Friday, June 05, 2009

Pesta Malam Indonesia 3

One of the best events I went to last year was the Pesta Malam Indonesia 2.

Gila, tak happening??!!! Ada Samsons dan Sheila On 7! Of course there were so many other acts like Ungu, Peterpan and Slank which are definite favourites in my book as well... and Dewi Dewi.

Tapi serious aku moshing gila masa Samsons dan Sheila sebab memang I know every song from them since gilakan meka dari zaman dahulukala (macam betul jerk)

If you guys read my past entry, you would know just how much fun it was. Walaopon ada yang kata venue ketika tuh kat Bukit Kiara Equestrian Park jauh dan tak kena, in reality, that is still one of the best spots to freak out. Nama pon pesta... kena la festival vibe sikit with wide open spaces and a humongous stage to kick things off kan. Do I even need to mention the kick-ass bands?

And the tickets were more than affordable, so masa tuh aku ingat agik kita turun berempat.

Walaopon pas opening number Dewi Dewi finished mula hujan, just before Samsons came on, takde hal! Semangat meka performing, honestly was worth getting drenched for.

Tengok je pics time tuh.

I stayed on almost to the end, tapi missed out on Slank who was last, sebab dah tak larat by that time. Serious... it takes serious energy to get down with the crowd. Energy running high the whole day... and night.

For those yang are wondering what the hey is Pesta Malam Indonesia, it's actually a music festival bringing together the hottest Indonesian acts on one stage.
The first was April 2006 with Dewa, Gigi, Padi, Ada Band, Cokelat, Ungu, Ratu and Ari Lasso.

The second was in August 2008 as mentioned with Dewi Dewi, Samsons, Sheila On 7, Ungu, Peterpan, Slank. Local guests were Hujan dan Meet Uncle Hussain.

This year on 20 June, Dewa, Padi dan Gigi will make a comeback on the PMI stage, sekali Sheila On 7 from last year, while Andra & The Backbone will be making their debut at the festival. Aku and Jinbara are the local guests.

I've caught a lot of Dewa's performances, so I know what kind of show they can put on. Ditto for Gigi. Read : amazing! Yang aku tunggukan kali nih is Padi sebab da lama tak nampak meka onstage sini, and also Andra & The Backbone (nak sangat layan lagu Sempurna).

And of course... Sheila On 7. Need I say more. Cue Wayne and Garth.. "We're not worthy.. we're not worthy!!!"

They came on after Samsons last year.. perghhh!!! Best gila!

Why the need for this long entry. Sebab aku nak party out this year without any bullshit.

Tiap kali ada je Pesta Malam Indonesia nih ada yang banyak songeh. Ramai rasa tegugat. Then some will talk about patriotism. Puh-lease la guys. We are Malaysian. Period!

Tapi music is without any geographical boundaries. So why limit ourselves. These acts are the best from Indonesia. Let's enjoy music as it is - in any form or language. So guys come on out and rock! Heh... promo sangat kan. Tapi aku memang hyped pasal Pesta Malam Indonesia.

Yang sapa nak kecoh pasal pekerja asing saja pergi, seriously... you need a head check. Last time I was there were helluva lot of Malaysian there enjoying themselves. Didn't make them any less Malaysians,just like it doesn't when you attend Avril, Linkin Park or even Stefanie Sun (matilah aku tetiba lari ke sana)

But seriously though, if you guys can make it, check the show out. It's a whole day event, so korang takleh cam aku. Learn to pace yourself or you'll burn out before the end of the night. I know sponsors TM will be opening their booths to promote their iTalk products. Tapi yang besh nya, beli dapat meet the bands, so more info on that opportunity later.

TM's iTalk is sponsoring the event for the second time after their affiliation with Pesta Malam Indonesia last year as well, if you guys are picking up tickets, you'll notice yang each purchase comes with a FREE iTalk Mobile Dialer. Tatau apa iTalk mobile dialer. Aiyak! Cara mudah to make cheap call using the prepaid calling card la, which is iTalk card. Dengan iTalk Mobile dialer ni..boleh buat panggilan terus dari handphone tau. Tak payah nak dial 1 800 lagi..

And if any of you have to ask.. yes, I am going. So expect tonnes of pics.Meanhwile korang layan these pics first.

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PS - Will add more on Pesta Malam Indonesia 3 soon!



i met you for the first time at PMI last year! hehe.. just said hye je lah. gila excited nak pegi lagi this year..

joe, mne latest pic from fazura?????

Wah pegi lagi yek this year?last year ada nampak tapi segan nak tegur..Mari meriahkan PMI3 beramai-ramai!