Thursday, April 30, 2009

RIP Nathan

So does today's Diari give you guys an idea of what to expect for Sabtu nih?

I'm not sure how the final outcome will be like, but one thing I can say is everyone is so focused on their performance that it's going to at least, whole hearted.

I mean, it takes weeks and weeks..... and weeks of rehearsals to get things down to a pat for a musical, but bebudak ni have less than five days to get things together for their show onstage to at least give a slice of it.

Based on request, ni status report aku.

Aishah is doing ok, but seeing that the level of competition has been raised, she really needs to up her performance to make up for last week.

Akim lak is so focused that I expect nothing from a good showing by him this week, as do I from Claudia sebab aku nampak she's putting her heart and soul into it.

Isma is trying to get deeper within the character of her song, and setakat ni, aku nampak dia berjaya, though how it will translate to stage is left to be seen. Hafiz is doing well, and I'll bet on a few tears among fans yang moved ngan his rendition.

Yazid masih kayu sikit dari segi penghayatan, as he's not as fluid as the others in terms of expression, tapi he knows that problem he has dan dia masih dealing with it.

Bonus songs is going to be fun though, with Dewa Perang going to be an interesting presentation. Pening sikit bab lagu High School Musical sebab bebudak masih kena betulkan diction banyak tapi disebabkan minggu ni banyak sangat kerja mereka tuk lagu memasing, time is a factor.

Hope no one sings, "What time is eaaaaaatttt!!!"

But despite everyone doubling or tripling their hard work, takde stress ke tension sangat up to now sebab I think bebudak da mula biasakan diri ngan routine that they are just taking it in stride.

Esok aku nak try ke full dress rehearsal, tapi not sure lagik sebab mungkin aku rush ke JB tuk sehari belah malam, so that I can be back by Saturday evening.

That, along with 'moving in' rumah baru esok, it's going to be a bit of a rush, and aku mesti letih gaban nya. So kena tengok camna how my plan goes. Will play by ear.

Oh by the way, sapa missed vlog of the review of the concert last week, ni dia. Kali ni, kerja editing ngan Chedd yang teramat rajin sampai lambat upkan video ni. Matilah ko. Janji cantik presentation la katanya? Oh by the way, kalao tanya sapa dak kecik dalam video tu, tula anak Siti Hajar, si Afif yang dalam Puteri Gunung Ledang as well. Merasalah katanya import talent tuk vlog.

The video above nih in two parts sebab it's actually too long. But layan jerk ek.

Aku nak get some early rest because have to be in the Akademi early tomorrow.

Tapi sempat curi masa tadik layan the final episode of Heroes for the closing episode of Season 3. Nathan Petrelli is dead!!! Damn!

For those who are fans of Heroes, too bad about the no spoiler warning here. Matilah ko! Yang penting, Nathan may have died, but he's still going to be in Season 4. How? Sylar is him. Does that make sense? So Nathan lives in Sylar. Sort of.

Not too impressive of an ending, but not too bad either.

Ok la... nak tidur. Ngantuk sangat da. Nite all...



dang Joe!!

u shudve warned me earlier about nathan!! tgk now i dah tau ape jadi. no fun nemore. :P hehe. anyhooo, thanks joe!!!!!

if you're a fan, still worth watching. like the twist, just thought there were a lot of loopholes in the storyline.

but adrian pasdar yang lakon sebagai adrian masih ada ok! ko kena tengok what i mean...