Sunday, May 31, 2009

... and they get it wrong... again

America voted wrong - totally when Adam Lambert finished runner up to Kris. I like Kris from the shortlisted candidates for American Idol. But he was so outclassed by Adam, that it was an obvious error in judgement when he actually won, to everyone's surprise.

And now, the Brits have got it wrong too.

Susan Boyle, the worldwide internet phenomenon who captivated the hearts of many across the world, lost to Diversity.

Diversity, to their credit are good dancers. But, firstly I can't imagine them being all that great to win the title since there are so many other great dancers out there.

But Susan, was the deserving winner for sure. Despite being made a circus sideshow by the media, she put up with the pressure and delivered the best performance of the night. Repeating I Dreamed A Dream, the song that made her famous all over the world, she did it better than ever!

Congratulations Susan. Like Simon said, you didn't walk away despite all the nasty things people said. Just because they judged you from what's on the outside, and the hoopla that made a fool out of you.

Susan... you proved that Britain's Got Talent. And despite not winning the show, to us, everyone else around the world whom you inspired with your sheer strength, has crowned you the rightful winner.

To Diversity... good show.

To Susan... be strong for what lies ahead for your strength, is that which we draw from. God bless.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Jangan tegur fast nanti furious

I didn't know what to use for a title, so went with something really stupid.

Hari ni plan nak ronda bagai nak complete kan shopping. But somehow, didn't feel like it. So kira to be continued and decided to spend the whole day in the sweet air-conditioning of my room, enjoying a lazy Saturday.

Played some games (Myspace - Mobsters, Facebook - My City and Car Madness) as well as layan some old school Age of Empires. Matilah... Dozed off and woke up at night. Aiyo... camna nih.

Just thought I'd spend the night watching some movies. So caught Jangan Tegur finally after tak sempat nak ke panggung nak layan.

With all the hype, sebab kuar berita MPV David siap langgar mati orang lebih sebulan lepas, dalam senario ala ala pembukaan cita nih, I wanted to see the 'cursed' movie and see how good it is. After all... aku nih suka horror. Lagik seram, lagik besh nak layan sorang tengah malam.

And honestly, it wasn't bad. Except for some really horrible parts.

The storyline was ok, but I guess it was trying too hard to weave into the mode of a murder cum mystery supernatural thriller so bad, that it just seemed contrived.

I enjoyed some scenes, but if you're a horror fan, you can expect most of it. Which puts you off, when the sound effects they use is pretty cheesy. Sampai jam jatuh nak takotkan orang pon, blast this screaming... konon bagi takut ngan sound la. Aduh... bingit ada lah.

Acting by Julia Ziegler was uhm... scary! Scary not as in a frightening horror movie sense, tapi just scary cause you have trouble believing she actually did try to act for this movie. Entah kenapa cam tak kena segala lakonan dia. I loved Ellie though, so that's a plus point. And si Azri pon ada which made it watchable.

Apart from the sound effects which turned me off, I really didn't like the references, or more like blatant rip-offs from very obvious great horror movies cam Exorcist (the possessed, speaking in multiple voices, cuts on face and blue), and various other Korean and Japanese films of the same genre.

Using some of the techniques is fine, but kelakar bab bomoh tuh campak entah aper, ala ala scene Linda Blair getting a dose of holy water in Exorcist. Aiyo... so salah.

But still enjoyed the movie. I loved the lighting, which is always an issue dalam filem seram tempatan yang overdose. The make up effects were quite above par for a local production as well and helped bring alive the story.

So not too bad la. Tapi aku kelakar satu je.

Tengok moka Julia Ziegler kena make up jadik wanita dirasuk, teringat time aku wat costume Halloween. The time I went as Kurt Cobain last year, with a bullet hole from my neck to the top of my head. Except I'm no professional and it took me only an hour.

Julia - and me, myself and I as a smoking Kurt Cobain zombie masa Halloween

Some impressive details to the techniques used by the special make up effects person though. Reminded me that I forgot details on lips. Heh... Tapi contact lens tetap sama. But use of prosthethics dan liquid latex nak achieve the effect of cuts is rather amateurish still. Matilah!

All in all.. entertaining. Not as silly as Congkak (the worst horror movie EVER!... so D grade). Hope this is a right step for local horror movies.

Pas abih layan Jangan Tegur, layan lak Fast & Furious 2009. The fourth part is more like the second in the series sebab the original cast ada with Vin Diesel and Paul Walker reprising their roles.

All in all, not as good as the original, but way better than the crappy 2 Fast 2 Furious and Tokyo Drift (though the cars in Tokyo Drift were flashier).

