'm in the Ikea Go Clean Your Room Contest kan? There's more or less three days to go until the voting closes on 12 July, so guys, please.. PLEASE keep voting for me! If you have voted, mintak, paksa, pujuk, rayu kengkawan, keluarga and geng kat opis undi tuk aku.

Anggap pelaburan la tuk besday present aku sebab the results come out on 15 July, just two days before my 33rd birthday (is that a hint enough?). Ikea people take note too tau. Matilah aku leh hint sampai camtuh.

Apapon, sapa da lupa camna vote, or where to go, CLICK HERE for the 'step by step' guide.

As of 7.30am, here's the standings for now. Sapa yang tatau, erm... my entry is under my full name, Joseph Lee Cheng Kim tau!

Thanks for the push guys. For now aku leading... but it won't be that way for long, I'm sure. Keep voting ok?

Here's my videos, the before one that got me in the top 5 and won me RM2,000 for the makeover, and the after, which I cleaned the mess up four days later. Note I did NOT throw anything out like what appears to have happened with some of the other rooms.

And also, I kept storage visible, which was a challenge since I had SO MUCH stuff. Not to mention some of the other rooms were pretty empty to begin with, so no challenge for them there camtuh.

And my choice for the look was simple, comfy, and yet stylishly functional though minimalistic. One of the reasons for that pon was because I wanted to tayang my CD collection, which actually forms a feature wall of sorts in my room with the Billy bookcases. If you guys like it, vote for me so I can get RM5,000 to add on (selagi nak makeover bilik orang tua aku lak)



Now that you've seen that, VOTE HERE! (again aku pakai nama panjang aku, Joseph Lee Cheng Kim)

I gotta leave for the office now to do a little something. Esok ada meeting ngan producer nak bak jumpakan ngan talent J² for the first time.

Plans have changed quite a bit since last couple of weeks with all sorts of unnecessary drama, which brought a bit of delay. But now hopefully things will get back on track. Focus!

Ok.. got to run. Be blogging later. Nak rajinan diri hari ni pas hampir seminggu hibernasi dan ala ala dalam koma.