Monday, June 15, 2009

Worn out

Hari ni FINALLY the damn electrician came through.

The office is actually complete. The Astro, Internet and phone and fax lines all work fine.

Tengah kelam kabut drill sana sini bersepah bagai, our talent dropped by. Then the other J of J² dropped by dalam kesibukan and said we had to put a proposal for an event coming up. Rezeki... tapi punya la gila kelam kabut. Got the proposal faxed in just a little past the promised 5pm but the other party was cool with it. Harap sangat dapat contract tuh.

On top of that discussed some other stuff, then split ways gi lepak ngan Rudee.

Am serious whacked out tired. Kemalasan memblog menyerang. Bukan sebab nak memalaskan diri. Tapi kesibukan da bermula, blogging is a luxury now. Will have an entry a day as usual, but hope you guys pasal kelam kabut sikit.

Biasalah, orang baru mula berniaga. Sabau la sikit ek.

Nanti panjang lebar aku posting kang,