Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Petang tadi gerak ke KL. Malas sebenarnya nak redah ke bandar yang memang slalu jam. Tapi dalam malas sebab dah janji sana sini, merajinkan diri gak tuk ke launch Anak Wayang di mana contestant semua diperkenalkan. Amik ko wat kat Starhill, smack dead center of town. Ouch!

I arrived when it had started (malas sampai awal dok melangut jerk), so was in the thick of things when I made my way through the crowd that had gathered.

Alamak! F**k!!! Someone f**king forgot to mention to me it was a coctail event! Matilah ko aku setakat pakai t shirt and jeans! Damn damn damn! Very the tak sesuai nak dibawa majlis.

But masa aku sampai, bebudak Popshuvit tengah perform as guests, and somehow, suddenly I didn't feel so out of place. In fact, in a hall full of stuffy penguin suits, it was kind of cool... in a reject, sore thumb kind of way. Oh well...

Nampak ramai sangat kengkawan... seronok. Decided to park myself near Fauziah Nawi pas salam dengan Umi, who is honestly one of the most respected local actresses in my book.

Dalam lepak ngan dia, and also Vanidah who was with hubby Rashidi, when I heard ada orang cakap, something along the lines of "sombong, tak tegur" or "tak nampak kita".. something like that. Turned around. Alamak!!! Camna leh tak perasan... kak Marlia and abang Nasir ada.

Needless to say pastuh terus stuck stuffing hors d' oeuvres that passed by while borak ngan abang Nasir talking about the music industry. Abang Nasir is one of the people I so respect in this business, and while sometimes our views on things are different, it is good to listen to experienced men like him (not just people who claim to know it all but nan ado yang berlambak in this line) who have been through it all and take something from it to learn.

Talked about my business... syukur lah abang Nasir pun bagi galakkan.

Reza, Marlia and Nasir


Actually some people have asked me... what exactly is it that you're going to do now that you've finished with Akademi Fantasia.

Well, guys, camni cerita. I have spent a total of 12 over years writing for both The Sun and The Malay Mail, as well as contributed to magazines and websites, and online portals etc.

So somehow, while I know I'm going to miss it (am missing it like crazy da actually), am opening an outfit with my business partner(s) (mungkin ada seorang lagi masuk).

Why and what am I going to be doing.

Ok... let me put it this way. After all this time, I think, among my peers, I have proven I can roll with the best. I have learnt so much from experienced journalists in news and entertainment and thankfully am recognised by my peers in just slightly over a decade. So now, on to the next challenge.

I think I have hit my max point, so now it's on to something else... though one day... I may just make a comeback in this field. Though it won't be the same scenario, that's for sure.

The company I'm co-starting up is basically going to function as consultants for every imaginable thing in the entertainment industry. So far, scriptwriting, PR work, image consultancy, programme conceptualisation, events... you name it, we do it. I decided against specialisation sebab aku nak kalao leh, we offer the wealth of experience amassed from based what my partners and I have gone through in this business.

Am not in the business to hob-nob or socialise je. But two big reasons. One, to hopefully bring a difference in the direction we offer and secondly to make big money lah of course. Heh! Of course lah. You think live on fresh air (which is so nan ado nowadays) and sunshine kah?

Yes, am also venturing into recording. I can't say much at the moment, but I am lucky to have people from all disciplines in the business - producers, songwriters, lyricists, arrang, eventsers, musicians, graphic designers, videographers, photographers, make up artists, fashion designers - among the many friends I've amassed in the time I worked in this business.
And yes, they have all basically thrown their support to prove that sometimes... glitz and glamour alone isn't enough.

When it comes to creative bodies of work, ramai sangat orang baru dalam industri kita nih yang nak break in, find it so hard. I've always scouted for new talent in every field, and this time, I am going to recruit them to offer a platform to boost their status so they can show - despite the financial setback, in comparison to their experienced peers ataupun their lack of experience, there is something they can offer.

So tuh yang sebenarnya dalam perancangan. Sebenarnya kenapa sangat dalam perancangan simple je. I have been advised tarikh yang sesuai untuk membuka bisnes nih. Bukan leh main boh. Am lucky to get the 'advisor' to one of the head honchos of a big company to settle that for me.

