Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Rick Astley - dead? The Star Malaysia gets suckered... I mean Rickrolled!

Am on the way to Hard Rock Cafe for the launch of Disagree's album. Got a message from a friend. Apparently, The Star flashed this piece of news to its subscribers via SMS. The original link - CLICK HERE (update - this was removed roughly at 3.30pm. Guess someone from The Star realise they were duped!)

1980s pop icon Rick Astley, 43, found dead in Berlin hotel room

BERLIN: Known for his 1980s pop hit Never Gonna Give You Up, 43-year-old Rick Astley has been pronounced dead Tuesday.

His body was found at the Angleterre Hotel in Berlin after an ambulance responded to an emergency call from his hotel room.

Astley was found unconscious in his hotel bedroom and was unable to be resuscitated. He was pronounced dead on the scene.

Astley was in the middle of a concert tour that would have ended in late August of 2009. He was to return to the United Kingdom at that time. -- AP

While it claims its news source from AP, a search on AP's site revealed no such news. This site claims that the news initially was flash on CNN's iReport. Seeing that the site flashes user submitted, unedited news, it's supposed to be fake, Here's one of the news flashes on the site - CLICK HERE.

According to a user on the site,Rick Astley left Berlin about a week ago, and his last show was in Norway and he was to head from there to Denmark. So why Germany is anyone's guess. According to his website too, apparently he is NOT and has a total of one show scheduled for all of July. The original iReport about this was also supposedly removed from the website.

So this points to a hoax. Which brings us to :
1. Why didn't The Star check on this before flashing it.
2. Why are there people circulating rumours of death. It's just not funny.

PS - Rick has 'died' before. Last year. Watch the video below dated August 2008. Why are there people intent on killing him off???

PPS - In conclusion - the news that Rick Astley is dead, is as true as as the Michael Jackson autopsy report. Boo!
So for fans of any of these people - Rick Astley, George Clooney, Miley Cyrus, Natalie Portman, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Jeff Goldblum, and Lil Wayne. They're all alive and kicking and are just victims of neverending death hoax jobs. You would think a reputable news agency would verify stuff like that before flashing it... oh well..

Monday, June 29, 2009


Nur Fazura Sharifuddin was acquitted

KUALA LUMPUR: Actress Nur Fazura Sharifuddin, who was charged with hurting a housewife in a bar in 2004, can now focus on her career.

The prosecution yesterday withdrew its appeal against the magistrate's court's decision to acquit her of the offence.

High Court judicial commissioner Zainal Azman Ab Aziz allowed the prosecution's application and upheld magistrate Aizatul Akmal Maharani's decision, made on Sept 22 last year.

Deputy public prosecutor Mazelan Jamaludin said the withdrawal was made after considering every legal aspect and the testimony of witnesses.

Nur Fazura, 26, pleaded not guilty to a charge of causing hurt to Geraldine Mariana Wong, 34, at the Luna Bar, Pacific Regency Hotel and Apartments, Jalan Kia Peng here about 1.20am on Dec 19, 2004.
The prosecution called four witnesses and the defence, three. Nur Fazura was represented by Fakhrul Azman Abu Hassan.

The actress, who won the Malaysian Film Festival's Most Promising Actress award (2004), said she could now go on with her life and career.

"I'm glad this case is finally over."

This was taken from the New Straits Times report out in print in a few hours. Memang siang tadi, Faz gi mahkamah, which I knew about to have the official word on the statusof the case she won, but was appealed.

So it's finally over. and she can get on with her career. Tak payah orang nak bukak cita nih lagik, because the court has found her NOT guilty!

Yes, there is such a thing as justice.

Apapon, expect her career to have all the stops pulled out pasnih. Tadik pon jumpa Faz lepak kat Hartamas nak borak pasal a few things. Nothing too serious.

Oh by the way, sapa tanya pasal status blog Faz, give it until next week, and she will start blogging on her own. Nak curi masa ajar dia wat sendiri so she can update regularly.

Not much to blog about today. Malas nak amik pic.

By the way, for those yang nak tanya, no, last Sunday aku tak sempat join gathering kelab peminat Akim kat Zoo Negara. Tahniah GAFIM on the event.

By the way, pada peminat Akademi Fantasia, I got word that the reunion concert will not be on 25 July as speculated by some, but on Sunday 26 July instead in Kuching, Sarawak. May be involved, but not sure of anything at the moment. The recording for rumah terbuka will after that, sometime beginning of August.