It was so-so la.. kira worth a watch. What made it made watching was the Nissan Skyline GTR R34 and the Subaru Impreza WRX STI Brian drives. And oh, the Ford Grand Torino. Merasalah minat keta katanya.

Pastuh da bosan ngan movie sebelom tidur layan box set Mind Your Language. Motif? Saja... nostalgia tengok series ni kat RTM dulu.

Argh... esok nak continue pindah rumah. Got a call from the fiurniture guys. Barang-barang confirm hantar hari Rabu. By end of the week the office should be ready. Tak sabar...

Friday, May 29, 2009


Oh my God! I'm possessed!! Kena rasuk gila kena shopaholic-ism tahap cipert sangat sebab takleh stop spending! Times like this lega I alraady cut up my credit cards. Semalam gi Ikea lagik.

And spent a few more hundred on some things for the house. Shelves, lamps, bathroom stuff... etc Argh!!! Matilah camni. And I'm not even done yet! So many other things to do and get! Damn damn and triple damn!

Doorway to money spent (for good... but spent nonetheless)

Oooh... I have news of Ikea's current promotion. Wait for it!

Aduh! Semalam keja aku tuh je la. And then ke rumah Che Lin kat Kajang lak. Auntie Akim la tuh. Dak tuh dan Yazid esok je balik KL pas settle Trek Selebriti (so now you guys know kenapa meka tak sempat join Jelajah 11 Era kat Pekan with Hafiz, Isma dan Aril)

Ada la lepak-lepak....

Meanwhile, back to the story of shopping. Aku nak naik gila ngan warehouse sales yang bersepah sekarang! Am going to make time for this one tomorrow, which I must be crazy cause it totally slipped my mind berapa hari nih.

Sebenarnya aku overspending, with shopping je keja - especially nak dapat kelengkapan pejabat tuk my new space, but there are just so many offers too good to pass up.

But anyone yang nak join, see you there, though maybe kalao fragrances aku tak spend sangat kot sebab I got more than enough (I think ada dalam empat lima botol unopened lagik) left still of various brands - including my favourite Dreamer from Versace. But kalao korang nak spend some money wisely, here's more info (since korang request nak info warehouse sales yang worth it) :

Date : 27 to 30 May 2009
Time : 10am to 7pm
Event : Metrojaya Branded Cosmetics & Fragrances Promotion
Location : Metrojaya Warehouse, Lot 15 Jalan Ragum 15/17, Seksyen 15, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor (Tel : +603 2070 1234)
Items : Fragrances
Brands : Lancome, Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani, Diesel, Cacharel, Revlon Cosmetics, Bloop Cosmetics

Date : 29 May to 7 June 2009
Time : 10am to 8pm
Event : Dataran Hamodal Warehouse Clearance Sale
Location : Dataran Hamodal, 2nd Floor Block A, Jalan Bersatu 13/4, Section 13, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor (Behind Colgate Palmolive)
Items : Branded apparel, accessories, shoes, luggage etc
Brands : Guess, Hush Puppies, Elle Homme, Dockers, Nike, Adidas, Daniel Hechter, KN Key Ng, Alain Delon, Wacoal, Disney, Camel Active, Voir, Diadora, MPH Bookstores, Brother, United Color of Benetton, Jean Perry, Bum Equipment, Anakku, Epson

Date : 29 to 30 May 2009
Time : 10am to 5pm
Event : Clarins Beauty Fair
Location : Melur / Melati / Mawar Room - Level 2, The Coronade Hotel KL, Jalan Walter Grenier, 55100 Kuala Lumpur (Next to Lot 10 / Opposite Sungei Wang Plaza)
Items : Clarins Products (face, body, fragrance, make up) including Men's range
Brands : Clarins

Date : 29 May to 7 June
Time : 10am to 7pm
Event : Hush Puppies Apparels Annual Warehouse Sale
Location : Shoe Connection Sdn Bhd, No 15 Jalan 1/13, Bandar Kinrara Puchong, 47100 Puchong, Selangor
Items : Apparels for ladies, men and kids
Brands : Hush Puppies

And this one is a MUST GO!!! So start simpan duit skang!!!

Date : 12 to 13 June 2009
Time : 10am to 6pm
Event : Fragrance Warehouse Clearance
Location : 3K Sports Complex & Inn, Jalan SS 13/1, Persiaran Kewajipan, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Items : Fragrances
Brands : Anna Sui, Dunhill, Escada, Hugo Boss, Lacoste, Montblanc, Dolce & Gabbana

Hah! Selamat la berbelanja. Those are the best going on, or are coming on. Aku da pening da.

