Friday, July 31, 2009

Sometimes sorry doesn't seem to be the hardest word!

So Kosmo! ran an apology in yesterday's papers. I read it only in the evening. I mean, like really... would I rush to see what they've created?... I mean... written?

Here's what it said.

Keluarga Yasmin, Kosmo! mohon maaf
Pada hari Isnin 27 Julai lalu, Kosmo! menyiarkan satu laporan mengenai pengarah filem, Yasmin Ahmad yang baru meninggal dunia.
Laporan bertajuk Takdir Yasmin itu telah menerima pelbagai reaksi. Kosmo! prihatin dengan reaksi-reaksi itu.
Sebagai sebuah akhbat yang dekat dengan masyarakat, Kosmo! ingin meminta maaf kepada ahli keluarga Allayarham Yasmin, sahabat handai dan para pembaca yang tersinggung dengan penyiaran berita tersebut.

Now... I don't know about the family and cannot speak on behalf of them.

But as a friend, and fan, I am wiling to forgive and forget the whole incident. To err is human, to forgive is divine, Yasmin would have reminded us.

The question is - do Kosmo! get off scot free just ike that? After all - their aim of selling more papers were achieved through their little publicity seeking stunt. Is it a genuine apology, or a PR attempt to salvage their pride, if any, after everyone starting speaking out against their despicable action?

Called kak Fati and was told that the stand of the governing bodies of the advertising agencies on their one month boycott beginning 10 August on Kosmo! is not known at the moment.

I have word from those within Kosmo! itself that some staff members among journalists there, DID raise concerns over the horrendous approach they took in their previous story. AND YET they went ahead with it, without any reservations for the sake of sensationalism.

I mean come on - they skewed it to serve their purpose.

So can Kosmo! guarantee it will not happen again? Or will they apologise again if it ever gets too hot in the kitchen if and when they do this again.

Can the person responsible BE NAMED for the sake of journalistic integrity. Both the person who came up with the headline for the front page, and teaser, as well as the writer of the article on Page 2.

Can we be assured that action will be taken against them as a lesson?

And can the advertising bodies PLEASE continue their boycott of the paper for the promised month as a lesson that such insensitivity NEVER occurs EVER again in the future.

What do you think?

Before you answer. Let me just point out one thing about the apology.

Did they mention anywhere that THEY WERE WRONG?

Oh I forgot... they were just being a paper sensitive to the sentiments of the people they're so close too by saying that and they apologised to those who FELT offended. Big difference me thinks...

The apologised to those who felt 'offended'.

That's a big difference from admitting they were WRONG.

WRONG in not getting the facts right. WRONG in printing it. WRONG in sidelining their own journalists who protested against it before it made into print. And WRONG in playing a PR game.

It should have been an unreserved apology - and I hope they pay for it.

PS - Leaving Melaka. Will update on last day's activities there ASAP. Am wondering if Kosmo! if off the hook, how about the Kwong Wah Jit Poh story that did the same thing as Kosmo! Do they get off because we don't read Chinese characters?

PPS - People from Ikea called and said a magazine is interested in featuring my makeover in their magazine. Er... I didn't win did I? So why should I waste time doling out free publicity, pray tell? Panggil je pemenang korang rasa layak sangat tuh.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Melaka on day three... and some decent news

It's begun.

Friends of the late Yasmin Ahmad in the media and advertising industry are now beginning to make their stand known against Kosmo! as well as Chinese language newspaper Kwong Wah Jit Poh for their ridiculous and shameful act disrespecting her memory.

A letter drafted by current and former journalists protesting against that vile front page and article has been sent out to Utusan group chairman Tan Sri Hashim Makaruddin while a copy is expected to be sent to the Home Minister.

Read more at Rocky's blog by CLICKING HERE.

Meanwhile, that won't be the only repercussion of Kosmo!'s actions.

