Sunday, June 28, 2009

One day in your life

Ok.. it's 4am and I still can't sleep. Won't... layan noya sambil Michael Jackson sings in the background. Yeap. I'm still in mourning. Walaopon malam tadik gi dua wedding, orang tanya je kenapa rambut aku da hitam balik (I dyed it back to black), aku kata gi kenduri arwah!

Ok so it's not funny. But then again, it was more fun to talk about Michael, and how great his music was. Seriously kan, I swear I think EVERYONE knows who Michael Jackson is around the world, no matter where you are.

Chatted with Vanessa and Vince about that masa wedding tadik pon. Anyhoo... divert jap since we're on the topic of Michael Jackson.

Came across this video. It's an old practise session recorded in 2007 of how 1,500 inmates of a Filipino prison in Cebu performed the Thriller dance. Word is they're performing the dance again, as a tribute to the family of the late King of Pop, which also includes Ben and We Are The World. Korang layan je video ni. Ni the original video which has been viewed more than 24 million times.

Ignore the rumours that these prisoners were forced to perform. Erm.. prison... remember? Anyway, yang pentingnya, whatever the motives or stories behind it, I think it's a good tribute to the King of Pop.

At least it's not this Indian version of Thriller(this is the original video by buffala on Youtube). Forget the local rip-off version kalao korang penah layan dalam bahasa Melayu nya. Tu ciplak haprak. Ni yang ori yang siap the 'translation' that made this video popular. Apapon, at least it proves a point. Anywhere in the world, Michael rules! Truly the King of Pop!

By the way.. we may not have the King of Pop anymore. But at least the Queen of Pop still lives on! Check this video out at 2:39 where a young Madonna performing Like A Virgin does Thriller!

Eh ok la.. panjang lak aku cita pasal Michael Jackson nih.

PS - Nak update pics Ad Samad dan Dangsuria nya wedding tadik, tapi lain lak jadiknya. Next entry!



One day in your life,
You'll remember a place,
Someone touching your face,
You'll remember me somehow...
Just call my name, and i'll be there

Still can't get over his death. Was literally glued to the tv set on friday night and the entire weekend watching all the news and tributes to MJ (baby daughter was pissed about not being able to watch her Playhouse Disney Channel macam biasa..heh). Gosh, he was my first crush..was only 8 at the time in 1983...tapi minat Michael Jackson macam nak rak, ada scrap book of all his pictures, watched his Thriller video siap dengan the making over and over, bought all his tapes, read his book. Have to confess that I was a little embarassed to admit I was a fan when he started becoming stranger and stranger..but would always rush to watch him whenever he's on television, because you know he'd put on a great show. Despite all the allegations (whether it was true or false will be between him and God now), you can't deny his talents and how much impact he had on the world. I feel like a part of my childhood has died with him...sedihhhhhh. Eh, siapa ingat mamat Michael Jackson yg auditioned for Malaysian Idol dulu tu? ;p

mihat... aku siap tengok balik video tuh, tapi tanak letak benda yang leh cacatkan our memory of MJ. mamat tuh busuk gila it wasn't even funny. dia siap audition AF6!