So for now, I have banned myself from buying fragrances. Though apparel and shoes is ok. And shopping for others is still forgiveable. Walaopon...

Esok kalao larat nak gi Nilai 3 jap sebab tak penah usha sana. But need to get a chandelier (like that for????) among other things and then need to do one more round kat Ikea. So much stuff to pick up still that it's burning a hole in my pocket.

Heh... still open to sponsors. Any takers?

Matilah... besok maybe busykan diri sikit with some events. Not sure where am going to yet, but will let you guys know. Until then... ciao.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Spiderman mamak

Fuh! Amik ko! Kemalasan melanda! Nak update log leh terlupa. Takper la. After berbulan update daily dengan gigih, I think I'm allowed to slack once in a while kan.

Semalam didn't do much. Wasted time in traffic as usual when I went to KL. Kali nih nak gi ofis Nuffnang nak settle kan benda. Whoa! They have a huge office. Me likey! Even though dengki there was about a dozen of them in an office space which could easily fit three times that number.
Some things are so unfair. Heh!

Then much later pas lari sana sini to pick up some stuff before heading home. I hate the traffic in town. Serious. Bagik aku pening each time I drive. And then I end up tired and sleepy by the end of the day.

Pas tidur and all, short nap la katanya, headed to Shah Alam tengah malam nak temankan Helmy, my old buddy yang aku kenal sejak sekolah rendah. Eh jap.. kita tadika sama skali kan?

Hah... ada orang tuh da la hospitalised bagai, tapi ngan IV drip and all (or whatever you call those things stuck in you with valves tuk nak suntik sana sini nya, leh lagik nak merambu kuar ke mamak. So temankan je sampai subuh.

Lepak kat Darul Ehsan kat Seksyen 19. When I saw this.

Matilah ko kan, depan customer, rajinkan diri jadik Spiderman bagai jumping from one table to another dalam usaha nak membersihkan kipas dan lampu katanya.

Keji sangat ok tempat makan nak feeling cleanliness is next to Godliness camnih. Takleh ke tunggu sampai takde orang nak makan minum ke nak feeling playground gituh dengan konsep jungle gym. Gila la.. That makes me just think a lot longer about ever eating there again. Seb baik port biasa kat Pelita Bangsar tengok meka cleaning tak penah camnih.

Gila seribu kali gila...

Ok la.. I need to pick up stuff tomorrow... so nak tidur awal. Be blogging tomorrow...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Hari ni memang entry yang pendek.

Patutnya gi ke Langkawi malam nih, tapi tak jadik la pulak. Aduh.

Takpe. Takde rezeki tuh. Esok lak kena rushing cam orang gila sikit sekeliling ibukota, so takde mood nak blog panjang for today.

Got some stuff to sort out tomorrow.

Dah lepak beberapa hari ni, kena rajinkan diri lak. Jumaat gi shopping barang-barang lagik sebab Sabtu officially move into my new place kat Mont Kiara.

Berjiran la dengan Sarimah. Walaopon rumah dia tiga minit dari rumah aku kat Solaris. Jiran ke? Heh! Kira same community la gituh.

Ok.. post later guys.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Petang tadi gerak ke KL. Malas sebenarnya nak redah ke bandar yang memang slalu jam. Tapi dalam malas sebab dah janji sana sini, merajinkan diri gak tuk ke launch Anak Wayang di mana contestant semua diperkenalkan. Amik ko wat kat Starhill, smack dead center of town. Ouch!

I arrived when it had started (malas sampai awal dok melangut jerk), so was in the thick of things when I made my way through the crowd that had gathered.

Alamak! F**k!!! Someone f**king forgot to mention to me it was a coctail event! Matilah ko aku setakat pakai t shirt and jeans! Damn damn damn! Very the tak sesuai nak dibawa majlis.

But masa aku sampai, bebudak Popshuvit tengah perform as guests, and somehow, suddenly I didn't feel so out of place. In fact, in a hall full of stuffy penguin suits, it was kind of cool... in a reject, sore thumb kind of way. Oh well...

Nampak ramai sangat kengkawan... seronok. Decided to park myself near Fauziah Nawi pas salam dengan Umi, who is honestly one of the most respected local actresses in my book.

Dalam lepak ngan dia, and also Vanidah who was with hubby Rashidi, when I heard ada orang cakap, something along the lines of "sombong, tak tegur" or "tak nampak kita".. something like that. Turned around. Alamak!!! Camna leh tak perasan... kak Marlia and abang Nasir ada.

Needless to say pastuh terus stuck stuffing hors d' oeuvres that passed by while borak ngan abang Nasir talking about the music industry. Abang Nasir is one of the people I so respect in this business, and while sometimes our views on things are different, it is good to listen to experienced men like him (not just people who claim to know it all but nan ado yang berlambak in this line) who have been through it all and take something from it to learn.