Eh... esok je update. Actually ada benda nak meroyan. But tunggu je la...

Ikea Go Clean Your Room - UPDATE

Finally, I'm done!

You guys have been waiting for the transformation... and after a shopping spree and a three days worth of spring cleaning on my own, my room is finally well... clean!

Heeding Ikea's call about three weeks ago, I decided to Go Clean My Room - for their.. uhm Go Clean Your Room Contest in conjunction with their Storage Weeks promotion which runs from 28 May to 12 July.

Well, at least I was hoping for the incentive of RM2,000 in shopping vouchers from them as one of the finalists, and earn the title of one of the five messiest rooms in Malaysia so I could really have some budget to play with.

I got it - thanks to all of you who voted for my video and the lovely folks at Ikea), and in summary, went for two days back to back to Ikea and took day one to survey prices (that would fit into the budget), and items, that would fit into my grand scheme of things.

The grand total? RM1,999.80. Siapa yang baca mesti dah tau. Just 20 sen under the budget. Wish had more, but I think that's just the shopaholic impulse in me.

You guys saw this - how much I spent

So what did I get? I hope my competition doesn't get an idea of my look, but here's the breakdown. Note I also go an Ikea carrier bag in support of Ikea's greening efforts by not dishing out plastics as they used to.

And this is the breakdown of what I bought

Won't elaborate further on what I've gotten, but I bet the Ikea folks can figure out my look. Sort of anyway. All I'm saying is, I'm going for clean, simplistic and edgy. Something that will be minimalistic, and yet stylish that will reflect my personality.

Anyway, sat myself down, after everything was delivered and did over a dozen hours or so (not including a one hour break) from noon to midnight to get everything in order.

That was the first day. Day two, with music from Michael Jackson playing in the background as a tribute to the late King of Pop (while hugging my Famnig Hjärta - the red heart pillow with arms that gives so much comfort, that everyone has), I continued, storing everything that now has a proper home.

These include of course my precious 2,000 plus CDs (again, definitely a lot more.. just can be bothered to count. Also not to mention books, magazines, lots of clothes (over 30 jackets, over 150 jeans, over 200 t shirts etc). Sounds impossible? I nearly gave up during the first twelve hours for sure...

Day three was just rearranging things to my satisfaction and dusting and wiping stuff just for the final touch. Nak puaskan hati betul-betul.

So just a fresher, this was my entry for the Ikea Go Clean Your Room Contest. Remember how my room looks - or LOOKED. Because it's way different now.

My direction for the room?

Since I'm always busy, I want simple comforts of everything having a place so that it's easy to figure out where something is when I need it. Also it has to be pleasing to the eye.

My room is average sized, meaning too small for a claustrophobic like me. So I had to find ways to enhance the spaciousness since before this, I had barely any room to walk.

Still, I don't want my room to just 'look nice'. Realistically, I don't have the time to clean up that often, so everything has to be functional with minimal attention.

My shopping took into consideration eye catching products, which really fit the concept of Ikea's items, that take up only the necessary amount of space, and yet blend into room to create an easy atmosphere.

And I think I've finally gotten my dream room. It's simple, cosy, and yet has a chill out feel, enough for me to just kick back and relax while surfing the Net, doing some work, or simply reading or taking a listen while relaxing.

I combined the the stuff I got with several pieces of Ikea pieces I already have in my room. which is one basic metal shelf, a rattan hamper, a plastic storage unit, a side table and two table lamps.

Now... hopefully it's good enough for the RM5,000 worth of vouchers grand prize. I have other rooms in the house to makeover as well.

PS - Will let you guys know what the result is like soon! Check out Ikea's site HERE on 3 July to see my entry. And VOTE FOR ME!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Selamat pengantin baru, Ad and Suria

So semalam, my baby sis in Nikki got married to Audi. On the same day, a few hours later, a very close friend and a sis to me, Suria got married to Ad.

Aku petang tadi pas settle everything, headed to Kota Damansara. It was a private affair, family and friends je, and I'm glad Suria remembered me. Heh.. kalao tak, nahas la ko gurl tak invite aku kan!

I reached awal gila. Orang pon lom sampai masa tuh. So had a ciggy, and wandered about nak snappy dulu.
The sanding area in the garden. Nice and simple

The pelamin

Hantaran dari belah pengantin perempuan

Dah usha semua tuh, bored sebab no one around lagik, so temankan Suria yang tengah siap make up. Two hours ok, lepak borak nak pass time, tengok dia get ready.

What the.. erm.. the process of getting ready is never pretty...

