Friday, June 12, 2009

Ladies, can you rock?

Do you know who Debbie Harry is? Janis Joplin? Er... Joan Jett? Sheryl Crow?

Owh f*ck it... Avril Lavigne? Hah... tahu pun kan!

On the local front, maybe you've heard of Ella.. Abot... how about Candy?

A bonus for is if you've heard of Moonpools and Caterpillars and L7 and paling tidak pon Hole. The Cranberries? PJ Harvey? Or how about the new school of emo bands like Flyleaf, Firelight, Hey Monday, Paramore and Automatic Loveletter.

What do they have in common?

Women in rock!

The point?

Contact me if you you say yes to ALL these questions.
1. Are you 25 and below?
2. Can you sing (most people can, and as long as you're not tone deaf, you qualify)
3. Are you serious about music?
4. Do you love rock?
5. Can you play the guitar?
6. Are you female? (by birth yer, bukan jadian)

If you said yes to all six of my questions, hit me with a demo. Tak kisah quality. Just let me hear what you have to offer.

Kalao ada lagu sendiri, no matter how amateurish. Email me at with your stuff. If you don't think it's you I'm talking about, but know someone yang sesuai ngan kriteria aku sebut, get them to send me something ASAP!

Untuk apa? Adalah... ask me only if you get a positive reply from me. I'll tell you.

For those who may have your own Myspace or Youtube account with your work, or you performing that I can nilaikan, or maybe you've come across someone apart from Yuna or Zee Avi, share it with me so I can take a listen.

Tuh je nak tanya tuk hari ni. Heh... hari penuh dengan noya, dan berakhir dengan senyuman. Kind of.

PS - Do your best to spread the word. I need a response from you guys... erm.. girls out there.



I know Sheryl Crow, Avril LAvigne, Ella, Candy, Hey Monday, Paramore.

Answers to ur Qs :
1. Yes
2. I can sing but gile horror! hahah
3. No
4. Yes
5. No
6. Yes.

hahahahhahah! sorry Joe, i tgh bosan gile so rasa nak flood ur blog dgn comment i yg tak masuk akal nieh. hahaha. just for fun. i bosan! malas nak study! hahaha

i believe i still can kick it if you don't mind the age factor. damn i was tourin before avril was potty trained;)


hey rina! huahuahuahua... well me wanna bring back rock babes again! you be mentor to some newcomers lah.

Yess Rina you can do it!
I was in high school rasanya when your band made the limelight (chewahhhh). ko bagi lah dia can, Joe :)

Merujuk soklan ko, kalau aku cakap aku tak kenal sape Avril Lavigne, bolehhhh??

*larikkkk sambil humming Piece Of My Heart dan mengair-guitarkan diri dalam lrt, vley?*

alamak terasa i ni tua plak. ehehehe but aside from the real chick rockers i slalu tengok in the indie side of the industry... i haven't found much yg boleh dipanggil BAND la. (Yg dance and TRY to sync their mouths miming on stage tu pop tarts la hehe you know how i am about this la.) Ari tu ada some girl band hingusan yang obviously spent more time trying to LOOK the part than actually TUNE their damn guitars on stage. And setting pun tak buat. Ada lah boys layan, cos they're all lil so-called punk rockers la. Tapi basic things pun tak tau buat, vocals were just as sampah as the quality of lyrics... I had to walk out or get on stage hahaha just sharing a bit of what you might encounter.
Come to think of it... kalau band betina bengap tu lawa maybe boleh distract from the musical equivalent of a UTI.
So careful ah... jgn terpedaya ngan minah jenis poyo cam ni. They can get quite convincing. Until they actually have to perform. hahahah I wish I knew the name of the group. But they're THAT forgettable - a feat for a rock chick band kan?
Sigh. I DO miss playing tapi problem with women is that they'll get married. And pregnant. And rocking will have to end. hahaha gua dah terlajak story. sorry hehhehe but do let me know - I migh be able to help.

sri ngntuk giler. the typing is atrocious but yeahm gumme a a call ok. Rock on!


hey babe. i will. look for one for me. you know be better than that to be deceived by looks.