Talked about my business... syukur lah abang Nasir pun bagi galakkan.

Reza, Marlia and Nasir


Actually some people have asked me... what exactly is it that you're going to do now that you've finished with Akademi Fantasia.

Well, guys, camni cerita. I have spent a total of 12 over years writing for both The Sun and The Malay Mail, as well as contributed to magazines and websites, and online portals etc.

So somehow, while I know I'm going to miss it (am missing it like crazy da actually), am opening an outfit with my business partner(s) (mungkin ada seorang lagi masuk).

Why and what am I going to be doing.

Ok... let me put it this way. After all this time, I think, among my peers, I have proven I can roll with the best. I have learnt so much from experienced journalists in news and entertainment and thankfully am recognised by my peers in just slightly over a decade. So now, on to the next challenge.

I think I have hit my max point, so now it's on to something else... though one day... I may just make a comeback in this field. Though it won't be the same scenario, that's for sure.

The company I'm co-starting up is basically going to function as consultants for every imaginable thing in the entertainment industry. So far, scriptwriting, PR work, image consultancy, programme conceptualisation, events... you name it, we do it. I decided against specialisation sebab aku nak kalao leh, we offer the wealth of experience amassed from based what my partners and I have gone through in this business.

Am not in the business to hob-nob or socialise je. But two big reasons. One, to hopefully bring a difference in the direction we offer and secondly to make big money lah of course. Heh! Of course lah. You think live on fresh air (which is so nan ado nowadays) and sunshine kah?

Yes, am also venturing into recording. I can't say much at the moment, but I am lucky to have people from all disciplines in the business - producers, songwriters, lyricists, arrang, eventsers, musicians, graphic designers, videographers, photographers, make up artists, fashion designers - among the many friends I've amassed in the time I worked in this business.
And yes, they have all basically thrown their support to prove that sometimes... glitz and glamour alone isn't enough.

When it comes to creative bodies of work, ramai sangat orang baru dalam industri kita nih yang nak break in, find it so hard. I've always scouted for new talent in every field, and this time, I am going to recruit them to offer a platform to boost their status so they can show - despite the financial setback, in comparison to their experienced peers ataupun their lack of experience, there is something they can offer.

So tuh yang sebenarnya dalam perancangan. Sebenarnya kenapa sangat dalam perancangan simple je. I have been advised tarikh yang sesuai untuk membuka bisnes nih. Bukan leh main boh. Am lucky to get the 'advisor' to one of the head honchos of a big company to settle that for me.

So tuh je sebenarnya delay. Waiting for that date. Set up is not going to be big... but God willing, we have financial backing yang will help us realise several big projects - the moment they come through with discussions.

Hah... hope that clears things up.

Ok back to Anak Wayang (ceh jauh lari). I think we spent about three hours lepaking there, sebab fun abih with all friends there. Apart from Popshuvit, Stacy and Aril pun perform and then the 25 contestants who will begin their journey in the show paraded in.

I don't know how they will do sebab tak dapat tengok lakonan mereka, but here's hoping the show will be great.

Eh banyak membebel, nih layan some other pics sat.


Faz and Vee... hot hot hot!!!

Another awwww.. for another romantic couple

My OLD mentor (matilah aku) Zainal Alam Kadir... my former editor

Sambil lepak ramai-ramai, perasan someone dari jauh. Mmm... cam familiar. Tapi ingat pelanduk dua serupa. Squint sana sini... erm.. betul rupanya. Si Akim. Dia gi shopping ngan Nana nak beli baju (biasalah photoshoot semua bersepah so kena prepared)

Masa tuh event pun da done with, so dia pon lepak skali jap sebelom rushing off meeting pasal recording (erm... no komen bab nih... tunggu cita selanjutnya).

Join pening pala sebab kita casual padahal orang lain suit je Akim?

Relaxxxxx... aahhhh!!!! (nampak what you had for lunch Akim! - heh!)

Got back really tired. Sebab singgah lepak with Sarimah, Jo and Juan.

Updated and sent out some emails. Ni nak tidur. The next entry I post... is going to be from a surprise location.

Erm.. kalao jadik... it will be from an island! Tunggu!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Kek lapis! Yeah!

First things first, nak ucap tima kasih sangat-sangat kat Hafiz! Balikdari Sarawak ngan buah tangan! And not just anything... but something I absolutely love! Kek lapis! Delicious... yum!

Siang tadik si Hafiz da call. Excited kata dia ada buah tangan dari Sarawak. Aku kata tanak apa apa kecuali kek lapis. Matilah...

