Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Gempak Selebriti Astro

Nak lari dari posting Akademi Fantasia jap.

Two weeks ago, you guys know I headed down to Johor Bahru, my favourite stopover - with all my friends kat sana. Seronok ok turun sana. Meriah! Merasakanlah, aku yang anak jati Merah Kuning nih terus mengaku anak Johor nih sebab selalu enjoy when I get down there (ampun Tuanku, I still love Selangor... tanak dibuang negeri!)

Anyway, hajat turun masa tu was for a special reason.

Malam tu tak jadik sesi dengan pelajar-pelajar Akademi Fantasia, and just communicated with Hafiz a bit to pass the message on to the others to wish them all the best, and I'd see them on Saturday during the concert.

Gerak dari Akademi, terus shoot straight for Johor Bahru.

Liberating ok nak drive alone for three hours! Seriously, everyone needs to do this some time. It clears your mind for some serious alone time with nothing but your favourite music on (aku ada 'road mix' aku where I play only my favourite road trip songs) to avoid getting bored (merasalah karaoke dalam keta!) Yes, if you passed some weirdo lip-syncing away that night on the highway, that was me)

Eh tak sebut lak apa niat aku ke Johor kali ni for an overnight trip.

Simple je. For Gempak Selebriti Astro kat Plaza Angsana on Saturday AND Sunday.

Tapi sayang, aku stay sampai dekat pukul 5 petang je hari Sabtu, and then had to make a move back to KL sebab have to be at Konsert Akademi Fantasia minggu kelapan (tuk tengok Claudia dan Aishah meninggalkan Akademi - sodih gila time tuh)

With only half the day (less actually sebab gi Plaza Angsana for lunch ngan Azly whom I lepaked with my time in JB), managed to catch several hours of activity gak ler.

Mak aih! Packed!!! Merasalah da memacam aktiviti (sukaneka pon ada - lama tak dengar perkataan nih) and it was really trying for a claustrophobic like me.

Tapi, aiyo.... apa lagik. Sesi ramah mesra la sempat hi hi bye bye ngan kengkawan.

Seronoknya being in this industry is watching friends working and still being entertained by them - even as a fan. Plus event camni tuk aku - while for fans is a meet and greet thingie, tuk aku is playing catch up with those yang kekadang takde masa nak jumpa.

Let's see who was there. There was Ning Baizura (can you say DIVA - meletops) as well as the Fantasia family (Idayu, Edlin, Fitri, Hazama, Noni, Nora, Fitri... did I miss any names) dan ramai lagi. Owh lupa lak Reza (tapi dia ni kira Era family da skang kan)

Spotted ikon Astro, si adik Alycia Norman Sabri, dan Tok Wan.

Woot! Spotted Farid, and Lisa Surihani skali (da artis eksklusif Astro mestilah ada kan!) Merasalah Aaron Aziz pun ada.

And of course, my mentor in this business selama ni (kertu dah tapi still going strong katanya dengan lagu tema Show Must Go On by Queen berkumandang in the background) - Zainal Alam Kadir (boss!!!)

So I missed Fitri as a cheetah (erm... that takes too much explaining - credit to Ning for the pic), or my former co-star si Farish (matilah penyesalan teramat wat Gaia). Sempat catch a bit of the stage show (sebab takleh lepak lama takut leka sangat sampai KL lambat)

Gosh.. what else did I do there?

The whole Hannah Montana is a little too Disney Channel (read : young - not me)

Had a go at the Sports area with PS2 before moved on to Wii at Fun and Disney areas just for a laugh.

Ok, just for a laugh, biar let me recap the booths there. Erm.. there was the movie themes ones, (HBO, MAX, StarMovies), the 'fun' section (Nickelodean and Cartoon Network), sports (ESPN, Star Sports, Astro Supersports, Golf Channel, EuroSport), the family area (Astro Ria, Oasis, Kirana, Zee etc), learning (Discovery, National Geographic etc) and Disney (doesn't this belong in fun?).

By the way, check this out. On the second day of the event, there's lunch sessions with the artistes involved in GSA where you can get to meet the stars. Just log in to Gempak 09 and be among the lucky 20 subscribers selected.

Aduh... letih banget by the time was on the move back to KL for the Akademi Fantasia concert. Tapi yang pentingnya - the next Gempak Selebriti Astro event, I get to spend a whole day lepaking there je, sebab it coincides with the Akademi Fantasia final!

Make a date tau, at Bukit Jalil on 16 May from 10am sampai 10pm.

Thanks Azly and also kengkawan yang joined up masa lepak kat Plaza Angsana.



ada menari poco2 tak...hehehe...teringat tahun lepas...

heh! tunggu gempak kat final nanti ek! kita poco poco again yeah yeah!

joeeee since kita lari dari topik af nih, nak tanye lah, ingat tak the poll you ask us to fill masa tak ingat last month or something...

anywayyyysss the point here is, ada any news ker bout yang menjemput international artist ke m'sia nih? (read britney! i dont care kalau dia jalan2 pentas jer janji dpt tengok) ker I yang misinterpret blog post tuh? heh heh sajer je nak tau cause tetiber je ingat bende nih

feroshhh... a lot of plans so little time. sabar ek. doakan...

kalau 3 hours dah liberating ... you should try 24 hours ... very, how do you say it ... penating hehe.

btw, in case you didnt know ... ppl in the west coast of US (ie california), drive 2 hours each way to work :).

p/s: tersenyum sebentar bile baca 3 hour drive is liberating :).

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