Done! Yang tengah tu Sara, anak Suria while the other kid is Sara's friend


More and more nervous...

Trying to keep it cool

Full blown panic attack! (not really.. just made for a good caption)

Merasalah dia nervous abih! When it finally got to the time, escorted her downstairs and the ceremony begun. Sebab rumah kecik je and ramai family members and friends from the industry da sampai, aku pon menyibuk layan hantaran belah laki nak snap lak.

The nikah ceremony

Hantaran dari pengantin lelaki

I stayed outside for most of the ceremony. I don't know.. maybe weddings just bring out the worst in me. I love and hate weddings. I love them because so happy kalao the people I love finally found someone to share their lives with. I hate them when I get to thinking I'm alone. Oh well... dah la noya pasal someone time ni...
Erm... last last layan si Tam dan Tony dari Spider, Zain RuffEdge, Pojie yang jaga Nikki, and a few other friends kat luar.

Got back in nak snap some pics when it was done.

On the pelamin

The happy couple with another wedded couple. Mawi dan Ekin yang datang meriahkan majlis as well

Tam and Tony yang happy go lucky

M Nasir jadi wedding singer wo! Tapi yang very the kelas punya

Makan dan borak sat ngan kengkawan. Sorry la anyone yang aku tak sempat layan. Tade mood sebenarnya... someone on my mind. And dia pon... erm. Anyway.... when they started the performance, layan kejap tengok abang Nasir (sebelom tuh pot pet ngan kak Marlia pasal Michael Jackson agik).

Pastuh gerak balik rumah. Thinking how to do my Ikea entry for the RM5,000. My room is now officially complete!

Eh ok la.. need a few more hours sleep. Kena spend masa ngan family jap ari ni pastu nak ke zoo for gathering Gafim, kelab peminat Akim. Malam lak ada launch cafe Zahid, Nita and their friend.

Later peeps...

One day in your life

Ok.. it's 4am and I still can't sleep. Won't... layan noya sambil Michael Jackson sings in the background. Yeap. I'm still in mourning. Walaopon malam tadik gi dua wedding, orang tanya je kenapa rambut aku da hitam balik (I dyed it back to black), aku kata gi kenduri arwah!

Ok so it's not funny. But then again, it was more fun to talk about Michael, and how great his music was. Seriously kan, I swear I think EVERYONE knows who Michael Jackson is around the world, no matter where you are.

Chatted with Vanessa and Vince about that masa wedding tadik pon. Anyhoo... divert jap since we're on the topic of Michael Jackson.

Came across this video. It's an old practise session recorded in 2007 of how 1,500 inmates of a Filipino prison in Cebu performed the Thriller dance. Word is they're performing the dance again, as a tribute to the family of the late King of Pop, which also includes Ben and We Are The World. Korang layan je video ni. Ni the original video which has been viewed more than 24 million times.

Ignore the rumours that these prisoners were forced to perform. Erm.. prison... remember? Anyway, yang pentingnya, whatever the motives or stories behind it, I think it's a good tribute to the King of Pop.

At least it's not this Indian version of Thriller(this is the original video by buffala on Youtube). Forget the local rip-off version kalao korang penah layan dalam bahasa Melayu nya. Tu ciplak haprak. Ni yang ori yang siap the 'translation' that made this video popular. Apapon, at least it proves a point. Anywhere in the world, Michael rules! Truly the King of Pop!

By the way.. we may not have the King of Pop anymore. But at least the Queen of Pop still lives on! Check this video out at 2:39 where a young Madonna performing Like A Virgin does Thriller!

Eh ok la.. panjang lak aku cita pasal Michael Jackson nih.

PS - Nak update pics Ad Samad dan Dangsuria nya wedding tadik, tapi lain lak jadiknya. Next entry!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Here comes the bride...

Got up late tadik. Bayangkan... nak keluar plan dalam kul 1pm. Kira I have time for a slow drive lah ke PJ. Merasalah bangun 1.50pm! Damn! By the time I was ready to roll pun da kol berapa.

Eh.. cup! Nak clear benda sikit. Arituh gi makan dengan someone. Biasanya nak gi makan nih, sebab kengkawan semua beragama Islam, memang biasakan makan tempat yang sesuai. Tapi biasalah.. belah malam nak cari makanan sedap... tomyam je la jawabnya. Kalao tak, kena mamak.

So ajak la orang tertentu tuh gi makan at this halal Chinese food place. Kalao korang nak try, it's in Brickfields. Seberang jalan dari balai polis je (sebelom KFC kalao heading towards KL). Nama tempat tuh Merdeka I think.