Then malam tadi (pas aku abih furniture shopping spree for the office - melayang la beribu nih), gi Bukit Jelutong, mana si Irwan, one of the producers for the Akademi Fantasia weekly Konsert wat makan makan... yang also a surprise farewell for his sis. Invited, tenaga production, tenaga pengajar and the kids.

So nice to see kengkawan production sana... cam emo pon ada since I don't know when I'll get to work with them again (ada rezeki ada lah tuh).

Tenaga pengajar semua tak muncul... entah ke mana... but the kids, nine of fourteen of them ada. Yang takde cuma Rubisa (in Sabah), Claudia (in Sarawak), Sidi dan Rini (tak dapat dikesan). Also Isma yang sibuk recording, tapi dia ada kata dia nak try join tapi tak sempat kot.

Isma called me earlier... just to say hi, and Rubisa texted me too pas Hafiz call. I think everyone's starting to have withdrawal syndrome missing each other da.

Back to Hafiz and the kek lapis. So masa jumpa dia excited nak pass benda. Tengok-tengok kek lapis. Suka suka suka!!!!

Ni some pics from the lepak santai session time makan-makan. Korang lepas rindu la kat bebudak ek.

Chedd sibuk wat muzik video ngan usung laptop dia ke sana kemari sambil ngan Hafiz dan Aril

The thorn among the roses - clockwise, Adila, Obri, Zizi, Cyna dan Aishah

Yazid pose apa nih?

Sambil Qhaud dan Zizi perhatikan...

Hafiz nak midnight swim ke??? In a koi pool???

Zizi dan Aishah... comel sungguh dua orang nih

Hafiz layan emo sambil nyanyi tuk semua.. penghayatan tuh!

Aril and the gang. Jojie, Farid, Aniq, Saha.. and sorang agik lupa lak nama

Zizi panggil ikan kaloi.. heh!

Obri the minstrel for the night

Yazid dan Aril

Keji la Dian orang amik pic dia buat tanduk! Heh... sorry about the red hair... erm.. tu light exposure tuh!

With Irwan's family

Entah pose haper Akim ni

Hafiz tayang kasut baru.. erm.. Yazid tayang stoking dia lak

Aku tanak post panjang-panjang sebab tired gaban! Esok ada event Anak Wayang. So nak tidur dulu. My office furniture delivery next Wednesday, so meanwhile I still have to sort out phone and Internet line as well as a new Astro account.

Meanwhile, pada mereka yang rindukan bebudak ni perform each week, here's something special for you guys, courtesy of the kids. It's been ten days since it ended. Do you miss it? All of us do... so sit back and enjoy this video.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Catching some Zs

I think today was the first day in a LONG time I indulged in a massive sleeping exercise.

Tido pon da time subuh camna lak nak bangun awal kan. Terus apa pon dirancang tak dihiraukan. The comfort of air-conditioning and my bed was enough to keep me in it until pukul 4 ke 5 petang. Merasalah!

Tak jadi terus nak gi sale, sebab da malas nak lewat sangat, tapi kengkawan yang gi kata ada additional 15%!!! Penyesalan sikit, tapi cheered myself up by thinking of how much I save by NOT going there and shopping my ass off.

Besides, aku kena simpan duit sikit nak shopping for furniture for the office, so ok la kot kang.

Tomorrow my time out ends sebab nak start beli barang-barang yang diperlukan. So one day for that. Malam lak ada mini personal production party hosted by Irwan for the team, trainers and kids, so that should be fun and a nice end to the day.

Korang usha je pics kang lah.

By the way, a little info for peminat Akim - malam tadi dia masuk studio tuk rakaman Bengang. No pics or anything sebab aku tak gi.

Tuesday ada launch Anak Wayang, so expect me and Faz to go cam-whoring. Sapa yang nak sangat pics terbaru Faz, tunggu jerk la for that. Heh... and yer, aku tau sapa yang ikut Faz on her personal blog yang aku started out, tau yang lom ada updates. Sabar ek.. da marah dia da. Heh! Sibuk takde masa... tapi she will start blogging when Anak Wayang starts so kira korang leh tengok how things are more or less going on behind the scenes kang.

So what did I do today? Nothing much, except belah malam keluar ngan member nak jumpa sorang kawan kat Ampang atas urusan sikit.

Spent the remainder of my waking hours layan some favourite stuff online.

For sapa yang ikut series Weeds, keep an eye out for the fifth season!!! It will premiere on Showtime on June 8! Tak sabar nak torrent. Me hooked on Weeds (er... the series...) Apart from Idol (which was only so-so this year after the exciting audition episodes), America's Next Top Model (preferred the last few seasons cause Cycle 12 had the most boring lot), Heroes (tak sabar next volume), Weeds is my one guilty pleasure.

