Sunday, June 28, 2009

Selamat pengantin baru, Ad and Suria

So semalam, my baby sis in Nikki got married to Audi. On the same day, a few hours later, a very close friend and a sis to me, Suria got married to Ad.

Aku petang tadi pas settle everything, headed to Kota Damansara. It was a private affair, family and friends je, and I'm glad Suria remembered me. Heh.. kalao tak, nahas la ko gurl tak invite aku kan!

I reached awal gila. Orang pon lom sampai masa tuh. So had a ciggy, and wandered about nak snappy dulu.

The sanding area in the garden. Nice and simple

The pelamin

Hantaran dari belah pengantin perempuan

Dah usha semua tuh, bored sebab no one around lagik, so temankan Suria yang tengah siap make up. Two hours ok, lepak borak nak pass time, tengok dia get ready.

What the.. erm.. the process of getting ready is never pretty...

Done! Yang tengah tu Sara, anak Suria while the other kid is Sara's friend


More and more nervous...

Trying to keep it cool

Full blown panic attack! (not really.. just made for a good caption)

Merasalah dia nervous abih! When it finally got to the time, escorted her downstairs and the ceremony begun. Sebab rumah kecik je and ramai family members and friends from the industry da sampai, aku pon menyibuk layan hantaran belah laki nak snap lak.

The nikah ceremony

Hantaran dari pengantin lelaki

I stayed outside for most of the ceremony. I don't know.. maybe weddings just bring out the worst in me. I love and hate weddings. I love them because so happy kalao the people I love finally found someone to share their lives with. I hate them when I get to thinking I'm alone. Oh well... dah la noya pasal someone time ni...
Erm... last last layan si Tam dan Tony dari Spider, Zain RuffEdge, Pojie yang jaga Nikki, and a few other friends kat luar.

Got back in nak snap some pics when it was done.

On the pelamin

The happy couple with another wedded couple. Mawi dan Ekin yang datang meriahkan majlis as well

Tam and Tony yang happy go lucky

M Nasir jadi wedding singer wo! Tapi yang very the kelas punya

Makan dan borak sat ngan kengkawan. Sorry la anyone yang aku tak sempat layan. Tade mood sebenarnya... someone on my mind. And dia pon... erm. Anyway.... when they started the performance, layan kejap tengok abang Nasir (sebelom tuh pot pet ngan kak Marlia pasal Michael Jackson agik).

Pastuh gerak balik rumah. Thinking how to do my Ikea entry for the RM5,000. My room is now officially complete!

Eh ok la.. need a few more hours sleep. Kena spend masa ngan family jap ari ni pastu nak ke zoo for gathering Gafim, kelab peminat Akim. Malam lak ada launch cafe Zahid, Nita and their friend.

Later peeps...



seriously i'm waiting for u mse kat zoo tadi..wuhu....but u tak dtg....
by d was amazing kat sana hari ni for d whole day....
akim was very nice, so do his family...
and he has a very good supporter, all d gafimmers....
akim best!...makin mantap vokal dia time nyanyi....

the wedding was a blast..tiring bt fun..didnt u take picture of Afdlin Shauki too?? n congrats to the two lovebirds...

miss hannan aku ada hal family. tak sempat.

angel, it was tiring. didn't know bang flin was there. left masa m nasir nyanyi after first song.