Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Konsert Akhir Akademi Fantasia 7 (Part 7)

Here's the next batch of photos. It's the sideshows that we saw during the concert. The first lot is the Top 20 yang tak make the cut. I thought it was nice that they got a chance to perform on the stage they so wanted to be on... tapi wish they actually had prepared more for their performances.

This could have been their chance to prove that someone made a mistake in not selecting them, but none of them, personally, convinced me that anyone made that error in judgement.

Still.. for sentimentality... ok lah. Here's Ab, Amik, Kelana, Faezah and Cabby. Yang sorang agik nan ado.. for reason not known.

What I thought was really touching for me.. and probably for anyone yang betul-betul follow musim ni, is the performances by the eliminated students. Aku memula ok je masa Adila nyanyi... but towards end of her slot, berkaca mata. Teringat minggu pertama mereka... aduh!!!

Tapi dalam emo sempat gelak Obri wat lawak. And all of them... including Rini, Zizi, Rubisa, Sidi, Qhaud and Aishah semua best. They have show improvements since their departure... that I wish some of them could have made the final. If you noticed I missed one name... sebab aku nak bagi kredit kat Claudia for her performance of Suralaya Dalam D Major which was... oh my... let me put it this way. It hit a nerve... and aku terus... erm... you get the picture.

No matter what anyone says.. at the end of all this... all of us are going to miss them.

Abih emo jap... layan Stacy yang wat Gagap dan Pakai Buang. I like!!!

Last two pics is a bonus. Ni pic banner terbesar dalam stadium malam tuh belonging to peminat Aril. Besar bagak siot!

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Dear JOe

rasa sebak tgk budak2 yg tersingkir ni perform, n yes Claudia's performance was soooooooo good...tq for d pics ya...

Joe...you are right about the 5 eliminated out earlier. Memang performance diorang OUT. I agreed with the Top 14 chosen by production. Maybe Amik a bit better than Obri.

agree with u joe. among the participants yang dah terkeluar, claudia top them off !!!

giler kencang!

obri masih buat aku geli sebab...ntah la body gesture dia selalu over

sidi pun aku tak bleh blah la. he should have been the 1st one yang keluar rather than adila

Helo JOE..

xsabo nak tgk pic aril n akim kat klia..hu2..

giler byk pic u amik ye joe..
KJ biasalah..nak amik sikit..thanks..

gambo bagak si ARIL nih spai skang x loading lagik..aiyak

pada saya cabby & ab not bad... i prefer them compare to rini & obri. lgpun drg x bpeluang blajar kt akademi... even aishah pn still x perform bagus sgt wpun dh 8 mgu blajo kt akademi... the best performances goes to claudia, qhaud & zizi...

i rasa lagu2 utk pelajar tersingkir jauh lebih mghiburkan compare to 5 finalist... esp yazid... poor yazid jd mangsa...

but the top great performances of all goes to STACY!!! dialah penyelamat malam tu... really..

Qhaud rock kapak zaman dulu2, x leh masuk. Btw im so proud of all of the students tht had been eliminated bcause diorang nampak confidence gila and they sang greatly. Im proud to be one of the fans for AF7! Yeah, after AF2 second best AF7 :)

I miss diari and the students :((

Dear Joe, I hope that you will always keep us updated on Aril and Akim here at your blog. At least, for the next one year, if not forever! *wink*

It would be nice to know how they are doing, what they are doing, and how they are surviving in the real world.

Thanks for a great 10 weeks of updates!

Dear Joe, for how long are Akim and Aril going to be in Indonesia?

When is Trek Selebriti on Aril showing on TV?