Tuesday, June 23, 2009

No stock?

I spent a good deal of my waking hours today (melampau tol statement... ok ok.. actually about four hours plus) in Ikea today.

Went to pick up my RM2,000 vouchers, and went to browse to plan for what my room makeover will look like. I want that RM5,000 as you can tell.

Tapi frust gak sikit hari ni. After hours of careful planning, and so on, trying to fit everything into the budget that the Ikea folks gave to the winners of the frst round in the showdown for the grand winner who gets to wak away with more Ikea stuff... RM5,000 worth... I hit so many snags.

One was trying to get pieces to fit into the colour scheme that I planned. Also to maximise each piece and item, it was a pain in the rear to slowly go over the catalogues, as well as browse different departments to pick my fave.

Sapa kata shopping seronok? Meletihkan ok! Aku rasa kaki aku cam nak patah. I went in, and out of Ikea like four times!!! Sebab by the time I got to the check out lines, I wanted to check stuff in the earlier spots. So kena U turn je keja.

The pressure was mounting. Sebab aku tau aku bukan orang pertama antara lima pemenang tuk pick up the vouchers, I knew somebody else had hours for a head start. Might not sound like much, but doing it alone, you end up very tired, and looking really psycho sebab cakap sorang, rationalising whether the piece you chose fits into the grand scheme of things.

In the end, aku da tak larat. I think about 8pm, I sat my ass down for a hot dog, half a dozen of Ikea's infamous currypuffs and a soft drink, while I planned things out. Siap lukis diagram dengan measurements. Matilah aku... shopping has become a science!

Drink, half a dozen currypuffs, a hot dog (extra mustard), RM2,000 worth of shopping vouchers, price lists, and a floor plan with measurements of my room. Amik ko!

But yes, there is a method to my madness walaopon aku shopaholic.

Bottomline? By 9.30pm, I walked out not very happy because the four hour planning was screwed because some of the smaller items takde stock. Staff sana kata kena tunggu tiga minggu kalao nak order.

Aiyo! I have over a week je ok! Siot jerk. Aduh... esok one more round of Ikea (make that several) before I finally settle on whatever decisions I make) Kena improvise the original plan.

Need sleep now. I need to simpan tenaga tuk esok lak. Sorry been busy guys and gals. Sehari dua nih je ada masa nak wat all this, so nak sort things out first. Be blogging as usual soon.



tak sabar nak tgk makeover bilik u. heheh itupun kalu u publish kat blog la. RM2K gila banyak. kena buat decision betul2 nak beli apa. i penah dapat vocer rm200. rasa mcm tak cukup je. heheheh ok selamat menshopping kan diri.

ko janji nak update blog ari2.aku tunggu joe! kalau tak kucarutkan nanti. eh, silalah ke blog. ada gmbr abang rambut merah!!! :D

*still jealous*


shopping sorang2 kan penattt.

mau tengok makeover result yo!

ok ok nanti siap aku letakkan. but memang rm2000 rasa tak cukup pon. aku nak makeover aku baet kalao 2.500 ke 3,000 ok. tapi takpe... aku cuba gak. korang tengok hasilnya kang