Saturday, May 30, 2009

Jangan tegur fast nanti furious

I didn't know what to use for a title, so went with something really stupid.

Hari ni plan nak ronda bagai nak complete kan shopping. But somehow, didn't feel like it. So kira to be continued and decided to spend the whole day in the sweet air-conditioning of my room, enjoying a lazy Saturday.

Played some games (Myspace - Mobsters, Facebook - My City and Car Madness) as well as layan some old school Age of Empires. Matilah... Dozed off and woke up at night. Aiyo... camna nih.

Just thought I'd spend the night watching some movies. So caught Jangan Tegur finally after tak sempat nak ke panggung nak layan.

With all the hype, sebab kuar berita MPV David siap langgar mati orang lebih sebulan lepas, dalam senario ala ala pembukaan cita nih, I wanted to see the 'cursed' movie and see how good it is. After all... aku nih suka horror. Lagik seram, lagik besh nak layan sorang tengah malam.

And honestly, it wasn't bad. Except for some really horrible parts.

The storyline was ok, but I guess it was trying too hard to weave into the mode of a murder cum mystery supernatural thriller so bad, that it just seemed contrived.

I enjoyed some scenes, but if you're a horror fan, you can expect most of it. Which puts you off, when the sound effects they use is pretty cheesy. Sampai jam jatuh nak takotkan orang pon, blast this screaming... konon bagi takut ngan sound la. Aduh... bingit ada lah.

Acting by Julia Ziegler was uhm... scary! Scary not as in a frightening horror movie sense, tapi just scary cause you have trouble believing she actually did try to act for this movie. Entah kenapa cam tak kena segala lakonan dia. I loved Ellie though, so that's a plus point. And si Azri pon ada which made it watchable.

Apart from the sound effects which turned me off, I really didn't like the references, or more like blatant rip-offs from very obvious great horror movies cam Exorcist (the possessed, speaking in multiple voices, cuts on face and blue), and various other Korean and Japanese films of the same genre.

Using some of the techniques is fine, but kelakar bab bomoh tuh campak entah aper, ala ala scene Linda Blair getting a dose of holy water in Exorcist. Aiyo... so salah.

But still enjoyed the movie. I loved the lighting, which is always an issue dalam filem seram tempatan yang overdose. The make up effects were quite above par for a local production as well and helped bring alive the story.

So not too bad la. Tapi aku kelakar satu je.

Tengok moka Julia Ziegler kena make up jadik wanita dirasuk, teringat time aku wat costume Halloween. The time I went as Kurt Cobain last year, with a bullet hole from my neck to the top of my head. Except I'm no professional and it took me only an hour.

Julia - and me, myself and I as a smoking Kurt Cobain zombie masa Halloween

Some impressive details to the techniques used by the special make up effects person though. Reminded me that I forgot details on lips. Heh... Tapi contact lens tetap sama. But use of prosthethics dan liquid latex nak achieve the effect of cuts is rather amateurish still. Matilah!

All in all.. entertaining. Not as silly as Congkak (the worst horror movie EVER!... so D grade). Hope this is a right step for local horror movies.

Pas abih layan Jangan Tegur, layan lak Fast & Furious 2009. The fourth part is more like the second in the series sebab the original cast ada with Vin Diesel and Paul Walker reprising their roles.

All in all, not as good as the original, but way better than the crappy 2 Fast 2 Furious and Tokyo Drift (though the cars in Tokyo Drift were flashier).

It was so-so la.. kira worth a watch. What made it made watching was the Nissan Skyline GTR R34 and the Subaru Impreza WRX STI Brian drives. And oh, the Ford Grand Torino. Merasalah minat keta katanya.

Pastuh da bosan ngan movie sebelom tidur layan box set Mind Your Language. Motif? Saja... nostalgia tengok series ni kat RTM dulu.

Argh... esok nak continue pindah rumah. Got a call from the fiurniture guys. Barang-barang confirm hantar hari Rabu. By end of the week the office should be ready. Tak sabar...



hi joe..That halloween makeup last year u makeup sendiri ke? COOL!! :)
Btw, nanti leh laa take photo of ur new office k.. hehehee
Take care...


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