So tuh je sebenarnya delay. Waiting for that date. Set up is not going to be big... but God willing, we have financial backing yang will help us realise several big projects - the moment they come through with discussions.

Hah... hope that clears things up.

Ok back to Anak Wayang (ceh jauh lari). I think we spent about three hours lepaking there, sebab fun abih with all friends there. Apart from Popshuvit, Stacy and Aril pun perform and then the 25 contestants who will begin their journey in the show paraded in.

I don't know how they will do sebab tak dapat tengok lakonan mereka, but here's hoping the show will be great.

Eh banyak membebel, nih layan some other pics sat.


Faz and Vee... hot hot hot!!!

Another awwww.. for another romantic couple

My OLD mentor (matilah aku) Zainal Alam Kadir... my former editor

Sambil lepak ramai-ramai, perasan someone dari jauh. Mmm... cam familiar. Tapi ingat pelanduk dua serupa. Squint sana sini... erm.. betul rupanya. Si Akim. Dia gi shopping ngan Nana nak beli baju (biasalah photoshoot semua bersepah so kena prepared)

Masa tuh event pun da done with, so dia pon lepak skali jap sebelom rushing off meeting pasal recording (erm... no komen bab nih... tunggu cita selanjutnya).

Join pening pala sebab kita casual padahal orang lain suit je Akim?

Relaxxxxx... aahhhh!!!! (nampak what you had for lunch Akim! - heh!)

Got back really tired. Sebab singgah lepak with Sarimah, Jo and Juan.

Updated and sent out some emails. Ni nak tidur. The next entry I post... is going to be from a surprise location.

Erm.. kalao jadik... it will be from an island! Tunggu!



apsal ko wat bisnez artiste management since ko ada experience in working with those parties - artiste / event comp / press... & u're good with that..!ok perrr...

eh lupa lak.....
ps- comei nyer akim!!! :p
pss - kak v amat hot!
psss- faz alwaysss stunning!
pssss- i loveee z. alam! :p

Joe...Best of luck. Hopefully, you will be able to 'shine & sparkle'in the industry. Anyway, keep writing and update us..At the same time dapat tengok ko punya fashion rambut terbaru..ha..ha..

cantiknya vee!!! padan sgt suami isteri ni. i like!!! alah apsal joe x amik gambar stacy?hmmm...

yeahhhh...ada gambo AWOK..thanks JOE...hu2

Joe....lately ni chekdee lihat photo awok ....hmmm....dia makeup banyak...tak macho lah .....Joe boleh sampaikan pesan pada aril .... suka dia lebih relax dengan rambut ayam bulu terbalek..tak apa...asal jangan makeup lebih dah jadi cam pompuan pulak....heheheheheeheh

pls ya joe

Joe....lately ni chekdee lihat photo awok ....hmmm....dia makeup banyak...tak macho lah .....Joe boleh sampaikan pesan pada aril .... suka dia lebih relax dengan rambut ayam bulu terbalek..tak apa...asal jangan makeup lebih dah jadi cam pompuan pulak....heheheheheeheh

pls ya joe


akim! har har ko tersilap ahh

rilleks ja ko ngan dress up ko.

sama ah ngan joe ni.


Saya lebih suka Aril natural shj tanpa make-up. Nampak lagi cute! Lebih macho gitu!

betoi la..
KJ pon xsukeeee tgk aril mekap tebal..hua2

hohoh giler argh penuh dengan artis.. vee look so stunning...

memang romantik couple marlia musa dengan m.nasir tu..

Awok - no make up please. His skin is so fair. Please advise Awok to get rid of those powder & eye liner.

Imej yg sesuai dengan Awok masa dia nyanyi dengan Estranged. Focus on that image.


Love you Aril,

Joe.....all the best in yr new ventures...

Vee...stunning as usual...
Faz....4ever gorjes...


Aril....yup...agree...minimal makeup plseeee!!!

Thnx Joe!

Joe, takde gambar masa Aril perform kat Starhill ke?

I hope that whoever dresses Aril will tell him that he is cute just plain natural. Make-up kurang sesuai. Nanti orang salah anggap.