Here's what we had.
Ginger beef

Tofu with oyster sauce

Kangkung belacan

Fishball soup

Sweet and sour chicken

All in, it was about RM50 for two persons inclusive of drinks. Ok gak harga dia. Korang gi try. Seriously when it comes to halal Chinese food, this place has the most authentic taste I know in town.

Heh.. saja nak share that sebab asik tak sempat update bab tuh. Very short take je.

Sambung cita.. where was I.

Owh.. yeah. Nak gi PJ. For Audi and Nikki's wedding. Atas jemputan Audi (which I would have gone anyway - but due to him insisting.. katanya... heh!) I wouldn't miss their wedding for the world. I mean, Audi is a friend, and a damn straight up no nonsense (ok forget I said that.. banyak la nonsense dia) and Nikki is my baby sister.

Sapa baca blog aku dari berkurun lama dulu would know. I first made friends with Nikki bila dia jejak KL tuk shortlisted 100 plus hopefuls for Malaysian Idol. Pastu aku bersama ngan dia sampai la the whole thing was over, dan carikkan label yang leh jaga dia. And the rest is history.. panjang kalao nak cita.

But to shorten a story... yes I love her as my baby sister, and I think Audi is the best man for her. So when I arrived kat gereja St. Francis Xavier, the ceremony had started so I decided to stay at the back.

At the end of it, Jac and Vince gave a damn awesome performance. Or so Vanessa and I thought. Mengumpat la kita kan.. merasalah dalam gereja pon nak mengumpat. Heh!

Can I get an Amen?!

Maya and Steven

Jac had her Mia Farrow look going on!

Abang Bad and Diddy pon ada

Celeb ke? Ala ala la.. si Hakim dan Lin

Vince and Vanessa

Ramai sangat kengkawan datang, courtesy of the people Audi had worked with. Even Ning was there with Chris, tapi tak sempat snappy cause they had to rush off.

When it was over, malas linger about. So went and did some errands. Aduh.. pastu rush lak ke Kota Damansara for Ad Samad and Dang Suria's pernikahan and sanding. Nanti je aku post those pics up.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Rest in Peace - The King of Pop and Charlie's Angel

Hail to the one and only King of Pop

By Thy resurrection from the dead, O Christ, death no longer hath dominion over those who die in holiness. So, we beseech Thee, give rest to Thy servants in Thy sanctuary and in Abraham's bosom. Grant it to those, who from Adam until now have adored Thee with purity, to our fathers and brothers, to our kinsmen and friends, to all men who have lived by faith and passed on their road to Thee, by a thousand ways, and in all conditions, and make them worthy of the heavenly kingdom.

Charlie's real angel

Am very sad... not to forget the late Farrah Fawcett, but the passing of Michael is something that has me in shock. Not since the death of Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopez of TLC have I felt like this.

Michael was the reason why I listened to music initially.

I remembered listening to the song Ben when I was in pre-school, a few years after the movie came out on freaking RTM. And when Michael evolved, I followed his career.

Leh ingat agik ayah akuke kedai video nak sewa horror movie. Me and my dad love good horrors. He picked up Thriller. Big mistake.. not for me though walaopon ayah aku sumpah ranah kenapa zombie tuh menari. Me... I loved it!

At the height of the child molestation scandal, I went all the way to Singapore, walaopon tahun exam nak tengok dia live. I cried when the show I went to was called off because he was suffering from extreme exhaustion. I couldn't stay sebab time tu SPM.

Few years later, he came to KL tapi aku tak dapat pergi sebab time tu baru start keja, duit nak gi konsert takde.

And now, he's gone. Am so sad... rest in peace Michael. I love you, and you will always be my idol, no matter what unkindness followed you through your life.

May God have mercy on your soul, and may you have a place in Heaven for the joy you gave so many through your God given talent.


As for Farrah... I remember watching the original Charlie's Angels and loving her hair to bits. Ingat lagik zaman tuh bertimbun majalah mak aku, paling aku puji farrah Fawcett. She was an icon and the ultimate pin up.

Today really sucks... we're all dropping like flies. It's the end of the world...

Can't help it... listening to Man In The Mirror over and over again. So sad... can't stop tears...

Gone too soon...

And for all fans of Michael.. let's join together and mourn the passing of a real legend.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


It's middle of the night. The transformation is almost done.

