Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pesta Malam Indonesia 3

It's coming... it's coming....

Merasalah tetiba aku gila, entah apa yang coming, coming nih. I'm of course talking about Pesta Malam Indonesia 3 which is coming up in less than a week (by the time this entry is published).

Just a little more added info for you guys.

The event is organised by Fat Boys (Fat Boys, not frat boys... sounds like I can be one of them), who apart from Pesta Malam Indonesia, has also been responsible for the Rock The World series which has gone into its eigth instalment, as well as the Force of Nature event among many others.

And it's their second collaboration bersama dengan TM, specicifically with their iTalk brand, after last year's successful partnership. Buat yang tak tau iTalk ini prepaid call card yang kita boleh guna dari mana-mana handphone ataupun telefon fixed line dan boleh call local ke overseas murah je, tak payah tukar nombor telefon or anything.

And together, they've come up with a music festival to remember. Konsert akan bermula 3pm, but make the most of your tickets and drop by as early as 10am where the Karnival PMI3 kicks off. Local bands like Jinbara and Aku will on the site to meet fans. If you wanna meet the Indo bands that are performing, then be there to grab prizes which include backstage passes and a guitar worth more than RM1000.

Of course you already know the five big Indo bands performing, termasuk Gigi, Dewa 19, Padi, Sheila On 7 and Andra & The Backbone.

All that for just RM60, the price of the ticket which includes RM10 iTalk Mobile Dialer. ITalk mobile dialer ni pulak enabler ataupun medium untuk kita buat call ke mana-mana dgn kadar panggilan paling murah direct dari handphone kita…kalau takdak mobile dialer ni pun boleh cuma call connection tu lambat beberapa saat becoz ada IVR.

Kalao nak cuba nak dapat tiket percuma, lagi besh kan? So log on to the official site at http://www.hypp.tv and masuk the PMI3 contest to get tickets. Kalao korang join as a member, you get TWO free tickets as well as post party invites to meet the band.

So apa lagik. I'm going to be there for sure. Lepas tahun lepas yang the best, tahun ni aku pasti sure top tahun lepas nya (walaopon kurang kehadiran Samsons... tak abih abih aku ngan Samsons...)

Security is no issue, again. Like I said. Ignore racist idiots who make you think the place is going to be anarchy and chaos, konon flooded by Indo workers.

Last year, masa Sheila On 7 performed, a small group ada la wat kecoh sikit. But it died down as quick as it started without any incident thanks to the band itself yang masa tuh Duta dan Eross marah crowd terus meka dengar cakap. Heh... boleh gitu? Mak sendiri marah pon lom tentu dapat result instantaneous camtuh. On top of that, there will be adequate security, so worries about any crap happening.

And this year will definitely rock! Walaopon I think that this year's five bands is a smaller in number to previous years, Dewa 19, Gigi, Padi and Sheila On 7 without a doubt, are legends dah. If you haven't caught them in action before, you should. And if you have, then aku takyah cita lebih sebab korang tau their performance camna, and the endless hits in their repertoire.

Andra & The Backbone je aku lom tengok live, but aku tak sabar nak layan Sempurna live and see how they move onstage. Sayang kalao miss.

It's already mid 2009, and no concert has (or so far, will come close) to the Pesta Malam Indonesia 3 in terms of the sheer power of an Indo rockfest liek this, so cepat, get your tickets.

All the links YOU need for Pesta Malam Indonesia 3
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Fat Boys (organiser's official website)
Hypp TV (sponsor's official website)

PS - Check out the video promos by the bands below (Dewa 19 je takde)

PPS - Am so dead tired today. Full day of pre-pro for the single.



Always wonder when will our local bands will get the opportunity to do the same in Indonesia?

if they have the same commercial sellability. jual album negara sendiri pon susah nak laku camna...