Monday, June 01, 2009

It's Monday and I'm going shopping

You read right. It's Monday and I'm going to Nilai to pick up some stuff. After delaying the trip for days now, hari ni sebab da cukup rehat, and aku pun takde apa nak wat hari nih, am leaving in a short while to shop my ass off. Again.

Seb baik da cukup tidur. Kalau tak seriously malas.

Semalam dapat inspiration sikit masa dinner gathering kengkawan kat rumah Sarimah. Yes, girl.. rumah ko gave me some ideas.

My sis and I, new residents of Mont Kiara gituh, joined Sarimah and a few friends for a dinner get-together, makan makan and borak-borak kat umah dia semalam. Lepak pon sampai hampir 3 pagik. Matilah!

Malas nak snap pics sebab tak bawak camera. but did use my phone to capture the thing I love most about Sarimah's place. Her cat! Here's Miss Molly.

Zzz... eh?

Ok.. you need to take the camera out of my face...

I mean NOW!

Look here you damn papparrazi! I mean it!

Don't mess with me!

Arghhh!!! Papped again!!!

I'm outta here!

So in the end I was left trying to take a picture of the view from the balcony. Look! It's KLCC.. somewhere far off. Matilah aku carut!

Ok la.. gotta leave home now. Nak gi beli barang...