Ikea guys supposed to come between 1pm and 3pm, tapi kol 12.30 tengahari aku tengah nyenyak tidur, terjaga tetiba. Rupanya delivery awal! Sial jerk tau. Tak sempat aku nak pindahkan barang-barang aku keluar dari bilik.

Akibatnya? Chaos lak! Apa lagik...

Almost welve hours later, it's almost done - except the Lack shelf came crashing down. Matilah!

I also have bloody feet from broken glass (akibat terpijak botol yang pecah dalam proses pemindahan) as well as allergies from the dust. The hazards of making over your room when it's not time for spring cleaning. Well... if kalao that much dust, then it IS time for spring cleaning.

Too lazy and tired to blog. Esok je...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Things that go BUMP in the night

Still up updating this entry sebab aku nya senses working overtime again. I keep hearing bumping sounds from the house next door... which is empty.

Aku risau kalao orang nak rompak ke apa je. Tapi dari dulu aku mesti dengar sound effect pelik pelik nih, tapi *knock on wood* tak penah jadik benda tak elok.

Kebelakangan nih aku tak dengar dah sangat. Tapi malam ni, time 'biasa' tuh ada je bunyi ketuk ketuk lah, benda bergerak di seret lah... ada je lah. Oh well.. kalao non-human aku tak heran sangat. Yang aku horror kalao benda yang hidup je. Serious, aku risau sangat orang nak pecah rumah melalui rumah sebelah yang kosong.

Lain dari tuh... jangan munculkan diri depan aku (walaopon aku sedar kehadirannya) da cukup.

Trying to sleep after a very tiring day kat Ikea. Yes, stage 1 of my mission is accomplished da! Shopping is done with, and I have selected the pieces for my room makeover. I finally got some help from staff yang bijak sikit (bukan yang semalam yang blur tuh - yang walaopon baik tapi memang kurang sifat). In fact, thanks to the guy in the wardrobe department for putting together my invoice without any hassle. And he did it within minutes after I presented him my list. Somebody give him a raise for making shopping at Ikea actually what it's supposed to be. Yang semalam nya mamat tuh, dekat setengah jam tetap nan ado result.

Won't show you what I bought or tell anything more what I'm going to do. Risau masih ada yang sempat dari kalangan empat orang lagi pemenang yang going for the grand prize nak curik idea. Heh! Tapi yang pentingnya, voucher RM2,000 yang aku dapat... this is how much I spent.

Tuh dia! Under the budget by 20 Sen je. Aku maximise tahap cipan!

Honestly, wish had few more hundred Ringgit, but oh well. Aku tak cukup nak dapat several other storage units yang memang kena ngan apa tema aku nak, but what I have pun kira ok la. Tunggu je nanti ek tengok hasil.

Plan nak tidur rumah Mont Kiara malam ni, tapi sebab tetiba budak delivery Ikea kata nak hantar furnishing bagai semua tengahari kat rumah kat Klang, so decided to just head home. Malas nak rushing siang esok lak. So cancel la swimming tuk sehari lagik sebab masuk je perabut semua, harus la sampai tengah malam aku nak kemas dan susun semua.

Trying to get to sleep early sebab anticipate hectic sebab esok. but can't. Sempat gayut ngan my other sis, Suria.

Yes, for your information, Dangsuria Zainurdin memang confirm akan kahwin ngan Ad Samad. She invited me to the wedding baru je. So happy she remembered me. I love Su like hell. She's helped me through some rough emotional patches and we both keep each other's secrets. Start kami rapat zaman masing-masin buat liputan kes berita Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim dan Reformasi sometime in 1997 onwards.

Su, congrats, and Ad, take care of my sister tuh ok.

Atas permintaan pasangan pengantin aku takleh bagitau tarikh, tapi kang langsungkan da, you will definitely see pics here, so no worries - cause aku wouldn't miss Su's wedding for the world (dulu yang first pon aku gi - heh!)

Sebut wedding nih, aku total four weddings this week alone. Matilah...!!!

Tired just thinking about it. Ignoring the sounds and trying to get some sleep. Night all...

PS - Selain dari budget RM2,000 I managed to spend a little bit myself (walaopon da janji tanak beli apa barang lagik) for the office. Tengah pikir bilik pon, da alamg-alang kat Ikea... tergatal tangan lak. Aduh....!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

No stock?

I spent a good deal of my waking hours today (melampau tol statement... ok ok.. actually about four hours plus) in Ikea today.

Went to pick up my RM2,000 vouchers, and went to browse to plan for what my room makeover will look like. I want that RM5,000 as you can tell.