Check out the preview of Season 5 which was uploaded just two days ago.

And oh my Lord... for everyone out there, who knows who Susan Boyle is, they announced her in the final for Britain's Got Talent! You go Susan! This was her performance.

And if you have no idea who Susan Boyle is... something is seriously wrong! Check out this clip from the Oprah show to get the lowdown in case you just came off a desert island after being there at least for the last month.

Ok... going off to finish a book. Getting too much radiation from facing my laptop for so long. Ciao.

PS - Downloading the supposed leaked Transformers 2 : Revenge of the Fallen. Hope it's the real thing. Can't wait to watch it. Trailer looks good! Devastator!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


First things first, I want to apologise if you guys expect a posting about me going to Jelajah 11 Era or even that concert at Bukit Jalil.

Semalam aku busy sangat. So tak gi any entertainment event.

In fact, this entry will probably only be attractive to the ladies, those who love shopping, and bargain hunters... most of whom will fall into the shopaholic category. Like me! I can never resist a bargain.

Awal pagik kuar ke Centro kat Klang. What for? The FJ Benjamin Warehouse sale!!! Yeah! Twice a year, and this is the first for this year, and it's in Klang, tak sampai lima minit dari rumah aku (kalao lalu jalan kol 4 pagik masa takde keta... otherwise it's a good 10 to 15 minutes... damn you MPK!)

Aku naik gila and spent a total of RM600 over. Want to see how things were and what I bought? Nih dia...

Aku sampai exactly 9am! Doors open at 10am, so in warehouse sales time zone, I was considered very late! Tapi entah camna, rezeki aku, there were only about 20 people ahead of me.

So I plugged in my headphone, layan lagu, and pulled my shades down so I could have a quick nap. Bila bukak mata ten minutes laters, there was about several dozen other people behind me already. Amik ko!

By 10am, there was easily I think, close to a thousand people lining up. Matilah ko! Aiyoh! And most of them looked serious. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Warehouse sales are miracles, because an arthritic 82 year-old woman can suddenly spring to life, and bash you on the head just to fight over a purse she likes (I speak from experience)

When the doors opened, all hell broke loose. These three Ah Lian girls yang tak beratur and skipped ahead (walaopon sampai minutes before the door opened) to join a friend just behind me, got vicious and cut in front of me. Sabar... aku diam je. Malas nak ngamuk. Tapi sungguh kurang ajar.... matilah balik je la Pulau Ketam! Not only were they rude, I had to put up with their loud yapping in Cantonese... reminding me of the time I was stuck between two Taiwanese tourists talking loudly on a plane.

The four, rude and very loud Ah Lians in front of me. Shame on you!

I turned behind and found the line snaking about the first floor of Centro. Gila ah! Macam tak gerak langsung padahal the line WAS moving.

Then it started. Everyone got vicious. I couldn't get close the Nautica, , Nike, GC or Guess watches sebab everyone crowded there. Maybe because all the prices for the watches were only between RM140 to RM280. So I planned a quick system. Bags, shoes, then clothes.

And this is what I got after perjuangan satu jam setengah and how much it cost me. Do you guys think it's worth it?

Three pairs of Guess shoes. Beli sepasang RM90. Kalau dua, Rm150. So these three cost me RM240.

For my sis

Also for my sis.. both five inches

For my mom, very demure, red leather slingbacks

Something crazier for me mom. A Guess handbag at RM100

For myself. A Raoul keychain holder at only RM35

Also for myself. Two Raoul shirts at RM40 each

I love this best. This Guess tux-like jacket was only RM150 and potongan cantik gila!

I am so thinking of going again today sebab nyesal tak pick up some items. And usually, mesti ada last minute durian runtuh additional 20% discount. So me going sebelom top kedai. Korang kalao kat area Klang carik je Centro.

Me hoping for the Guess luggage yang only RM180. Also some nice Banana Republic, Raoul and Guess tops and pants (ada for ladies and men) yang going cheap. Yummy!

Sapa nak beli baju anak, the have the kids selection too (yang aku perasan for Gap and Guess), while sunglasses ada selected range from Guess. Harga tak pasti. Aku tak venture sana sangat. Stakat lalu je.

Abih tuh happy gila! I love a good bargain! And I love warehouse sales (korang mesti perasan entry pasal warehouse sales Estee Lauder and Lewre and such kalao slalu baca sini). So therapeutic.

