Sunday, May 31, 2009

... and they get it wrong... again

America voted wrong - totally when Adam Lambert finished runner up to Kris. I like Kris from the shortlisted candidates for American Idol. But he was so outclassed by Adam, that it was an obvious error in judgement when he actually won, to everyone's surprise.

And now, the Brits have got it wrong too.

Susan Boyle, the worldwide internet phenomenon who captivated the hearts of many across the world, lost to Diversity.

Diversity, to their credit are good dancers. But, firstly I can't imagine them being all that great to win the title since there are so many other great dancers out there.

But Susan, was the deserving winner for sure. Despite being made a circus sideshow by the media, she put up with the pressure and delivered the best performance of the night. Repeating I Dreamed A Dream, the song that made her famous all over the world, she did it better than ever!

Congratulations Susan. Like Simon said, you didn't walk away despite all the nasty things people said. Just because they judged you from what's on the outside, and the hoopla that made a fool out of you.

Susan... you proved that Britain's Got Talent. And despite not winning the show, to us, everyone else around the world whom you inspired with your sheer strength, has crowned you the rightful winner.

To Diversity... good show.

To Susan... be strong for what lies ahead for your strength, is that which we draw from. God bless.



Hmm, gambar tak kuar pulak. Tapi i selalu tengok Susan Boyle on u-tube. Siap panggil anak-anak lagi suruh tengok. Bukan apa, nak ajar dia org supy tak jadi snobbish n judge people by appearance. Sayangkan dia tak mng. Tiap kali dgr dia nyanyi bulu roma I meremang..errrr...betul Joe! But that's life...what to do. BTW i went thru yr older postings, jumpa gambar david first crush masa bebudak dulu...hehe sampai termimpi-mimpi! Mana u dapat Joe? Cam Cliff Richard tu minat lagu dia taklah meroyan tgk dia. Thanx Joe..

david cassidy???? aiyo! yang posting mana ek???

Dalam posting bertajuk Anggun!!! 26 March. Tatau la macam mana terselit gambar buku lirik ke majalah hiburan ke haper kat situ. Teringat masa dolu-dolu dok salin lirik lagu dalam exercise book. Kawan2 nak mengena, sorokkan buku tu sampai aku nangis. Bila ingat balik macam bodoh jer.

Yup..mmg sayang la susan tak mng...agree with muckceek abt bulu roma naik bila dgr dia nyanyi..syg 1000x syg..she shd hv won!

hi, i'm here in the GB and dah follow BGT since awal lagi, love the show so much that I even voted for my favourites..terase terpanggil to share my opinion about the whole susan phenomenon..first of all let me just say that susan is an incredibly special lady with amazing talent and was among my favourite to win, having said that, it's also my feeling that the world's view on susan is quite different from the atmosphere here, sure when she first came to audition dengan perangai ala2 biol die tu (good biol tho ;p) no one expected what came out from her but that's the case with almost all of the contestants; paul, connie, george, julian, aidan, shaun n the lot..i think most people here loved susan as much as diversity or shaheen or even stavros flatley n would have been as equally happy if either of the finalists won (ok maybe for the exception of 2 grand ;P) N for me, Diversity was a much deserving winner that night, as Susan has also graciously acknowledged. Yes I do think Susan will have a great career waiting for her, I even believe she would go on to become much much more successful than any other contestants from the current or even previous BGT (maybe also future?) But it all came down to who made the biggest impact on the public that night and the public has sent Diversity through to represent them in front of her majesty the queen in the royal variety show..I did not feel that the Brits made a mistake, and to have the world judge them as so is a tad bit harsh but then again, i guess dari perspektif dunia yg memandang dari luar, it can't be helped that the world would feel that way :p