I promised to reveal it yesterday, tapi wanted confirmation first. Don't know when the official announcement will be, or if there will be one. But on Tuesday night I got wind of this, and yesterday night, confirmed with sources that this will indeed be happening!

The initial word was that the Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Malaysia's (4As), the Malaysian Advertisers Association and the Media Specialists Association (MSA) will be proceeding with a one month ban of a certain 'newspaper' (I use newspaper reluctantly because my respect for it, if any has dissipated with the recent event) beginning 10 August.

Will that mean they get hit where it hurts most with no ads? Their pockets? I hope so. Details as I get them - but I have no idea of how far reaching the impact of this move is at the moment.

Yang pentingnya, aku bersyukur, ramai mula bersuara to protect the memory of Yasmin, against those who try to cash in on a loss so felt by us all.


Mampu aku senyum sikit hari ni walaupun sibuk sikit, with time taken up for shooting of my scenes today. Reza and I had fun for our scenes, and while it was hot and tiring - tapi the environment memang best and we got two scenes done very fast.

Bebudak lain semua shooting their scenes for the Raya edition of Akademi Fantasia. Including the opening scene yang aku gelak. Si Adila especially was a riot.

Korang layan pics je la for now. Nanti aku balik KL, aku banyak video nak upload perangai bebudak ketika shooting sini. Ada je aksi gila meka nak pass time.

Guys, for fans of any of these kids, as usual, I allow you to copy and save pics nih for your personal collection. Tapi kalau nak tempek kat website, blog or forum lain, please pastikan jangan nak edit atau crop watermark aku, and have the courtesy to credit AND link me kalao nak pakai any of these pics.

Thank you in advance for being respectful of my ownership of the pics (awas sapa pepandai nak crop edit especially tuk blog blog yang nak kaut keuntungan dari hasil orang lain and laman kelab peminat yang memang kurang ajar yang berani buat)


Aduh... tiga orang ni.. wat sarkas lak atas basikal

Hafiz suka gila... asik wat aksi atas the bicycle jerk

Claudia one of the girls yang terlibat scenes hari ni

Aishah blur jap sebab terlampau focus hapal skrip

One for the album for Nana

Dah hapal skrip, snappy time

Tuan director si Irwan bagi directions kat bebudak for one of the scenes

Lepaking with Ecah

Ayie, Akim dan Atan - The A Club

Sidi ngan Isma dengar Dian cakap pe tah

Rempit in the making!

Pergh! Ska City???!!!

Reza sampai je hit the script

Kecoh pekan Merlimau

Hafiz dan Isma sempat tuh snappy (update Facebook a tuh!)

One of my favourite scenes

Cameraman baru? Atan ngan Irwan

All the boys (except me and cikgu Aris yang takde dalam pic) in the cast

By the time it started to get dark, everyone headed back for dinner - and more importantly a shower! Panas, berpeluh... lagik da letih.

The girls have the night off, sebab bebudak laki je ada scene malam ni. But budak pompuan semua kena bangun kol 7 pagik lagik esok. Merasalah!

The boys pas shower and a short rest after dinner, terus start script reading sebelom they worked it for the cameras until lewat malam.

Aku malas lepak malam ni sebab nak rush balik hotel nak mandi and rehat. Sempat la membuta jap to recover before nak update blog nih.

Esok only have to be on location late noon for another scene. But tomorrow is going to be a busy day because it'll be Akim dan Aril punya last day with the cast - so kena abihkan al their scenes - cause meka akan berlepas shoting kat Jakarta lak for the other series.

But it's going to be fun despite me predicting chaos sebab selain Reza gak esok, si Sarimah is joining us as well. Whoopie!

Meanwhile... I need to go out for a bite. Skipped dinner sebab keletihan sangat. Ni lak da cukup tidur, perut lak mengadu da. Aduh.. camna tak semain naik badan ni, pas makan sambung tidur lak lagik.

Until the next entry....