Anyway pas abih ada urusan kat Ampang. Sepatutnya 2pm, tapi it was delayed until 3pm. Sungguh ngantuk.... akibat drained of energy because of the wrestling at the sales.

Finally abih everything (acara ni rahsia so takleh cakap apa) by 7pm. Grabbed a quick dinner and patutnya rush Shah Alam, tapi ngantuk sangat leh tertido dalam keta (stop kat rest area la, bukan masa driving)

Bila bangun terkejut da kat depan Plaza Damas. Bila aku drive sana. Matilah mengantuk sangat last I remember was driving out of KL town je. Matilah!!!!! Aiyo! Never ever do that! They should have a disclaimer at warehouse sales of its effect on how it can make you sleepy and drowsy for the remainder of the day just like cough medicine.

Headed back to Klang ada urusan lain. Erm... also cannot say pasal apa. But follow-up meeting awal tadik. Sempat dok ngadap laut kat Tanjung Harapan, otherwise known to Klang-ites as Tanjung Gila!

I generally hate being close to the sea when it's dark. Phobia sebab aku leh nampak benda bukan-bukan. Tapi this time it was calming. I like!

Ni sampai umah terus nak KO. Esok je aku blog lagik ok. And for fans yang follow-up on Akademi Fantasia related news, tunggu entry Isnin. Ada something special sebab kami nak adakan mini gathering. Bukan fan club ke apa-apa... but among the kids and tenaga pengajar and such. Tunggu ek.

Need to sleep now...

Friday, May 22, 2009

Tired as...

Didn't have the strength nak posting semalam. Had a good meeting though. Got some first hand info from the organisers and sponsors of an upcoming ketika meeting kat Menara TM yang jam tak hengat.

Terkejut sebab dari TM ada member yang aku kenal, dak agency pun dak college aku dulu, and then organisers lak from Fat Boy, si Zahid dan Hamka (the two founding members of Disagree) Rasa nak snap pic sebab cam reunion of sorts lak. But yerla.. ada yang carut camera aku kan? (sapa yang sponsor Canon DSLR aku satu, contact aku ek - matilah)

Anyway, on the event, some of you may have heard about it dah, but here's what it's going to be.

Pesta Malam Indonesia 3 is coming!!!

Walaupun aku sedih sebab Samsons takde dalam line-up, tapi yang pasti aku happy gila sebab Sheila On 7 ada! Also Padi pun aku tak sabar nak tengok.

Other bands like Dewa and Gigi ok pon, tapi aku nak sangat tengok Andra & The Backbone in a full performance.

Yang aku tau setakat ni, they will all perform an hour plus each, while local bands like Aku dan Jinbara akan perform 20 minit ke setengah jam.

And this time it's going to be at the Stadium Bukit Jalil area instead of last year's Bukit Kiara, so better location.

Can't say what the meeting was about, but yang best nya tahun ni, again, like last year, kalao korang minat the bands that are playing, tunggu je la for up to date and very exclusive info and pics and videos kalao sempat from the event. But it's going to be rockin'!!!!

Lari topik, sempat gelakkan Zahid sebab dia ngan Hamka da trade in their guitars for suits da (kira sebab da jadik businessmen la) dedua naik agik badan. Heh!

Aku skang sibuk sikit dua tiga hari nih, and hopefully things will settle down by next week, but I doubt sebab da nak pindah masuk office baru nih (walaopon home office). So got lots of things to sort out. Ni nak beli furniture yang perlu pon lom settle lagik walaopon sempat usha sana sini tuk apa yang perlu (usha je lom beli)

Full day last couple of days and esok pon no different.

Esok siang ada urusan sikit (nih aku posting entry nanti pasal apa), and then meeting kol 3 ada benda yang memang penting (teruja aku bab nih tapi takleh posting about it at all). Kalao sempat, petang bajet nak gi Shah Alam for Jelajah 11 Era, but again not sure. Depending on what time I finish my other programmes.

For now, nak tido dulu.

And guys, on whatever negativity, takyah la tanya aku. Aku gelak je. It's a democracy. Right or wrong, those who can see things for what it is will. And those who don't won't. Aku da blog masuk lima tahun nih, tak heran da. Small things don't get me down.

Though I may have to plant an evil eye here permanently to ward off evil. Heh!

Apapon I'm feeling psyched cause so many things are going to happen soon and finally all my plans, God willing will take off. Doakan rezeki aku ek.

And sapa nak sponsor camera tuh - the 'offer' is still open. Heh! Also accepted is whatever offers for bebarang tuk office aku. Ok gak...

Ok la guys. Be posting tomorrow. Ciao.

