Sunday, June 14, 2009


Tadik lepak ngan Faz, just having a Sunday at favourite chillout makan place Chilli's at 1 Utama. Jue pun ada skali. Didn't really do much, eat, ngumpat and temankan dia shop. Aku da insaf nak shopping wat sementara (tapi sempat nak beli a new bracelet thingamajig kat Forever 21 - motif?)

Malas nak blog pepanjang sebab pastuh lepak biasa-biasa je. Too lazy today nak blog pepanjang.

Just to inform you guys who love Faz. She's been nominated in the Shout! Awards No big deal, but if you guys think she deserves the Hot Chick Award she's been nominated for CLICK HERE and vote for her.

Tomorrow all hell is going to break loose, sebab electrician aku nak abihkan saki baki kerja yang tertangguh kat office. The Astro and Internet wiring and connections, as well as the phone extensions, a little bit of here and there to fix up and all. Also some other things to sort out.


Esok je la blog.