Monday, June 29, 2009


Nur Fazura Sharifuddin was acquitted

KUALA LUMPUR: Actress Nur Fazura Sharifuddin, who was charged with hurting a housewife in a bar in 2004, can now focus on her career.

The prosecution yesterday withdrew its appeal against the magistrate's court's decision to acquit her of the offence.

High Court judicial commissioner Zainal Azman Ab Aziz allowed the prosecution's application and upheld magistrate Aizatul Akmal Maharani's decision, made on Sept 22 last year.

Deputy public prosecutor Mazelan Jamaludin said the withdrawal was made after considering every legal aspect and the testimony of witnesses.

Nur Fazura, 26, pleaded not guilty to a charge of causing hurt to Geraldine Mariana Wong, 34, at the Luna Bar, Pacific Regency Hotel and Apartments, Jalan Kia Peng here about 1.20am on Dec 19, 2004.
The prosecution called four witnesses and the defence, three. Nur Fazura was represented by Fakhrul Azman Abu Hassan.

The actress, who won the Malaysian Film Festival's Most Promising Actress award (2004), said she could now go on with her life and career.

"I'm glad this case is finally over."

This was taken from the New Straits Times report out in print in a few hours. Memang siang tadi, Faz gi mahkamah, which I knew about to have the official word on the statusof the case she won, but was appealed.

So it's finally over. and she can get on with her career. Tak payah orang nak bukak cita nih lagik, because the court has found her NOT guilty!

Yes, there is such a thing as justice.

Apapon, expect her career to have all the stops pulled out pasnih. Tadik pon jumpa Faz lepak kat Hartamas nak borak pasal a few things. Nothing too serious.

Oh by the way, sapa tanya pasal status blog Faz, give it until next week, and she will start blogging on her own. Nak curi masa ajar dia wat sendiri so she can update regularly.

Not much to blog about today. Malas nak amik pic.

By the way, for those yang nak tanya, no, last Sunday aku tak sempat join gathering kelab peminat Akim kat Zoo Negara. Tahniah GAFIM on the event.

By the way, pada peminat Akademi Fantasia, I got word that the reunion concert will not be on 25 July as speculated by some, but on Sunday 26 July instead in Kuching, Sarawak. May be involved, but not sure of anything at the moment. The recording for rumah terbuka will after that, sometime beginning of August.

Eh... esok je update. Actually ada benda nak meroyan. But tunggu je la...



bila nak jumpa akim nih! huhu

faz sungguh cun la skang ni...suka!

fazura ...cute ...with or without makeup..... ukhusss..... nak jadi comel gak..... tanya dia...apa rahsianyer

betuul ker konser renion pd 26/7
nakk comfirm kann jerr
coz derrrr frenz nakk nakk booked ticket flight