PS - Yer.. wat kali ke 6,732,213 kali, Akim dan Aril akan balik esok, then gegas ke wedding Adlin tuk perform. So takyah ke KLIA tunggu, kang tak layan sebab nak rushing kang.

Other kids have shows everywhere else, so sibuk ngan keja memasing as well. Some of them will be at Gempak Desa, while Hafiz, Isma dan Yazid is supposed to be at Jelajah 11 Era esok.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Aku da nak letak pics ni on Monday, but since I didn't have enough sleep that day (tak tido kol 5 pagik ke airport ngan Juan dan Rosman) and I wanted to clear all the pics related ngan final Akademi Fantasia... so finally... here it is. Matilah kan three days late.

Well, better later than never kan. So pada peminat Akim dan Aril, nih dia some pics nak bagi korang ilang rindu kat meka. Ni time meka nak berlepas ke Jakarta. Layan pics dulu then aku cita lebih sikit kat korang about their trip.

Macam cover album da

Moka Akim nampak sangat tujuh pagi. Heh!

Checking in!

Eh Aishah pon ada.. ngan abang Kelana (Kelana balik flight pastuh.. Ecah saja ikut)

With family...

Ngan Farish yang ikut skali

Lain rupa Noni

ALAMAK!!!! *diam tergelak*

Ni berucap ke nih?


...ok bye......

Uhm... bye?

So apa cita nih? Ikutkan gosip kuar dalam paper konon tiga bulan kat sana kan? Well somebody's not doing their work in researching.

Ok, what I know is this. Bebudak nih, si Aril dan Akim ke Jakarta tuk shooting pilot for a TV series. Dengar khabar usahasama Indonesia-Malaysia. Awalnya dengar duration is three months for the shooting of the series.

Last dengar lak, actually meka gi sana tuk script reading je. Kira persiapan. Not sure of the actual status samaada latihan ke screen test ke apa. So tak berani cakap. I do know, selain mereka, Farish, Noni and one more girl, Mimi ke entah haper nama dia gi skali for the thing.

But Akim dan Aril akan kembali ke tanahair Sabtu nih, dan terus bergegas ke perkahwinan Adlin Sabtu nih. And you thought Adlin was joking about mintak bebudak tuh nyanyi at his wedding? Amik ko!

Meanwhile, sapa peminat Hafiz, Isma dan Yazid, don't feel left out. Dengar meka perform kat Jelajah 11 Era Sabtu ni di Shah Alam. Layan la mana-mana tuk info for that show ok. Nih pon tau sebab tadi lepak ngan bebudak meka bagitau.

Story nya, aku gi lepak ngan Faz tadi gi makan kat Rasta. Tak sempat snap pics sebab banyak gosip nak catch up on... I try tomorrow. Anyway, pastuh aku pick up Juan, Time tuh pon da 11 lebih da, almost midnight.

Obri dan Qhaud kat rumah bebudak kat Country Heights di Kajang, so takde plan, gi lepak ngan meka je. Meka tunggu Hafiz dan Yazid balik chatting, pastu Obri nak mintak temankan meka hantar Qhaud balik ke Cheras.

But sampai 12 lebih meka lom balik, so aku call Nana yang bak meka. Rupanya, meka kat rumah Askrul, so kami pon gerak la sana... kat Bangi. Lepak skali.

Isma pon ada ngan Zul. Tapi time kita sampai yang da 1 pagik lebih, meka da nak balik. So lepak ngan Yazid dan Hafiz skali, ditemankan Askrul dan wife and mom dia as well as his kids.

Yazid stay lepak rumah Askrul jap while Obri hantar Qhaud balik. Aku dan Juan, gi supper ngan Hafiz dan Nana. Merasalah Hafiz driving katanya. Dahsyat gak dak tuh bak keta. Merasalah!

Until about 3.30am, we decided to head back.. tuh je. Nothing much to report. Just lepas rindu kat bebudak la dapat jumpa lepak beramai-ramai. Feeling kat Akademi la sikit tengah Akademi Fantasia withdrawal blues nih.

By the way, fans Hafiz kat Sarawak, he's on the way back there pada pagi 24hb, so wait for him and welcome him back ok!

Meanwhile korang layan la pics bebudak aku sempat snap tadik. So many things to do today... so I need to get a quick nap!

Ada one meeting, nak shopping ngan Faz for furniture (me for office and her for her wardrobe), confirm a Saturday meeting and probably avoid a call from a spa who wants to give me a trial membership for free (matilah ko!) Also need to meet up with Sarimah kalao dia da balik dari trip dia.

Since, I'm on a one entry per page for now (nak senangkan loading pics), here are the links if you still want to catch up on the finals or just nak ubat rindu kat bebudak.

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