Wednesday, July 01, 2009 bored...

Hari ni rehatkan minda sikit. had to sort out some personal stuff. Thankfully by the end of the day I could afford to smile.No more personal drama.

Skang the only thing playing in my mind is how I'd like to be busy with work soon.

Memang banyak sangat nak wat.. but semua on hold for now.

Recording God willing will begin in a couple of weeks kalao everything ok. TV show lak tengah awaiting approval and go-ahead and budget. Meanwhile, bagik korang who know my work as an entertainent writer, yes, I am seriously considering going back into writing lepas setahun 'bersara' and writing occasionally dari masa tuh hingga Oktober last year.

So many things to do, I really have to brace myself for the upcoming schedule.

Anyway, my 33rd birthday is just a couple of weeks away, and I have some personal promises to fulfill before I hit the big double digits.

Entah how many jobs aku nak hold down, but like 50 Cent said, get rich or die tryin'! Matilah! Ni la akibatnya obses nak Hummer by the age of 40!

So come July 17, I expect to be broke for spending so much the last couple of months (preparation for the setting up of the company and all - and a few.. ehem... shopaholic sprees). Sapa nak hantar aku present, kecik ke besar, it's welcomed! Matilah mintak...

Tapi kan... I was browsing for some stuff I really wanted... simpan duit nak sangat beli. Sapa nak bagi hadiah, these would be good presents for me that would send me screaming like a 14 year-old girl getting to see Tommy Page or New Kids on the Block live - erm... that was the era where I had to put up with those types.

My wish list for my 33rd birthday on July 17 (probably will remain a wish list)

A Nokia N97... korang kalao lama da baca sini, mesti tau I was so hyped on the release of this phone. Oh the beauty of it! I want it bad! Nokia Malaysia! Gimme one!

And how about a HPPavilion dv2? I could use a new laptop, walaopon aku nya kira ok lagik. Everyone may have a dream Mac in mind, but I'd settle for this.

Or how about a Canon HV30 DV camera?

You got extra bucks? You do know my dream car is a Hummer kan? Well, any Hummer would do, but a 2009 Hummer H2 would be enough (don't fancy the H3s so much, tapi kalao bagik amik jerk)

Apapon... paling busuk, I hope for my birthday someone does give a flying f*ck. No I mean literally...

No I wasn't swearing. A flying f*ck is a remote controlled helicopter toy. It's a flying... erm F*CK. You can get it online HERE. Courtesy of the weirdos, I mean great people at ThinkGeek. Stuff there and TheGreenHead slalu ada the coolest stuff. And it's too badly priced too.

Alah... actually kalao ada orang ingat birthday aku pun cukup. At the end of the day, I have my family, my friends and my loved ones for another day pun da cukup.

Dahlah..cukup membebel sorang sorang nih. Nak tido...



huhu... so demand..
nokia n97 nyer function almost like nokia 5800 xpress music. just added slide keyboard + more web browse. tapi warna memang cun.

kan. dia nya slider tuh yang aku suka.and display...and memory! nangis!