Tapi frust gak sikit hari ni. After hours of careful planning, and so on, trying to fit everything into the budget that the Ikea folks gave to the winners of the frst round in the showdown for the grand winner who gets to wak away with more Ikea stuff... RM5,000 worth... I hit so many snags.

One was trying to get pieces to fit into the colour scheme that I planned. Also to maximise each piece and item, it was a pain in the rear to slowly go over the catalogues, as well as browse different departments to pick my fave.

Sapa kata shopping seronok? Meletihkan ok! Aku rasa kaki aku cam nak patah. I went in, and out of Ikea like four times!!! Sebab by the time I got to the check out lines, I wanted to check stuff in the earlier spots. So kena U turn je keja.

The pressure was mounting. Sebab aku tau aku bukan orang pertama antara lima pemenang tuk pick up the vouchers, I knew somebody else had hours for a head start. Might not sound like much, but doing it alone, you end up very tired, and looking really psycho sebab cakap sorang, rationalising whether the piece you chose fits into the grand scheme of things.

In the end, aku da tak larat. I think about 8pm, I sat my ass down for a hot dog, half a dozen of Ikea's infamous currypuffs and a soft drink, while I planned things out. Siap lukis diagram dengan measurements. Matilah aku... shopping has become a science!

Drink, half a dozen currypuffs, a hot dog (extra mustard), RM2,000 worth of shopping vouchers, price lists, and a floor plan with measurements of my room. Amik ko!

But yes, there is a method to my madness walaopon aku shopaholic.

Bottomline? By 9.30pm, I walked out not very happy because the four hour planning was screwed because some of the smaller items takde stock. Staff sana kata kena tunggu tiga minggu kalao nak order.

Aiyo! I have over a week je ok! Siot jerk. Aduh... esok one more round of Ikea (make that several) before I finally settle on whatever decisions I make) Kena improvise the original plan.

Need sleep now. I need to simpan tenaga tuk esok lak. Sorry been busy guys and gals. Sehari dua nih je ada masa nak wat all this, so nak sort things out first. Be blogging as usual soon.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Staring at the mess I made!

Today has been a disconcerting day to say the least. Running late the whole day through no fault of mine, all my plans were screwed.

Finally made a few engagements, but sad to say... almost, it was another big delay looming.

I have the displeasure of letting you guys know the J² first artiste's debut single, will have to be pushed back a little further. Not too much. Maybe by two weeks, walaopon pada awalnya planning nak get things going in the studio this week.

Biasalah... bila da ada backer bagai, kena ikut cakap. But rest assured, aku yakin everything will be more than fine.

But tanak cakap bab tuh buat sekarang. Actually a lot of good things happening at the moment, tapi mungkin pala aku tengah stress pikir satu dua benda tak kesempatan nak get down to being thankful for so much.

One thing yang aku nak share kan, since last weekend was this. I first got word from Nuffnang, and officially from folks at Ikea. And finally this just came out in their official website HERE. Sapa lom tengok video entry aku for the first stage of the competition, sila layan.

Yes, you guys guessed it. Sapa kata bilik aku sepah tahap gaban, that I deserved to win the Ikea Go Clean Your Room contest, can now smile cause you guys were RIGHT! That's my name mentioned first!!!! (yes, yes, my full name is Joseph Lee Cheng Kim)


I now officially have one of the five messiest rooms in the country. Matilah... I don't know whether to laugh or cry. But because I won RM2,000 worth of Ikea shopping vouchers, I'll opt to laugh.

Yang pentingnya skang, aku esok nak gi collect the vouchers and plan my room's makeover. Sebab the next stage of competition will be where five of us, will be challenged to makeover and transform our rooms.

And the best wins RM5,000 worth of Ikea shopping vouchers. Aku nak!!! You guys think I can win? Nanti aku tunjuk korang my follow up entry ok.

Anyway, thanks so much to all of you, my lovely blog readers yang vote tuk aku cause that counted for part of the score (the other half came from the lovely folks at Ikea). Korang the best la. Kata aku confirm menang korang pastikan bebetul vote aku. Nanti undi aku lagik ok!

Apapon, sapa tunggu entry Pesta Malam Indonesia 3, sabar sikit agik ok. It's been so busy today, it's not funny. Esok pon another round. Paling awal pon aku Rabu je rilek sikit tuk nak update semua pics dan review thingie. Ok?

Oklah... aku nak gi tidur dalam bilik bersepah aku da. Good night all...