Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Attention : Muhammad Hidayat

I've never done this before. But sebab ni based on special one time only offer gituh. Muhammad Hidayat take note!

This is from your mom, and you family! Watch this video first!

Ayat... your mom told me you working for a JPA scholarship to UK dan at the moment tengah wat A levels kat Kolej Damansara Utama.

So from your mom and dad, dan adik beradik ko, Mikraj, Siti Fatimatul Zaharah, Hanif and Abdul Rahman - everyone in your family and also me, Happy 18th birthday!

Pandai-pandai bawak diri, take care of yourself and work hard for your dreams, mate. And ko betol betol bertuah ada family camnih. Don't let them down. Do it for them, and for yourself. You a man now! So kena pandai pikul your responsibilities as one. Kuarga nun jauh tuh ingat-ingat meka selalu ok.


PS - Muckcheek, hope ni dapat kerinduan korang kat your son. Hugs!



Joe, i don't know how to thank you. This is very generous of you. At first i thought that u weren't serious. Even after sending u the pics n videos i still had doubts.

hi klubbkidd.... thx u very much.. for me.. this is the best b'day present that i ever had.... eventhough i didn't met u yet, i really think that u are really nice person. THANK U VERY MUCH!!! I hope that you will get success in every single thing that u do. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KLUBBKIDD!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Macam tak percayalah Joe. Anyway, infinity x thank you. May u be blessed with blue skies and everything nice everyday in your life.... tapi kena bangun pagi la tengok blue skies....hehehe

Muckcheek : ala apa sangat la. hish... it's nothing. you have a great family and it was no problem.

ayat : dengar betul2 apa your family cakap tuh! thanks for the birthday wishes too, and happy 18th! ps - aku serious ko tak belajar awas!!!! aku mai carik ko! huahauhauhauahua

klubbkid...t kasih siarkan b'day wish dari kami.

ayat...16 -18/7/09 ayah dan keluarga balik kampong melawat atok. kalau ayat nak hadiah datanglah hehehehe

Wahhhh..Mucheek,,,i'm happy u..hu2

for JOE n Ayat..happy besday!

nice layout aa JOE