Wednesday, June 10, 2009

J² is J Squared

There are several things I really hate.

F**king pariahs who comment maliciously and very anonymously on my blog (sebab takde telur nak ngaku sapa diri meka), my sayang's stupid friends yang amik kesempatan dia... and idiots in a movie yang pikir mak bapak meka nih own the f**king cineplex.

Semalam gi layan Blood : The Last Vampire on the invitation from Nuffnang. This is not exactly a movie review. It could have been had I not been annoyed by some idiots yang obviously tak penah gi panggung wayang in their lives.

All the shouting and whining I can take... before the movie.

But once filem da start tuh diam la.

Ni tak...

The idiots sitting next to me, sat either crunching some popcorn or whatever he could find with his mouth open, so loud, it was unbearable. Takpe... tuh aku diam lagik...

Tapi barisan depan aku tuh, comprising of one dyke-like bitch and her friend, a fat (I can say fat, and it's non discriminatory sebab aku pon plus size.. matilah!) retard with glasses with the thickness of a lab microscope, a nerdy dweeb with a bad haircut and a balding f**kface Ah Beng yang seemed to get overexcited about every scene and siap bagi commentary on every scene memang mengundang malapetaka!

Sakit hati betol. Berapa kali aku naik kaki nak sepak pala mereka after politely shushing them didn't work. Sekali dua orang tegur cara baik tu, Shhhh...., paham bahasa la. Kang panggil p*k*m*k sentap lak...


Dah lah movie ni based on anime, so throw out the laws of logic lah. Just enjoy it. It's popcorn fare. But nooooooooooo.... they offered a very loud, analysis of the movie as according to the handbook of f**ked up geeks. Assholes! Blow by blow commentary tuh kalahkan director's cut special DVD commentary. Pastuh cakap pada tahap panggung sebelah pon leh dengar...

Eeeee... panas hatinya! Aku paling pantang tengok wayang camni...

Thanks Nuffnang for the invites, and to the organisers of the event, lain kali aku memang tanak gi screening camni kalao every Thong, Dev and Harith invited. Tak kuasa pening pala with all the loud yapping orang bodoh tak paham bahasa menggangu time kita nak enjoy movie.

But anyway, if you guys love anime (if you've seen the original Blood I think you'll love this) or the whole manga expression, this is a definite must watch.

Korang layan je la trailer nih... and catch it in the cinemas.

PS - J² is now official and registered!



mmg teruk ok some malaysians dalam wayang.mmg sakit hati kadang2 rasa nak sepak je muka sekor sekor.dgn bisingnye, dgn tak reti silent phone, siap boleh answer call borak borak wat the fuccccckkk.

sori aku emo sebab baru kena gak dlm wayang.

i will watch blood. love the anime and saya

I feel you! Org mcm are aloof and ignorant! Cinema staff should take some action! Let us watch movies in peace.