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Melaka - Day 2

Heard that there is supposed to be an announcement coming from the Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Malaysia's (4As), the Media Specialists Association (MSA) and the Malaysian Advertisers Association. Waiting for the official word if it materialises or not. Look out for that.

Kalau betul jadik, some people are going to pay! Or make that.. not get paid! Hope they come through with it as I heard. Until then, aku diamkan diri dulu untuk official announcement.

Yesterday was day two in Melaka. Aku takde pe pon sepanjang hari. So meanwhile lepak je la abihkan some work via email. Peningkan pala jap... and so on.

Lewat petang baru gerak ke location. They finished quite a few scenes today.

Masa aku sampai, semua tengah makan malam da. Joined them for dinner. Then si Aril dan Akim ada shoot kat kedai kat depan for their scene. Malas ikut.

Lepak layan bebudak lain. The rest of the girls, selain Zizi dan Aishah balik dulu sebab scene tak libatkan meka. Owh Siti Hajar pon ada sekali for her cameo appearance.

Yazid sempat nak KO jap, si Obri dan Sidi jamming jap

Zizi mai baru dak Yazid bangun!

Anak sapa entah ngan cikgu Siti

Comel dak Aishah ni

Later ada scene konon meka balik sembahyang terawih and all. Followed by last call shoot of the night - part musical mana si Akim nyanyi pada Aishah. Heh.. sapa lagik kan? Lagu apa? Korang tunggu je la time Raya hari kedua pagik masa tayang tuk layan.

By the way, sorry kalao pics blurry ek! Salah korang takde sapa beli DSLR tuk birthday present aku hari tuh. Heh... merasalah kena carut ngan korang agik.

Romantika Raya (kononlah... heh!)

Nak amik pic Aishah so easy

Si Akim? Ada je muka dia wat.... tengok lah

Last scene for the day

Hari ni tunggu si Reza sampai. Kalao everything ok, later today my turn lak. Aduh... malas nya. Nak tidur je... turning in for the 'night' (salah sapa kalao time camni baru nak tidur, kan?)

Will update if I hear any developments on the thing I mentioned above. Tak sabar!

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Melaka - Day 1

Aku memula nak update pasal nih. But given I wanted to highlight the last entry - I chose to hold it. Oh well... life goes on.

Kat Melaka nih. Sampai petang semalam lepas complete everything. Got some more good news. Syukur.

Apapun, sampai-sampai saja, headed to Merlimau.

Tujuan kat sini?

Shooting untuk Akademi Fantasia Raya special. Biasa la drama muzikal. Kali ni aku diundang bukan untuk wat liputan, but cameo - along with several others like Reza and Sarimah (lain not sure - patutnya tenaga pengajar lain pun terlibat, but kak Fati given the circumstances tak dapat participate.. and dengar one or two others couldn't make it)

So lepak ngan bebudak semalam layan scene meka. Yang takde cuma Hafiz, Akim dan Claudia yang belum sampai. Heard they'll be here tomorrow.

But it was still fun, and a getaway from all the things I left behind in KL, so ok lah. Walaopon ting tong sikit pala, tapi ngan perangai dan gelagat bebudak ni, ringan sikit la... it's time out to just chill and forget so much drama that has been going on since the pasing of kak Min.

Korang layan je la pics bebudak smalam.

Mood Raya... camna tuh?

Tuan director sibuk ngan keja

Bebudak letih... shooting can get tedious ok!

One of the scene dak pompuan

Time makan. Melantak sebab kebulur sangat memasing

Trivia : Rubisa wat apa tuh?

Mesyuarat tingkap

Pakcik Qhaud and cikgu Aris

Tak sabar nak settle for the night

Abih je, check in hotel kat bandar Melaka. Letih dan ngantuk gaban! And I haven't even done anything lagik. Camna tuh?

Oh well.. tomorrow will be better. Nak relax sikit... be posting more pics.

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