Monday, June 22, 2009

Staring at the mess I made!

Today has been a disconcerting day to say the least. Running late the whole day through no fault of mine, all my plans were screwed.

Finally made a few engagements, but sad to say... almost, it was another big delay looming.

I have the displeasure of letting you guys know the J² first artiste's debut single, will have to be pushed back a little further. Not too much. Maybe by two weeks, walaopon pada awalnya planning nak get things going in the studio this week.

Biasalah... bila da ada backer bagai, kena ikut cakap. But rest assured, aku yakin everything will be more than fine.

But tanak cakap bab tuh buat sekarang. Actually a lot of good things happening at the moment, tapi mungkin pala aku tengah stress pikir satu dua benda tak kesempatan nak get down to being thankful for so much.

One thing yang aku nak share kan, since last weekend was this. I first got word from Nuffnang, and officially from folks at Ikea. And finally this just came out in their official website HERE. Sapa lom tengok video entry aku for the first stage of the competition, sila layan.

Yes, you guys guessed it. Sapa kata bilik aku sepah tahap gaban, that I deserved to win the Ikea Go Clean Your Room contest, can now smile cause you guys were RIGHT! That's my name mentioned first!!!! (yes, yes, my full name is Joseph Lee Cheng Kim)


I now officially have one of the five messiest rooms in the country. Matilah... I don't know whether to laugh or cry. But because I won RM2,000 worth of Ikea shopping vouchers, I'll opt to laugh.

Yang pentingnya skang, aku esok nak gi collect the vouchers and plan my room's makeover. Sebab the next stage of competition will be where five of us, will be challenged to makeover and transform our rooms.

And the best wins RM5,000 worth of Ikea shopping vouchers. Aku nak!!! You guys think I can win? Nanti aku tunjuk korang my follow up entry ok.

Anyway, thanks so much to all of you, my lovely blog readers yang vote tuk aku cause that counted for part of the score (the other half came from the lovely folks at Ikea). Korang the best la. Kata aku confirm menang korang pastikan bebetul vote aku. Nanti undi aku lagik ok!

Apapon, sapa tunggu entry Pesta Malam Indonesia 3, sabar sikit agik ok. It's been so busy today, it's not funny. Esok pon another round. Paling awal pon aku Rabu je rilek sikit tuk nak update semua pics dan review thingie. Ok?

Oklah... aku nak gi tidur dalam bilik bersepah aku da. Good night all...



my fren also win which is mohd. nasrieq... tp i nk ckp bilik aku jauh lebih messy dr sumer ni. jauh lbhhh hahaha. mmg mnyesal sprh mati x send pic kt ikea..huhuhu

tahniah!!!! buat makeover cantik2 giler kay.. leh menang RM5k lak. giler best dpt voucher RM2k tu..

Wah....tahniah....... best kan....dapat reward....... hopefully joe happy selalu.....

congrats joe..wokeh2x..nanti vote lagi ye utk next round :)

Joe.....congratsssssss!!!! Waaaaa ni jealous nih! Huhu....all the best for the next round..

hahaha...joe penat taw vote ko..nanti mng pe lagi..belanje r..biaq aku wakil dak2 nih je..ekekeke

wow bestnyer
make over kasik meletoppp ok

huahauhuaa... tima kasih la semua. kalao aku dapat voucher rm5,000 aku bahagikan rm10 punya voucher tuk tiap pembaca sini ek? hueheuheuheue

ok... nak ke ikea nih. hauhauhaua

wahhh congrats joe. mmg ada chance menang 5000 ni. good luck.

tahniah mr Joe... happy makeover!



afundi lagi for d next round..huhu...

giler jeles nih.


kot2 nak bagi rm10 nye voucher pun da syukur kan,dapat beli soft toy ikea wat deco. boleh? ;p

boleh je! thanks so much for the wishes guys. misi aku 5000 sudahpun bermula!

Tak sabo nak tgk bilik baru Joe..haha..