Monday, June 29, 2009

Ikea Go Clean Your Room - UPDATE

Finally, I'm done!

You guys have been waiting for the transformation... and after a shopping spree and a three days worth of spring cleaning on my own, my room is finally well... clean!

Heeding Ikea's call about three weeks ago, I decided to Go Clean My Room - for their.. uhm Go Clean Your Room Contest in conjunction with their Storage Weeks promotion which runs from 28 May to 12 July.

Well, at least I was hoping for the incentive of RM2,000 in shopping vouchers from them as one of the finalists, and earn the title of one of the five messiest rooms in Malaysia so I could really have some budget to play with.

I got it - thanks to all of you who voted for my video and the lovely folks at Ikea), and in summary, went for two days back to back to Ikea and took day one to survey prices (that would fit into the budget), and items, that would fit into my grand scheme of things.

The grand total? RM1,999.80. Siapa yang baca mesti dah tau. Just 20 sen under the budget. Wish had more, but I think that's just the shopaholic impulse in me.

You guys saw this - how much I spent

So what did I get? I hope my competition doesn't get an idea of my look, but here's the breakdown. Note I also go an Ikea carrier bag in support of Ikea's greening efforts by not dishing out plastics as they used to.

And this is the breakdown of what I bought

Won't elaborate further on what I've gotten, but I bet the Ikea folks can figure out my look. Sort of anyway. All I'm saying is, I'm going for clean, simplistic and edgy. Something that will be minimalistic, and yet stylish that will reflect my personality.

Anyway, sat myself down, after everything was delivered and did over a dozen hours or so (not including a one hour break) from noon to midnight to get everything in order.

That was the first day. Day two, with music from Michael Jackson playing in the background as a tribute to the late King of Pop (while hugging my Famnig Hjärta - the red heart pillow with arms that gives so much comfort, that everyone has), I continued, storing everything that now has a proper home.

These include of course my precious 2,000 plus CDs (again, definitely a lot more.. just can be bothered to count. Also not to mention books, magazines, lots of clothes (over 30 jackets, over 150 jeans, over 200 t shirts etc). Sounds impossible? I nearly gave up during the first twelve hours for sure...

Day three was just rearranging things to my satisfaction and dusting and wiping stuff just for the final touch. Nak puaskan hati betul-betul.

So just a fresher, this was my entry for the Ikea Go Clean Your Room Contest. Remember how my room looks - or LOOKED. Because it's way different now.

My direction for the room?

Since I'm always busy, I want simple comforts of everything having a place so that it's easy to figure out where something is when I need it. Also it has to be pleasing to the eye.

My room is average sized, meaning too small for a claustrophobic like me. So I had to find ways to enhance the spaciousness since before this, I had barely any room to walk.

Still, I don't want my room to just 'look nice'. Realistically, I don't have the time to clean up that often, so everything has to be functional with minimal attention.

My shopping took into consideration eye catching products, which really fit the concept of Ikea's items, that take up only the necessary amount of space, and yet blend into room to create an easy atmosphere.

And I think I've finally gotten my dream room. It's simple, cosy, and yet has a chill out feel, enough for me to just kick back and relax while surfing the Net, doing some work, or simply reading or taking a listen while relaxing.

I combined the the stuff I got with several pieces of Ikea pieces I already have in my room. which is one basic metal shelf, a rattan hamper, a plastic storage unit, a side table and two table lamps.

Now... hopefully it's good enough for the RM5,000 worth of vouchers grand prize. I have other rooms in the house to makeover as well.

PS - Will let you guys know what the result is like soon! Check out Ikea's site HERE on 3 July to see my entry. And VOTE FOR ME!!!



motif kentang????? huahauhauhaua

good luck to u. make sure u do a good makeover convincing enough to WIN the RM5,000 :)

Let us know once we can vote!!!

Anon : i will.. hope you guys vote me ok.